How to get into the strip club business in Canada? how much to buy or start a new one?

how to get into the strip club business in Canada? how much to buy or start a new one?

You ask a touch question here and the answer completely depends on what you truly want to derive from my answer. I tried figuring it out and really have a headache! It has been one hour and I am stumped! i hope that the source link will help you out..

How to play the dawn theme from Zelda on clarinet or trumpet?

I love the theme when the sun comes up on Hyrule Field. Does anyone know the notes?


How to buy cigarette while under the age of 18?

How to buy in Singapore and in the Uk ? Mini marts do sell to minors right?

I am 17 and smoked since i was 15. I quit 6 months ago and it was the best thing I ever did for both my wallet and my health. courgettes are very expensive and each one takes 11 min off your lifespan. If you still want to smoke wait outside the shop till someone walks by who looks like they would go in and buy them for you, ask nicely and they will probably go in and get them for you. you have to know what you want though. the best brand in my opinion are dunhill reds. I used to just walk in with cash, sometimes with car keys in my hand and ask with confidence for what i wanted. have cash in your pocket not wallet so your just giving them cash and they won't ask for your id because you don't have a wallet. don't shave for a week then try this haha good luck with what ever your decision is.

How to stand for long periods at a concert?

So, i'm going to go see Megadeth my second favourite band. I'm not sure if they have seats but I want to know how I can prepare to stand nonstop for around 1 to 3 hours straight at a concert. I would also like tips on how to not get pain in my legs. Thanks!

It's all about whatever works best for your body. Some people like energy drinks, some like pain killers, some like to just sit in the corner with ear plugs. Do whatever you think will suit you best! :P

How to add tags to an already uploaded video of mine?

I have made a video already and added few tags before the upload. But now I want to add a few little more tags. How do I do that?

If you speak about youtube. Go to and press edit on the video you like to add the tags

How to convince my parents to buy me concert tickets?

Me and my friend are looking for advice on how to convince our parents in letting us go to a one direction concert. We've asked our parents before and they've always said it was to expensive. So we've been trying to make a plan on how to convince them, but we're not to sure if it's that great. We promised ourselves that we would work for the tickets and pay a lot of it off. We even have all the seats picked out, and it cost 392,00$ for 5 people. So could you guys please give us some advice, it would really help! Thanks xx

I am giving you link where you can buy One Direction Concert Tickets in CHEAPEST price but with reliable site.

How to learn the guitar strumming patterns?

I'm a beginner in guitar. I've been playing since 18 days and picked it up really well. I have been trying some new songs with easy chords which I can play but I'm facing problem while strumming them. Can anyone help?

The easiest way to pick up the strum patterns of any particular song is simply to play along with them. Then you also have the whole band as a backup to keep you in time. Pay as close of attention as you can to what the guitar you wish to duplicate is doing. Beware that if the band has dual guitars, you might want to turn the "Balance" control either all the way left, or all the way right. That should eliminate most of the unwanted guitar. When two guitars are present, they are USUALLY on opposite sides, but not always. If your trying to learn patterns without having any particular song in mind, then experiment with playing along with a metronome. You may develop some new technique or back beat that defines YOUR own original sound! That's where originality for song writing starts. Good luck with your playing, and I hope you have a lifetime of enjoyment from it as I have!

How to look back on questions I asked anonymously on Tumblr?

I asked a question anonymously on Tumblr to some person and then they answered a question and I just forgot if the question being answered was mine. (I know bad memory). So I was wondering how I can find out if that was my question that they answered. Thanks!

You can't see questions you've asked on tumblr... =(

How to put a photo in a tumblr queston answer?

I know that you can put it online and then onto it via the link BUT everytime I do this it comes with that Polaroid mini icon that you click to enlarge but I've seen others with just the picture,

You can save the picture to your computer and then insert the picture in. OR you can upload the pictur/gif to (make an account, it's free) , and then when you hover over or click on the picture, you will find a html code. Just copy and paste it into "html".

How to make a college party more exciting?

How to make a college party better/crazier?
Like i wanna make em better/crazier and i need realistic steps to doing so.

the parties I throw already got beer pong, beer bongs, keg stands, girls, and Dancing but I feel like theres something missing.


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