How to feel happier and become more positive?

I've been very depressed lately and also stressed out because of school and life at home too. How can I become happier?

Make some me time. Destress and use that time to calm down and relax. Listen to music, take a bath, go outside, etc..

How to make your boyfriend less of a pervert ?

My friend has a perverted boyfriend and she needs tips to make him less of a pervert.Any tips?

get a new boyfriend

How to insult a playboy in public without letting him know that he is being insulted ?

There's this guy in my college who is a playboy. I am dating his best friend. He has started spreading things about me in college. I want to insult him. He should not know that I am insulting him. How di I do it ?
Please help me.

If you don't want him to realize his is being insulted, then what is the point in insulting him.

How to tell my boyfriend to stop fingering me?

I love it when my boyfriend fingers me but I hate it when he tries to do it again after a while when we've stopped. I get sore after (I don't notice until he fingers me a second time) and I really don't enjoy it after the first time he does it. How do I tell him to stop?

Dear Ellen , I know this is going to sound really strange an weird coming from another guy . But i know what you mean. If the first time he is doing it an you are wet then your into it an its enjoyable. I get that . But he doesnt get the fact that after a women has orgasimed she is sometimes both tired an dry from the event previous an just wants to rest. I think you mite want to convey this point to him . An mention to him that although you really enjoyed it the one time your body needs a break from it an has become sore from the friction of it being dry.. Try that an if you an your body are ready for 'another round ' suggest something else an not that . good luck ellen , i hope he is open minded an positively understanding

How to train myself to not overreact? How to keep my emotions in check?

I get to know a girl a little bit, and then she starts talking to other guys. I get pissed off, and tell her its best for us not to be talking if thats the case because we have established an emotional connection (and sometimes a physical one) and it is upsetting for me to witness establishing a similar emotional connection with other men. Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions about this?

You are feeling threatened by other males. It might be time to ask yourself why your self-confidence is so low. More importantly, though, be honest with yourself.

How to get my boyfriend to wash his hands after using the bathroom?

My boyfriend never washes his hands after using the bathroom. Other people use our bathroom too so theres probably germs on the toilet lid/handle. Its gross to me because he will not wash his hands and eat, make dinner, touch my face. I have asked him to wash his hands and told him its unsanitary, but then he gets mad at me, saying i overreact/am a germaphobe.

Tell him that everytime he touches his penis, he could get genital warts. Yea, you heard me. Warts. They have to be either frozen off or burned off every now and then. Tell him when he touches his toung, or mouth or face that he's putting other people's urine, fecies, genetalea and more on/in his mouth and face. Tell him if he mastrubates, then he can contract a disease that infects the penis and it rots the inside, leaving lots of gloop or pus. I think thats enough to make him wash his hands. Wait, there's more? When he scrathes his head, he's putting urine and ***** on his head. That can cause 'premature' baldness. Tell him he won't get sex if he doesn't wash his hands. Tell him whatever he eats will have dead skin cells on it from his hands. Those cells usually come from the scrotum (the testicles), penis, vagina, anus and sometimes leg skin or buttocks skin. In essential he's putting sh***, piss, penises, ball sacks, vaginas, assholes, on his face, head, arms legs, food, in his mouth, on his penis and scrotum, in his eyes, in his ears and in his ass. So he is basically putting sexual organs on his body. Ughhhhh.

How to stop children saying embarrassing things in public?

I have a sister and she is generally quite good when it comes to not saying things that might be frowned upon in public, however, once in awhile she might say something and she doesn't know what it means she's only 4 like she'll be with us and she'll say like. Oh smelly pants. And you generally get a smarmy look from some parent. And you can't really tell my sister off, she's only 4 and she's experimenting with words and sounds, it doesn't help that other children say it at her school and that's where she got the pants thing from.

You don't have to tell her off but you need to let her know it is not ok to say those words. I would tell her I love her a lot but those words really hurt me.

How to calm my nerves about going to the movies after colorado shooting?

Im going to see step up 4 this weekend with my friend & im really scared about getting shot ever since the colorado thing. How to calm my nerves?

There are a few things you can do: 1) STOP going to the movies for a while. Movie theaters are scary enough when you consider the price of tickets, food and drinks! Also, the seats are nasty with germs all over them and if someone is coughing, you get sick too. You also have annoying parents who have to take their annoying screaming kids and babies to movies. NOW we have to worry about psychos shooting up the place? To be honest, are you really missing that much? 2) Go to a movie anyway. You can't let fear rule your life. People get hit by buses, shot by bank robbers, killed at school, work and everywhere else you can think of. Even if you stay inside all day someone can still break in and kill you. If this is your day to die you can't control that. Everyone dies and we don't know when it will happen. So you can either live in fear OR you can live your life and have fun while you are here! 3) Talk to someone. Maybe talk to a friend or a counselor about your feelings. You probably are not alone. Lots of people are freaked about this event. I think everyone who knows about this story is a little nervous about going to the movies. Being nervous is normal, LIKE PEOPLE DIED AND IT WAS HORRIBLE! But being so scared that you don't want to go outside isn't normal. If you are really bugged about this and it is affecting your life, talk to a professional. 4) Make it a Netflix night! There are many places online where you can watch a movie. You might have to pay for some of the newer releases but in the end it is MUCH cheaper than going to see a movie. You don't get the big screen BUT you also don't get long lines, overpriced junk food, nasty seats covered in fake butter and annoying people coughing out their germs to share with everyone! You can also stop the movie and use the bathroom without missing anything. When you consider the current state of the movie industry it is NO surprise that ticket sales are down and more people are watching movies at home. In my opinion, stupid movie makers and stupid movie theaters don't deserve my business! 85% of movies these days are garbage. The price of tickets and food is too high. Theaters are gross and allow dumb parents to bring babies. They can't even keep the restrooms clean half the time. I stopped going to movies a LONG time ago! And I don't miss it at all! A movie theatre is already a scary place, now I have one more reason not to go!

How to get my mom to leave me alone without hurting her feelings?

Me and my mom have a really close relationship but lately it has t been so good. And sometimes, well, mostly, I want to be alone in my room and she always asks me if I wanna go to the store with her or watch tv with her. I feel bad about saying no, so i usually say yes. I just want to be alone but she acts kinda sad when I say no. She'd deny it, though. What do I do? I do wanna hurt her feelings! Should I just be miserable?

tell her that you need your own space at this age. she'll understand, i guess! :)

How to sneak out of a house with no body knowing during the day time?

Here is the deal. My parents are out partying and stuff so that is one advantage that I have. The disadvantage of that is that my brother is home. The advantage of the disadvantage is that he spends 98% of his time in his basement. It may sound that I'm ready to go, but my door opens really loudly. How would I make him not notice that I leaving the house for a couple of minutes.

Well I am Not going to give you clues nor endorse you Sneaking Out If you are meant to be home That is where you should be..!!

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