How to get cheap call rates to norway and other European countries?

I am running a call center and i am calling Norway and other European countries through talk talk.. It costs a lot to me.. Is there any other way, through which i can minimize the cost of the calls.. I am using leads to dial...... Thank you..

If you call Norwegians from India in English I suspect your conversion rate will be extremely low. Anyway, have a look at skype.

How to plan a trip to Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Venice?

I am currently in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am planning to visit Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Venice in October 2012. This trip will be of 8 days. Please guide me how do I plan this trip to keep it as cheap as possible.

First of all, you have too many destinations with too much distance to see anything in any of the destinations, and do travel cheaply. And to get any chance on cheap tickets you would have had to book all your tickets three months before the travel. The best you can do now is either to cut out some destinations and move by coach, (cheaper than train.) Or to buy an InterRail Pass (if you have been in Copenhagen for at least 6 months by the time you want to start traveling,) a 5 out of 10 should do, or have someone send you an Eurail pass, and look into booking reservations for your trains as soon as you can. You will need most of a day (or a full night) for each of the travels, although Amsterdam-Paris will be more like half a day, when traveling by train. Tickets booked three months before traveling would have been cheaper. And when using Eurail, a three country pass would have been cheaper, but with the cities you have chosen, you will not be able to do that. Compare pass prices to the price of the tickets as still available, as passes as often not the best deal. You might want to walk in at a travel agency and look for last minute offer on a tour that will cover what you want, unlikely but not impossible. You can find train times on And more information on rail passes here: For coach travel, try Eurolines. Google will find you the link.

How to get litter picking work at festivals around europe?

I want to get preferably paid litter picking work and travel around festivals doing it. any links to where i can find out about this?

Those people I know who work as litter picker in festivals are paid a T-shirt and some food. In other words, they are volunteers and friends of the organizers who is willing to let them have a good time apart from the work. The biggest festivals will have paid crews to clean up, mostly they will hire locally, either a company or from within a network of friends, students mostly but also guys and girls working for a living. Not really a good thing if you want to go to all the festivals for free.

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