How to prevent myself from falling sick when I'm sharing a room with a sick person?

He kept coughing non-stop.
I tried opening the bedroom window to let some fresh air come in but he went to close the window!!

I think I'm falling sick soon, I have some sore throat now.
How to prevent myself from falling sick when I'm sharing a room with a sick person?
He doesn't even allow me to open the windows and the room is very small and enclosed too! Help me?

Keep yourself healthy and active. A healthy body is less apt to get sick. That said, if you must live in the same room you might want to wear a mask and keep hand sanitizer at hand (a big bottle). Wipe down everything he touches including dresser drawer pulls, door knobs and so on. It really tough to stay well being in the same room. Is there anyway (the next time) to stay in another room until he gets better?

How to help a cold go away faster?

Ok, so I have an annoying cold right now :( and I am also coughing alot too. What are some remedies to help a cold and cough besides medicine? And these need to be home remedies.

The best thing you can do is drink lots of fluids, like herbal teas or soup. Also try a humidifier or a hot shower - these will help with the cough. Get well soon!

How to know if you are lactose intolerant?

Does getting diarrhea and farting every time you drink milk means you're lactose intolerant? Not right away but shortly....

I drink milk every day because of calcium but if this goes on, I can't take it anymore.

You can buy milk that is lactose free. Check your grocery store. There are several brands. Just look for Lactose Free. Then you can see if drinking that helps with your problem. If it helps, continue to drink lactose free milk! So you still get the calcium with the lactose free.

How to cure insomnia? It takes a couple hours to fall asleep then I wake up every couple hours?

I am so tired. But I can't sleep. It takes forever to fall asleep then I wake up every couple hours. Then it takes another hour to go back to sleep. The doctor just gave me paxil for anxiety but it's not helping yet and the dr won't give me any sleep medicine.

This was in the news yesterday, Can't Sleep? It Could Be Your iPad Glow From Tablets at Bedtime May Make It Tougher to Sleep By Denise Mann WebMD Health News Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD Aug. 31, 2012 -- Is setting down your iPad the last thing you do before bed? New research shows that all of those nighttime hours spent with your tablet can wreak havoc on your sleep. The bright light emitted from these tablets can suppress melatonin. That's a hormone that helps control sleep and wake cycles, called circadian rhythms. The researchers only looked at the iPad, iPad 2, and a tablet known as the Asus. Using these tablets for two hours on their brightest settings suppressed melatonin by about 22%. The findings appear in the journal Applied Ergonomics. “If they are bright and they are big and are close to your eyes, they have more potential to disrupt your melatonin than the TV, which is usually farther way,” says researcher Mariana Figueroa. She is an associate professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y. iPhones and other small gadgets may not affect circadian rhythms. “Smaller devices emit less light,” she says. But even if these devices aren't zapping the body’s melatonin supply, they may still be disrupting sleep by delaying your bedtime, she says. Not ready to give up your tablet before bedtime? Follow these four tips to make sure you use them in a way that does not leave you tired all day long. 1. Invest in a Filter Inexpensive filters can help turn down the glare and block out melatonin-zapping blue light, says Figueiro. Look for one that cuts off wavelengths below 520 nanometers (nm). “You can still see the screen and do your task, although the color is compromised.” 2. Dim the Lights In the study, participants used the tablets at full brightness, but you don’t have to, she says. “Use the automatic dimmer function at night,” she says. Turn off the lights in your bedroom as well. 3. Distance Yourself From Your Tablet “Proximity is an issue,” says Michael Breus, PhD. “When we use these devices, we hold them closer to our face than we would a TV or a computer.” 4. Impose an E-Curfew “These devices are faking out our body and saying it’s morning when it’s night,” Breus says. This disruption in circadian rhythms can affect learning among school-aged children. “Impose an electronic curfew,” he suggests.

Home remedies of how to get rid of millions and trillions of fleas?

I don't have any money, and can't go to get any product. But, I can use stuff that are generally around the house anyway. Can someone please tell me any good home remedies to get rid of flease completely. I can't stand getting bit by fleas every minute or so that I am in the house.

