I want to know how to...?

I have a teacher who is constantly upsetting me and constantly verbally attacking me. All of the teachers were supposed to have been told I was Molested and Physically bullied at this school, not to mention the constant derogatory,stereotypical, and racial " teasing ". I happen to be " the common white girl " but people don't know me. I'm so hostile and aggravated just thinking about this teacher that I wan't to literally, * laughs *, go SHARKEISHA on her.

God heals. God cares. God is available and waiting to hear from you.

How to motivate myself to get good grades?

Okay so long story short, I'm a sophomore who has pretty much been an honor roll student my whole life. Unfortunately, my grades seem to be lowering and I'm shifting from a 94 GPA to an 85. I will admit that I have been slacking off and I'm definitely not used to this high amount of work due to my honor classes and the fact that I'm taking trig and chemistry (my weaknesses). I need to find some sort of balance which avoids procrastination and more motivation. Any tips?

Just think of how amazing your life can be if you get that "a" in your class, and how you can graduate and get into a good college and get your dream job and live an absolutely amazing life.

How to become a camp counselor internationally?

I have a lot of experience in a "camp" setting. I have done two leadership programs at a summer camp and I have also volunteered at a few day camps. I work well with kids. It's coming time to apply for jobs at summer camps, and I thought I might like to take the opportunity to work abroad. How can I find out about summer camps in other countries that are looking for volunteers or potential employees? I've googled it but nothing that I can apply for is coming up. I will be 17 by the summer and I am Canadian.

Information is below.

How to get motivated to do revision?

I procrastinate and never do any revision. I'll sit down with all the stuff I need to revise but can never get motivated to actually do any.

I know I sound lazy but I need some tips to help me to get motivated because I want to do well in my exams. Any advice/tips that helped you would be useful. Thanks!

Information is below.

How to send a photo to someone on fb privately?

I want to send a pic on fb to someone privately. Now normally when i have to do that, first i have to upload it to fb, then tag it them, i don't want that, i just want to upload the photo to their page or in their message inbox only, not on fb, where all my friends would see it, is that possible?

Yes, you can attach files in private messages

How to send a letter to another state?

Hey guys, I know this sounds kinda dumb but I wanna how to send a letter to another state, like do I pay for it, do I go to the post office, something like that, also do I still put in the address? Please answer, thanks!

In your case, I would recommend that you find a suitable container, write the address of the person you are sending it to, write your return address on it and go to your local Post office to pay the postage.

How to get inspired to study and get good grades?

I just need an inspiration to be a successful person later in life. It's not like I have bad grades or anything; I'm just craving for something to look up to when I'm starting to get off-task or something.

If you are not into material things, then perhaps being the subject matter expert in your field... But for me, it was always about making the money that got me through... The personal satisfaction of being smart came after I was done, and it is far better than the money. To be able to have an Intelligent conversation with someone is rare these days.. Most just talk about sports, reality TV, or the weather... Ohh, plus there is the fear of living in poverty if you don't do well...! Life is just easier when you are smart.... But unfortunately, only the smart people know this! The fact that you are asking, means you get it, and you know what you gotta do... Kudos to you.

How to write an awesome lab report and ace a practical? and just general tips for studying well?

I just need tips on writing a great lab report and on studying for tests and practicals in biology class, since it's almost the end of the first quarter and I don't want to ruin my chances of graduating as a valedictorian. I've just been procrastinating too much and waited for the last moment (like right now) to finish up my assignments, etc. :P How do I get my mind off of the internet easily?

Well all I got is good studying tip like eating healthy good night's rest and lemonade actually help to

How to go about becoming a Doctor?

I am currently 16 and have a keen interest in becoming a hospital doctor in the future. What sort of A Levels and degrees would I need in order to become a doctor, and how would I go about this?

I have currently an A* in current Maths exams and A's in Biology + Physics.

First you would have to do a degree in Medicine at university. To get accepted onto these you normally have to do Chemistry + another science/maths at A Level, although many people take two/three sciences and Maths. Competition for places is very tough, so you need to ensure that you get good grades. It is also possible to do a degree after doing a different, related on (such as Biology/Biochemistry). However, this is even harder and means that it would take you longer to reach your goal.

How to remember information when doing a test?

I need help. I got exams coming up and i dont know how to remember all the information i need to know. Anyone got some tips.

1: Acronyms. For example, to remember the visual light spectrum, use ROY G BIV. 2: Songs. Use songs and rhythms to remember information! It's fun and works like a charm. 3: Make connections. The better you understand it, the easier it is to remember.

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