How to plan a birthday dinner party at a resturant?

I'm planning a dinner party for my 21st birthday next month. I already know the restaurant I'm going to have it at, and I already have about 10 people coming, including myself. I have a summer job, that I start in a week. My question is does it look bad if everyone pay for their own meal? I can't afford to pay for everyone. Or I would have to pay for everyone food?

At my job, we do a lot of parties. Everyone paid for their own food. And based off the dinner parties I've went to, I always had to pay my own food. We all do.

How to people working at restaurants help prevent food born illnesses and keeping the kitchen safe?

I am doing an online class and I need to interview someone who works in the food industry. Here is the exact assignment:

Contact a person that owns or is employed in a food service occupation. Interview him/her about what precautions are taken in his/her employment to prevent food borne illnesses, food poisoning, and how they provide kitchen safety. (my job)>> Write a 200 word essay including the person interviewed, his/her phone number, and the type of job he/she has.

Please provide all of the information you can! Thanks!

A) Hand washing, Hand washing, Hand washing, Hand washing. 2) Safe food temperatures, both in storage and on the line. C) Cross contamination is a big deal. Don't cut raw chicken, then use the same cutting board to make a salad. Also do not store raw meats above fresh vegetables. Here's a lot of info: I am in the USA, have been a server for 20 years, and recently went to school for Restaurant Management. I took the food sanitation class. if I can be more help.

How to build a fast food restaurant?

There are no McDonald's or subways or anything within a mile from my house. Is it possible to file a request to tear down some forest near my house and build something?

you just buy franchise from the company. It's legal to do it but not to the forest.

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