How to get rid of frozen food phobia?

I am scared of eating food from the freezer because I don't know how long it's been there and it grosses me out. My mum gets annoyed about it because I usually won't eat food from the freezer because of this phobia.

Maybe you could write the date you put in the freezer on the food container. That way you'd know how long it's been in there. Either way, food is perfectly safe to eat even if it's been frozen for months.

How to make a complaint to sainsburys about groceries?

I bought a pizza that showed loads of toppings on it the other week, when i opened it there was about 2 pieces of chicken and 3 of pepper and i want to complain about the missleading image on the box

Who should i contact and what email address/postal address should i use to contact them?

If you would prefer to tell us anything via a letter, please use this address: Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd 33 Holborn London EC1N 2HT YOU CAN EMAIL THEM VIA THEIR WEBSITE BY FILLING IN AN EMAIL FORM. Sainsbury's Switchboard 020 7695 6000

How to heat up a glass bottle to get out oil?

Just bought a bottle of coconut oil and was told to just heat it when I need the oil.
I've always had a tub of the stuff instead, so plan to heat the entire bottle and just transfer it so I can scoop out what I need.

How to I heat the bottle and get out all the oil inside?

Coconut oil needs very little heating to become liquid. Place the bottle in a pot of water and warm slowly

How to get a good fruit intake during the winter months?

I want to eat healthier, which includes fruit, but during the colder months there isn't really any fruit around. If there is, it's usually moldy and gross. Is canned a fruit a safe alternative? Or what am I supposed to do when the time for fruit to stop growing as often comes?

Traditionally, people would preserve or dry what they want in winter. Consider investing in a food dehydrator. You can get away with dehydrated papaya, apple, cherries, blueberries, apricots, plums, grapes, etc. It's not technically "fresh" but it's hella healthier than canned fruit and you can control the source of the fruit (if that matters to you).

How to prevent people stealing my beautiful new food product?

I've invented an amazing new form of fast food that will take the world by storm. What do I need to do to prevent people stealing my idea. It is literally one of the best creations ever conceived by an earthly entity.

If it is truly a unique product, you may be able to patent the production process. Otherwise copyright the recipes and retain an aggressive lawyer. Typically competition stealing your idea is not the biggest problem new producers face. I wouldn't worry too much about it until you have sorted out the logistics of resources, production, and distribution. Lastly, certain great ideas catch on, and everyone comes up with their own version of a "flaming moe". So try and get plenty of PR as "the original (blank)", if you think it will really catch on.

How to make the perfect shot of espresso?

So I got a job as a burista and I have absolutely no experience with espresso. I also have no idea what a perfect shot should taste like. The esspreso I make tastes aweful and soo bitter. I have noone to rly teach me because the owners don't rly no shit about making fine espresso either. I want to make it perfect for my customers:) so how do I dose, tamp, and what should a hood shot taste like? And any other tips? Thanks guys!!!

I want you to understand I am not being snotty, snarky or trying to insult you. OK? Please take this as it is intended. You are in trouble, and so are the owners of the shop. It sounds like you do not like coffee (or at least espresso), and the owners of the coffee shop don't either? A "perfect espresso" is like the Maltese Falcon, "the stuff dreams are made of" and requires so many variables be correct it boggles the mind, until you get it dialed in that is. Quality of ingredient - i.e. when was this coffee roasted? 2 hours ago? (bad by the way) 24 hours ago? (ideal by the way) 2 days, is of the utmost importance, and the remaining factors are also: Grind - has to be correct, too fine and you get poor extraction, too coarse and you cannot tamp properly. Dose - depends largely on your machine and tastes. Tamp - this takes time and practice to get right, and consistent. Water quality....yes, City water = crappy espresso, or to put it in computer terms, Garbage In = Garbage Out. Water temperature - just off boiling, too hot and you extract too many alpha acids. Too much alpha = bitterness. Machine pressure - for that perfect crema Timing, timing, TIMING - the "ideal shot" is approximately a 20 second "pull" or extraction. Get all of them just right, and you have ambrosia with a beautiful crema, the aroma of which makes one hear angels singing, and underneath, a hearty, nutty, reminiscent of cocoa, brew that has flavors perceived by all parts of the tongue, without making one shudder. Yeah, it is THAT good.... You're asking to be taught something that takes hands on practice, and a palate that knows and enjoys coffee. Best of luck to you.

How to take a packed lunch to a theme park if?

I am not taking a car. I cant carry it around with me as i cant go on the rides with it. So what do i do? I cant afford the expensive food at on site retailers.

Make a call to the park or community services department that manages parks and ask about lockers and storage areas. You can take a smaller lunch for those small 'book' sized lockers and stuff your pockets with snacks like peanuts.

How to restaurants make their lettuce taste different than a head of lettuce I buy at the store?

When I get a salad at restaurants it always seems that their lettuce tastes better, do they wash it or but something on it?

I totally agree with you. A salad always tastes better in a restaurant. I buy the "lettuce shreds" at the grocery store now. that's basically for tacos or nachos but i used it for salads and it seems to have a better flavor than head lettuce or the bag lettuce.

How to submit my own site to many social bookmark site at once?

Can there be any secret to submit my content articles in my site to various social bookmark web sites at once? instead of submit them one at a time, it is extremely time-consuming.Thanks.

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How to submit my web site to several social bookmark site at once?

Will there be any shortcut to submit my articles in my blog to numerous social bookmark internet sites at one time? rather than submit them 1 by 1, it is extremely time consuming.Many thanks.

I suggest using social bookmark submission service to submit your website or blog to hundreds bookmark sites. It cost only a couple cent per bookmark at

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