How to kill a possum gettin in the trash?

Well you see me my cousin and my brother are sittin on my roof campin out for a possum that's getting in our trash give us some tips and pointers?

Don't kill it...You can either A. Rid food from trash. B. Put ammonia in a coffee can and put it by the trash can. C. Double bag the trash. D. Bungee cord the lid on (or like tie it down). Please don't kill it. It's just an innocent creature scavenging for food.

How to find Copperhead snakes?

I live in Ohio and I am looking for a Northern Copperhead Snake. I don't even need to be close to it because my camera's zoom can record something almost a football field away. I am planning on going to Carriage Hill Farm which has hiking trails that go through dried up creeks, 2 ponds, woods, wildflowers, and a farm. What I want to know is what would be the best time to spot one and where would the best spot be? Also, what are some other tips for spotting them?

Well constituting they a poisonous be carefully but they are under leaves in the day and rocky areas at morning t warm up at night they are at water and summer they mate so if you find one I'll find alot.Within its range it occupies a variety of different habitats. In most of North America it favors deciduous forest and mixed woodlands. It is often associated with rock outcroppings and ledges, but is also found in low-lying swampy regions. During the winter it hibernates in dens, in limestone crevices, often together with Timber Rattlesnakes and Black Rat Snakes. In the states around the Gulf of Mexico, however, this species is also found in coniferous forest. In the Chihuahuan Desert of west Texas and northern Mexico, it occurs in riparian habitats, usually near permanent or semipermanent water and sometimes in dry beds of water

How to make dried weed sticky again?

Ive had my weed for about a week already and I haven't smoked it, but I notice today it was super DRY!! and I was wondering what substances can I use to make it sticky again? I've heard of squeezing and orange so the juice could land on the weed but IDK about that one. Any suggestions, POTHEADS?

Put orange peels in the bag. Not touching the product.

How to not get caught smoking weed when your parents are home?

I really need to smoke tonight. I have a little bowl and should I just make a spoof? Like there room is right by mine. And I don't want them to smell it. No hate comments either.

Make your spoof. Put a towel under your door. Turn your fan on. Get naked (if the walk in and see you naked, they will step out of a moment and you buy some time. also, your clothes wont smell) Turn your music or television on loud to hide any sounds. (especially coughing) Blow through the spoof and out the window. Spray febreeze or scented body spray or even scented cleaning products like pledge. (if you have incense, light it) Jump in the shower directly after. If they say your eyes are red, you got shampoo in them. Best bet is to go for a walk in the bush.

How to tell new roommates your a cigarette smoker?

I found a room for rent with a couple and their 3 yr old kid. They dont smoke to my knowledge, and I move in tmrw, how do I tell them and do you think they will change their mind? I already made first months rent. So nervous.

You need to tell them, but in all honesty if they have met you in person before they probably already know, as they could probably smell smoke on your clothes. So I wouldn't be to nervous about it. Just be honest and obviously don't smoke in the house. I smoke as well and live with non-smokers and it works out you can co-exist. Good Luck.

How to help a wild rosella bird survive?

Wild rosella bird found outside and looks unhealthy and sick. Breathing but will not move around.

Please help! Urgent!

Hi Zoe. Are you in Australia? I have never heard of rosellas being in other countries, which is why I assume you are an aussie. If so, there are groups around Australia which can help you out. They have different names depending on where you are though. You can use this website to find the group nearest where you live. Call them and they will advise you waht to do, and maybe even send someone to take it to a wildlife shelter/carer.

How to describe walking through the desert?

I know it's like all about description but then again even with alot of description it heard to make the readers feel like there in the desert.

There are deserts and deserts. Most people think of "the desert" as an enormous sandy beach without the ocean and picture it as blazing hot at all times. A desert is any place with less than 10" of rainfall per year. Granted, this includes the poles which some people would exclude from the definition. Deserts may be sandy, rocky, or dusty. The humidity may be low enough to make breathing painful or it can be saturated with moisture (theTihama, along the Red Sea). Thje desert may be hot all the time, if the humidity is high; the temperature may drop drastically at night; or it may be quite cold (Gobi).

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