How do you send pokemon from pokegen to the ds/dsi system and how to reveal my secret ID?

I can't download the python program to use gts. Best answer gets 10 points!

What I use is not pokegen, but is pokecheck. All you need to do is to change your DNS there into whatever it says ( and then offer up a pokemon for trade at the GTS, then it check pokecheck and it will show your pokemon that came from your IP adress and will tell you what that guy's secret ID is.

How to manualy add Pokemon white onto an action replayDSI?

Hello, I want to add pokemon white onto my action replay. I would add it useing the computer, but the disc won't work on a Mac at all. So if it's possiable is their a code I can type in to the replay to add Pokemon white? Any suggestions would help thanks.

Its game ID is IRAO 0F0875FE, if that's what you're asking.

How to start and host a Pathfinder group?

How do I go about founding and maintaining a Pathfinder gaming group? What supplies do I need? How do I find people to join? Anything that's helpful?

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How to play Killing Floor with my friends?

Well I've downloaded Killing Floor from steam and ive been trying to play with my friends but the servers they're in don't show up on the friends tab on the multiplayer menu. It works between all of them and every time i join their server by using the IP it receives the server info insanely slowly. Any solutions?

Send a message to each of your friends, and on each chat box, click on the drop down menu and click on Invite to game. They'll receive a message for invite into your game. For this to work: the person inviting needs to be in a server/game.

How to add scripts to the runescape Powerbot right now?

How to add scripts to the runescape Powerbot right now?

Ok.. For somedays I have this problem how to add scripts to the newest RSbot So ill give you a video and a complete guide writen by myself 1º - You can Loaf/add local scripts by using the SDN OR 2º - You can add by local scripts ( since rsbot as no longer a compiler you need to use a online one9 VIDDEEOO HERREE: I use this compiler for myself SOrry for my english, Greetins from Portugal xD

How to entertain yourself on a long drive?

K, so I am going to girl's camp next week. It is almost a two hour drive to get to the campsite. Because this is a church activity, we can't bring cell phones, iPods, etc. I need a way to keep myself entertained on the drive to the campsite. Any ideas?

sleep or read your bible its good to read to relax and get closer to god

How to reverse the effects of gameshark on pokemon fire red?

I was trying to hack a poliwrath into my game and to test if the codes workk, i diid the give all tm's and hm's trick, and they went into the pokeball slot. now i cant have any pokeballs to catch pokemon. how do i get rid of the tm's?

Try depositing them, or giving them to a bunch of random Pokemon. Maybe you'll be able to withdraw the Ultra Balls generated by this code: Master code: 72BC6DFB E9CA5465 A47FB2DC 1AF3CA86 Anti-DMA: 8D671FD9 6F6BEFF2 78DA95DF 44018CB4 Replaces item in PC slot 1 with Ultra Ball x 999 BB4C2B6E 417BDE6C

How to catch the three legendary birds easily in pokemon platinum?

I have their health down to red and i use ultra balls and quick balls and never get them caught.I couldn't catch them yesterday but sometimes it rolls three times but it doesn't make the stars so please somebody help i really want to catch the legendary birds. And by any chance does anybody know where i can catch the legendary dogs?

Can't really help you with the dogs, but catching legendary pokemon is really easy (just frustrating, if that makes sense) if you know how to do it. Your best friends are going to be status effects. They make it so much easier to catch them than just throwing a ball. Just be sure to avoid poison or burning, as this could kill them. Preferably, sleep would work the best as it's a lot easier to inflict than freezing, but it's more effective to keep them from attacking than paralysis. So your final battle plan looks like: Confront the pokemon *Put the pokemon to sleep Weaken the pokemon Capture the pokemon where putting them to sleep can be done first or later or any time inbetween. Finally, Ultra Balls and quick balls are really good for catching legendary pokemon, but also consider bringing 4 or 5 timer balls just in case the battle really drags on, the longer it goes the better the timer ball!

How to trade pokemon between different computers on VisualBoyAdvance?

So, I want to trade my Pokemon with someone else on a different computer who has the same game (FireRed) and VBA too. Is this possible? If so, how would I do it? Thanks, any help appreciated :)

I once tried the same thing. There are two things you can do: 1. you have to trade over a LAN connection. This is easy if you have laptops and a wifi connection (just connect to the same wifi) OR 2. you have to find a server hosting software. With either one you just have to put in the I.P. address into your other computer when you get the link set up. BTW you can also trade on the same computer and use cheat codes so if your looking for pokemon through trading there are easier ways. I found plenty of youtube videos on linking so if you need a tutorial its easy to find there. I hope this helped message me if you have more questions. Youre also free to add me. I can help with pokemon questions as well. ANOTHER THING go to OPTIONS > LINK > SETTINGS > SERVER (if youre going to host and) OR CLIENT for the second computer and type in the I.P. address

How to trade pokemon with friend code in pokemon black and white ?

Please tell me how to trade with friend or do i need to pay money.

You need to exchange friend codes with the person you are trying to trade with. Then you need to go to the Pokemon center (in any city) and go to the second floor. You need to have a wifi connection ready. talk to the lady in the middle, save the game and meet the person you want to trade with inside this room :)

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