How to open a gameboy color cartridge?

I'm trying to replace the battery in my pokemon game but I can't seem to unscrew the back. I've tried tweezers, melting pen tips, etc but nothing seems to work. I would rather not have to buy a specific screwdriver for this so is there something else I should try?

I was able to do it with tweezers my first time. You could also try to get something that fit between each metal part and push it in the direction that loosens the screw, but since they are small you'll have to be careful you don't stab your hand. If you manage to get it open, I can give advice for replacing the battery as I've done it before.

How to change japanese apps store to english?

My apps store is in japanese and i can't really understand it quite well, is there any way to change it to english? I'm using an Ipad.

Go to your home screen. Select SETTINGS. Inside SETTINGS, Go to Store -> View Account -> Change Country. Change the country location back to US. If you don't yet have a US iTunes account, you will be taken to a registration page to open one. Even if you choose not to proceed and hit CANCEL, your iPad Apps Store location will have been re-set back to the US.

How to play psp games downloaded from the internet on your platform(psp) whithout damaging it?

I don t want to spent money on expensive games for psp so I locked on the internet and found that i can download games. Finlay I discovered that I can't play them( I put them on memory stick and go to game-memory stick and there it says unsupported file or something like that). Can anyone help me?

you can hack your psp to give it custom firmware (cfw). There is no way to play downloaded iso files with official firmware (ofc). there are many tutorials on how to do so at, however you need to know that if you want to hack your psp it will take some studying on what to do and what youll need to do it. you dont want to brick your psp, mind you. Hacking your psp gives you the freedom to do other things with your psp, such as use emulators to play your old favorites from other consoles and use homebrew software.

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