How to order the countries in a trip overseas?

A friend and I are spending a couple months in Europe after we graduate college. Im wondering what is the best way to make an order for all the countries we want to visit. The countries are Ireland, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Russia, France, Spain, Greece and Italy.

Great question. There is no simple answer, I'm afraid but maybe I can give you a few tips. First, the more time you spend before your trip researching how things work, the better time you'll have and the easier it will be to figure out how to save money. I say "researching" instead of "planning" since some people prefer to be able to move about flexibly (maybe staying longer in a place they like), while other prefer to make a plan in advance and stick to it. Some considerations: 1. Except for Poland, Russia, and Greece, train tickets are cheaper if bought in advance. This is easy to do online, except for some cases in France. So, can you commit to travel dates in advance? If that's not your style, maybe a rail pass is worth considering. But know that passes are often more expensive than advance purchase tickets, so you would do it for flexibility, not to get the cheapest prices. 2. Busses are an option, but are generally less comfortable than a train. 3. You will need a visa for Russia, I assume. Getting a Russian visa is complicated and you must commit in advance to the exact dates you will enter and leave (but stay tuned if you have US passports - the rules are changing but are not yet clear.) It's a pain, but traveling to Russia can be very rewarding so it's something to think about. 4. Unless you pass through other countries not listed, or take a ferry from Italy, you will need to fly to Greece. You may need to fly to Norway. Same for Russia, unless you travel through Ukraine or the Baltics. The most direct trains through Belarus would also require a separate, complicated visa. ...and much more. So here's what I recommend: spend some time reading posts on the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Western Europe forum. I mention WE specifically because there are many posts there from first time itinerary planners. After reading a few dozen, you'll start to get a feel for how to plan things. I recommend spending time reading before you post a question, because the posters who recognize that you're willing to do your homework get the best responses (sometimes other come in and ask for stuff freely available with a simple search - they come off as lazy and aren't as well received.) But many of the responders there are very experienced travelers and have great advice for targeted, specific requests. Finally, avoid a few common mistakes: A. Don't buy an air ticket to Europe arriving and departing the same city. Instead, fly an "open jaw" or "multi-city" trip. For example, Toronto to Dublin with a return from Madrid to Toronto. It will save you the hassle of having to get back to Dublin at the end of your trip. B. This is subjective, but don't try to see to much. I can't say it enough. Some people spend more time on trains than enjoying the places they thought they were visiting. Don't be that person. You can start to get a feel for how long train trips take almost anywhere in Europe at which gives schedules in an easy-to-use format. Well, there's always more to say, but that should get you started. Happy planning!

How to apply Schengen Visa from Singapore for Indian nations ?

I am from India. I am working in Singapore on Employment pass. I want to apply for Schengen Visa from Singapore. What are the requirements for Schengen visa(Italy). I need to submit any Flight ticket Itinerary ?

The website for visas to visit here in Italy is here: There is a link to the application form and information about the supporting documentation you need to supply. As long as you're a legal resident of Singapore, you can apply at the Italian Embassy there. The address and contact information is also shown on the website above. Yes, you do have to have your round trip booking information. You also have to show that you have a place to stay - for example a hotel booking here. There are other requirements as shown on the visa website.

How to go to the making of harry potter warner bros. studio?

Hi I am planning to go to The making of harry potter, warner bros. studio tour in London. Is it possible to go there if you are coming from Victoria bus station and using the underground tube? If so, how long? Thanks a lot.

You can't use the tube. It's near Watford. Here's a link with instructions.

How to change my boarding station of my e ticket booked by a friend of mine?

My friend has booked an e ticket using his accounts, due to unavailability of tickets from the desired station, he had to reserve from an earlier station and now, i want to change my boarding station, what is the process to be followed?

For getting these facilities, customer can now approach the nearest Railway Reservation Office with 'Electronic Reservation Slip' print out and photo identity proof of one of the passanger traveling in the ticket at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of train as per extant Railway rules. • Please note that reservation offices can change 'Boarding Station' & 'Passenger Name' against a request from the passanger as per extant railway rules applicable to other face to face counter booked tickets . • Facility in the name change of passenger holding confirmed e-reservation has been permitted as per extant Railway rules noted as under:- Where the passenger makes a request in writing 24 hours before the scheduled departure of train to the nearest Railway Reservation office. It can be transferred to an-other member of his family, meaning, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Husband and Wife. He should bring the 'Electronic Reservation Slip' print out along with photo identity card proof & a proof for blood relation desired to be changed . Where the passenger is a Government Servant proceeding on duty and appropriate authority, makes a request in writing 24 hours before the scheduled departure of train.

