How to transfer music from one mp3 to another without a computer?

Is there any device that I can buy that can act as a medium between 2 mp3 players. I plan to be without a computer for a while. Thanks!

Well, you can put your music onto a memory card and use 2 players that have a slot (Micro SD usually). Thats the only thing I can think of...

how to order electronics from Canada to the US?

I am going to order the Toshiba 13.3 inch tablet from Canada one way or the other. It does not sell here in the US. I am still waiting to hear from Toshiba America and Toshiba Canada. Has anyone been through this? Anyone offer a solution based on experience? Any real help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Canada is currently operating a form of tacit embargo on foreign products due to a rise in ideological conservatism. Due to the internet and world trade, local shops just can't sell anymore. Furthermore, corporations now have computers that are worse than the ones people have at home. What does this mean. Shipping fees are now higher. And Canada is currently thinking about implementing a WWW-purchase policy that would prevent a bunch of things we are currently able to do. Just go on or Don't buy Canadian.

e5 cable to rca: how to?

so i grab an e5 cable and split it to rca cables and plug it into my tv and it shows three screen shots. I notice that the e5 cable has a brown and white wire not attached to the rca cables (mainly because there is no additional wires in the rca plugs to attach them to) and was curious as to how to rig up a vga to rca converter? I heard about the e5 cable and split that into the vga cable, but as I mentioned, I still have 2 wires left that can't be attached to the rca cables because there simply isn't any additional wiring there. Can you help with this? Thank You

Converting VGA to composite video requires active circuitry. MCM Electronics sells a variety of converters. Their # 83-9025 ($115) should work for your application. If your TV has component video inputs, you could use MCM's # 80-7570 ($44).

How to use a audiovox DVD player model EX50 without a car or outlet?

A hurricane is coming and I need to do something like watch a movie so if anyone has one please help me and i don't have a manual and need answers ASAP.
I have nothing to do besides watch a movie.

The manuals are online of you look. If you can supply it 12VDC power, it will work.

How to get a lot of followers on instagram?

I have an account on instagram (1d_mofo22) its a blog about one direction. How do i get a lot of followers without having to do a program to pay for or having to follow thousands of people?

Answer: thats a good site

How to transfer pictures from a Casio EXILIM EX-S770 to a computer?

My camera is Casio Exilim that has 7.2 megapixels that is EX-S770. I tried all the things that i could. I use a computer that has Windows 7. I tried connecting my USB extension(which is in real life) from the camera's charger to my CPU, i have put the camera into the charger, Tried clicking USB, but doesn't work. Please help me?

Most cameras use a standard SD memory card. What I would suggest, is that you purchase a USB card reader. When you want to transfer pics to your computer, remove the SD card from the camera, plug it into the card reader and insert the card reader into the computer. You can then use Windows Explorer to move the pics from the SD card, to your hard drive. Card readers are very reasonably priced and transfer pics a lot faster than your cameras USB cable would be able to - even if it was working. I've been using this method for about 5 years without any problems...

How to manage who enters and exits a room electronically?

My company is looking for a way to monitor who enters or leaves a room electronically. We currently just have a sign in/out sheet but are looking for a fast way than this. Maybe like a key card that can make a record or something like that. Anyone heard of anything like this? Thanks!

Yes. There are a number of push button or keycard systems that do this. Two types of card, swipe and RFI (radio Frequency Identification). What you can't legislate for is people following the card holder not swiping so you need a turnstile or other "one at a time" arrangement like an "airlock" (swipe in swipe out cubicle between the room and the corridor) for a system to be 100%.

How to send files to blackberry using ipod touch airblue sharing?

I have airblue sharing in my ipod touch and I want to send picture from my ipod touch to my blackberry ( curve 9300 OS 6) but when I send it to my blackberry it took forever to find my blackberry's bluetooth and so I can't. I tried to make partnership first between my blackberry and my ipod but it can't. Please help me!

You can't.

How to get an american kindle fire to work fully in the UK?

My dad bought a kindle fire for me when it wasn't available in england. I am now trying toto get it to work fully in england. When I want to buy things its in dollars. Can I upgrade or convert the software. Also when I try and play music it says Exception #101 the specified device could not be authenticated.

There're two discussions here from some actual users, for using Kindle Fire from US in the UK: Music should work without problem. Just you may not be able to get books that are not exported to UK, it's just the same as actual books. Hope this helps.

How to get a phone to work with water damage?

So my phone got water damage on Monday. I took the battery out and put it back in the next morning and it wouldnt turn on. Now the battery has been in for two days and won't turn on. Is it possible it would work again? And if not could I buy a phone online and then put my SIM card in it so it would work like my old one and still have my #? Because the replacement cost for my phone is over a 100 and I have no insurance.

Once you put the battery in and turned it on you probably ruined any chance of it working again as it will have fried the circuit board. Their is also a good chance the sim is fried, I know as I put a phone through the wash once. You could try taking the battery out and putting the phone and battery in a container and covering it with uncooked rice, the rice will absorb all the moisture over a couple of days. Good luck

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