Hi there, Sorry your house has fleas. Why is this? Do you have a dog or cat? If you have any animals in your home you need to treat them with a proper flea treatment. I know that you don't have any money but I would rather have no food than have a house with fleas in it. If you get a proper flea treatment with an insect growth regulator, this will stop any eggs and lavae from developing further. This is a simple way to get rid of fleas in your home. Another thing you can do is get a lamp and put it over a bowl of water on a tray. Add some washing up liquid to the water and leave it overnight. The fleas are attracted to the light and the warm water, and they then die in the water. You will need to do this for about two weeks. It will not get rid of all the fleas in your home but it will help. You should be vacuming every room in your home every single day. When you have done so, empty the vacum bag outside your home. This will help get rid of them too. Please remember that fleas can carry tapeworm and Lyme disease, you can catch these any time a flea bites you. It is seriously worth getting a decent flea treatment especially if you have young children. Be aware too that you will only be seeing about 5% of the fleas in your home. So if you think you have millions and trillions - well you are probably right. I hope you get rid of the fleas very soon! Best wishes, RS

How to reduce external hemorrhoid swelling after symptoms have stopped?

I had a case of external hemorrhoids recently, and while the general inflammation and pain/discomfort are gone the area is still more raised and swollen around the anal opening than I feel it should be. Does it just take time for it to calm down and go away? It doesn't look normal to me.

I suggest reading this;

How to raise my blood pressure but with out adding alot of salt to my diet?

Okay I have lost an amount of weight but I've noticed that my blood pressure got pretty low and i sometimes get tired and exhausted,I say that it got lower because i tried to omit salt as much as I can in my diet and I don't want to eat all these salty foods to raise my blood pressure afraid I'll gain weight again? Any help?? Thank you (:

Don't stay away from salt. Salt is the second most important nutrient your body needs to live, and you must have lots of it every day. Salt doesn't cause weight gain - not in the sense that you're afraid of. The water and salt combination in the body has to stay at a critical balance or else health problems will result. You didn't mention why you lost the weight - whether it was from obesity or you're becoming anorexic (I truly hope this isn't the case). Obesity is caused by dehydration. Many people confuse their sense of thirst with their sense of hunger - they tend to eat when they're thirsty instead of when they're thirsty. This obviously causes weight gain. Drinking water before eating will give you a more "full" feeling which will satisfy your hunger sooner, so you won't eat so much. But it isn't just about the water. Salt is important to retain water in the body. If you don't eat adequate salt, you have nothing to hold the water in. Thus, you lose the water, and as you do, it flushes out salt and other vitamins and minerals that were already in the body. This makes a bad situation worse. Now you don't even have all of the nutrients you had before you drank the water. The only thing this road will lead you to is health problems. This is why it's critical to maintain the proper water / salt balance.

How to get rid of pinworms without going to the doctor?

I can't go to the doctor because we are a little tight in money, and even if I did she might not let me play football.

I unknowingly had pin worms when I was a little girl (I didn't realize it until like this year). They went away on their own, since I was too embarrassed to tell my mom what I was seeing. I did have some stomach pains because of that though. So, if you REALLY can't afford it, you wouldn't NEED to go, but the medicine makes them go away so much faster. I had them for a few months.

How to fix pinkeye without going to a doctor?

I'm pretty sure I have pinkeye, I've been using some eye-drops for contacts/eyes my boyfriend has which relieves the itchiness and the redness. I can't really see a doctor or anything since I don't have insurance or a few hundred dollars to spend on medical bills (currently in college so money doesn't grow on trees).

I had pink eye a few days ago. This will sound weird but one way is by using a tea bag. Either green or normal black one. Basically put it in a bowl of hot tap water. Let it brew for 2 minutes. Then put the tea bag on your eye. Maybe do it twice a day. It definately reduced the redness on the eye.

How to determine when to stop tube feeding someone in Hospice?

My niece's grandmother is in Hospice now and her daughter decided to remove the feeding tube. She can still recognize people but can't talk. I don't see how you can take away nourishment from someone. Please advise.

If the grandmother has decided on a DNR (do not resuscitate), this means she wants no extra measures taken to help her survive. Following the wishes of the person is the best, but I believe all measures should be taken to preserve life. The grandmother has/had the right to decide whether or not extra measures should be taken to help her survive.

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