How to get things shipped to you from an online marketplace without anyone finding out?

I need to acquire something that needs to be shipped to me, but no one I am living with can know what it is/that i received anything. If I could pick it up somewhere then I could fairly simply do it. How do i get it shipped to me?

two ways ship it to a friend go to the Post and get a PO box. Have it shipped to the Post box number. -=-

How to i contact people on the while travelling?

While travelling through france and spain and into morocco I want to contact people who are requesting lodgers and also someone I want to meet while in morocco. Any tips on how to do this? I guess internet cafe's? I will have my phone on me as well but can i phone/text people on UK networks while abroad if they are abroad aswell.

Your own phone will be very expensive to use. You'll be roaming. Check the roaming call charges on your network. If your friend is also roaming it'll a hell of a price. There are internet cafes everywhere in the world. Some of them advertise cheap international calls and they are very cheap from those, around 20p a minute from Morocco to UK, and you can send emails or use Yahoo messenger, Skype or whatever they have access to in that particular cafe. Just log on the same as at home. People can check their emails wherever they are. They don't have to be at home. I just sent our team match report and result last night from the Isle of Man as soon as I got home after an evening match. It was sent to our team captain cos he asked me to stand in as captain while he's away. He's in Venice. Less than an hour after sending it I got his reply and many thanks for sending the report straight after the match. No problem, I could have sent it from India while he was in Peru just the same. If he wanted a chat he could say on the email log on to Yahoo at 1030 or whatever and we'll chat. Morocco's OK in Morocco Have a great time.

How to make passport style pictures for toddler?

I need passport style pictures for my daughter ( 2years 4months). I realized it's not that easy when we tried to do it in CVS couple days ago. She started to scream and cry and even didn't seat in the chair. I think she has some kind of doctor visit association with this picture making. I just figured local photo studios don't make passport pictures. Now I am stuck. Does anybody have any tips or ideas. I would be very thankful...

Passport photos are highly regulated in style and size. Try again and again. Your own photos will never be as "easy" as the ones at the store.

How to be calm while driving on a highway?

I'm 15 and I started driving today. I go to one of the big cities in my province for braces appointment. My dad wants me to drive on the high way tommorow but I was shaking when I drove for just 5 mins in my town! Any advice?

Honestly if you just stop being a nervous wreck then nothing will go wrong. Your nervousness just causes your rate of getting into and accident significantly higher. You need to calm down. Stay on the right (or "slow") lane and stay focused. Be aware of your surroundings and think ahead. If you know where you're going ahead of time you won't be nervous. Don't speed either. If you're on the right lane nobody gives a crap if you're slow since they can pass you. So it's whatever. You have you're dad in the car anyway, and how do you expect to drive for the rest of your life if you can't drive downtown. I remember when I started driving, my dad took me to Chinatown. It was a horrible experience.

How to pull out from a residential trip?

I paid for it a couple months ago and now i really don't wanna go something personal and important has come up and i can't tell the school no way. What is the best excuse to get out of it and get my money back?

You don't have to give an excuse or go into a detailed reason why you can't go. Just say 'my personal circumstances have changed and I can't go on the trip. Can I have my money refunded please?'. You might not get all the money back, depending on how late you leave it to cancel. They can't force you to go.

How to magic mountain from irvine without a car?

I am staying at my uncle's house in irvine and i want to get to magic mountain. The problem that he cant take us the 90 minutes it takes all the way there. Is there a way to get there from the proximity of irvine without a car? Tnx

On public transit it will take you at least 4 hours. You would need Metrolink to LA Union Station. Then another Metrolink to somewhere around Sylmar then a regular city bus. If you need to take the public transit some place for roller coasters, go to Knott's Berry Farm instead. You can get there in 90 minutes from Irvine.

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