How to pin pictures from any website to my Pinterest groups?

Can people pin pictures from any web site on the internet, even if the Pinterest icon thing isn't on those pages allowing people to pin it? There are so many web sites on which I've seen things I would like to pin to one of my Pinterest groups, but I don't see the Pinterest icon to click on to pin it.

I don't really know what you're talking about. I have the Pin It button installed on my Google Chrome browser, and I haven't had any trouble sharing any web page, so far anyway. If you want more help with Pinterest, watch this video:

How to get people to ignore the black stereotype ?

I'm a black guy and am not very endowed; in fact, im 4.5 inches hard and am proud of it. I don't get it though it seems to be such a big deal whenever i pull down my pants for sex i get the worst comments like man i though blacks were big or wheres the rest of it. If i were another race i think it wouldnt matter . What should i do to get people to over look the fact that im small and black.

The only people who actually believe that stereotype are gullable white women who hardly know any black men. Being in the Army and have showered with many black men, I know that stereotype isn't true. They call it average for a reason. Plus, most black women I known have also said it's not true. Just remember, all porn stars have big d!ck$, there's a reason there are more women porn stars than men. Because big d!ck$ are not the norm.

How to make Korean students put clothes on?

My 13 year old Korean exchange student keeps running around the house naked and putting all my food on his privates. Is this culturally normal? How do I get him to stop?

You're an idiot. Koreans are really against revealing anything at all! You are just trolling around and making lies. Koreans do not wear stuff revealing or take their clothes off in front of everyone. That is how Korea is and you don't even have the slightest clue. Stop making lies you racist scum bag.

How to change my attitude to be similar to cam newton?

How can i develope an attitude like cam newton, full of confidence, well spoken, outgoing, positive, and swag. What does it take to be like him
No I don't want to be like him exactly I want to know how to have that confidence he has. It's a certain kind that I really respect

I dont know but he is f*cking hawt brah

How to become/be a succesful black woman?

I am going to be a junior in high school and will major in nursing when I go to college. Also I am a black minority with brains. Can someone tell me personal experiences and tips on how you got to be a successful black woman any advice will help.:)
One love; My black is beautiful, my skin will encourage!
I know it takes money I don't have a problem with retrieving that I am taking about emotionally and socially please specify.

I don't think you need any advice as you already planned out your future success. Good Luck :)

How to smoke weed without parents knowing?

I want to try it out for the first time but I don't want my parents to realize it or anything. I know a friend who smokes weed but I wouldn't be able to sleepover at his house. Is there any way that I can hide the fact that I smoked weed?

Everyone needs to chill, he's just trying it for the first time. But get some eye drops because your eyes will get bloodshot. Spray some febreeze or cologne or something on your clothes just in case you smell like weed, i usually don't though. Also chew gum or a mint. If your parents talk to you just try to act normal lol. And at Rock, that's not true at all lol. It stays in your system on average of about a month. It stays in your hair for years, but no places do hair follicle tests.

How to tell whether people in Africa are man or woman?

Hell, I am in Kenya right now, and most of the time I can't tell who's a man and who's woman. Most people get offended if I ask them what they are, so I wonder if there is a trick to figure it out.

I understand. From the hairs and face u sometimes cant tell with them. But from the breasts and the booty u should be able 2 tell the difference.

How to help stop the killings of sharks, whales, and seals?

Is there any site I can go to help stop the killings of these poor animals?
I'm looking for serious answers only, not answers from dumb trolls.
Wow, you all are so rude and disgusting. I'll pray for you. You all need help. Animals have feelings and souls too. Jerks.

This one is to help the whales:

How to do justin biebers new hair style?

I want his new hair style the one where his hairs kinda spiky in the fornt or something. How do i do it like his? :) is it just in the front or the whole top? Hair spray, jell?

really? why don't you just do your own new hair style? They bad thing about copying someone else is that you'll always be a step behind & they'll always be better than you at being them. Just be yourself.

How to deal with people who think the r king of an area and behave like thugs?

Sometimes while you r in college u hav to face certain type of ill mannered people. The people who consider them as d king and try to fight with everyone. If u get involved with these type of people how to deal with them. And yes police is not an option because of corruption.

Enroll them in the Doc Marten dental plan.

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