How to retrieve information from a broken computer?

My computer broke, it won't turn on at all. I've already bought a new computer, but my old computer contained some important and personal things that I want. Mainly pictures of my son as a baby and music from cd's that I no longer own and really don't want to have to re-buy, though it's the pictures I really want. Can anyone help me?

You need to remove the hard drive from your old computer and get a docking bay or cable, that connects via USB to your new computer. Your new computer should treat it like an external drive. Something like this: You will not be able to get access to system files, but if you save these pictures to folders you should be able to retrieve them.

How to find minimum value in a cell whose value is always changing in Excel?

In cell a1 the value always change, I want to keep track of minimum value of a1 in cell a2. How is it possible?

It is possible, but not straight forward. Basically the value of A2 is dependent on the values of A1 and A2. This is a circular reference, which normally is not allowed. Here is the way around it: 1) To enable circular references, go to "Excel Option", Press "Formulas" and click "Enable iterative calculation" and press "OK" 2) In any available cell (e.g. A3) enter 0. We will use this cell as the switch to reset Cell A2 3) In A2 enter this formula: =IF(A3=0,999999,MIN(A1,A2)) Now to activate you minimum value tracer, enter any number in A3 except 0 (e.g. enter 1). In the formula above I assumed that values in A1 will always be smaller than 999999. If that is not the case, then you need to change that number to another value that is greater than any possible value in A1. Let me know if you need a clarification or further help.

How to open the xps file or document and take print?

What are xps files or documents and how to read them and take a print of the same??
Thanks in advance

Please follow the link below or Read following The Definitive Guide to Microsoft’s XPS Files How do I open an .XPS file extension? Should I download a reader or viewer to open XPS files on my Windows and Mac? This article covers everything you ought to know about Microsoft’s XPS file format. This guide covers quite a lot about XPS file, which makes this a long read. You may want to go through the Table of Contents to jump around. Table of Contents What is an XPS File Format? Create XPS Files Open XPS Files How to Edit XPS File How many of you played with .XPS file? Unfortunately, unlike Adobe PDFs and Microsoft DOCs, XPS files are not very popular. What is an XPS File Format? XPS is XML Paper Specification, and these XPS documents, if large, are paginated for easy printing. XPS files are not “rich” documents like PDF and DOCX, and they do not have images or video clips embedded in them. XPS is a simple electronic paper format. Whenever I pay bills online, the company generates a receipt as a proof of payment. These receipts can be downloaded / saved on my hard disk, and they usually end with .XPS extension. Microsoft Loves XPS Files If you didn’t knew yet, this .XPS format is a creation of Microsoft. They love this file format. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Microsoft’s XPS overview where they says “XPS documents print better, can be shared easier, are more secure and can be archived with confidence.” Archived with confidence? That’s right, because not a lot of people know how to open these files. You Think it’s Easy to Create XPS Files? It does take a little bit of effort to create your first XPS file. You can either create a fresh XPS document from the scratch using various softwares, or convert an existing document — like Adobe PDF — into XPS. Depending on the kind of software you use, and the type of Operating System you have, XPS files can be created as follows: Creating .XPS Files on Windows Use Microsoft XPS Document Writer: Any document can be easily converted to XPS file on Windows Vista and Windows 7 using MXDW. MXDW is Microsoft XPS Document Writer, a free built-in tool available on Windows platform. Choose any document you’d like to convert to XPS, then print that document by going to File -> Print. A print window should pop up. Select “Microsoft XPS Document Writer.” Hit the Print button to generate .XPS file. Save this XML Paper Specification file on your desktop. Use Office: Microsoft Office users (2007 version) can download a free add-in to save any document as XPS. So what does this mean? You can edit PDF or Word file as much as you want using your favorite editor, then open these files in Microsoft Office, and go to File, hit Save to XPS to save the file. Update: According to Microsoft, MXDW file writer is also installed on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Operating System. Creating .XPS Files on Mac OS Did you know: You have to pay $299 to create XPS file on Mac? That’s true, if you are planning to buy NiXPS app. You certainly don’t want to pay that much to make your own XPS file, do you? A better alternative is to convert PDF (or any other document) into XPS format on your Mac — that’s the only free solution, unfortunately. Read on to find out how to convert XPS documents… Let’s Open XPS Files on Windows and Mac Use XPS Viewer: The Microsoft XPS essential pack offers support for viewing XPS files. You can download these free little program — both 32 bit and 64 bit available — on your Windows Vista, XP and Server 2003. To download the essential pack, head over to this Microsoft’s page. Depending on your Operating System, download and install the appropriate tool. After the installation, launch your XPS document to read. You can also print this document or search for phrases using this free XPS viewer tool. Convert to PDF: Another workaround for opening files ending with .XPS extension is to convert XPS into PDF format. You can use free tools to do this, although it does take a while, but it’s totally worth it! Mac users should know that Gmail comes with a XPS reading capability, which is a much better solution as you don’t have to download any apps or shell out your money to open .XPS files. More ways to open XPS files: If you are running browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, I’d strongly recommend you to read this article, titled: How to Open XPS File Extension, which is yet another useful guide for quickly opening .XPS documents right on your browser. Read more:

How to recover deleted emails in Outlook? or log in online to outlook email?

I recently quit a job. When I left all emails were deleted out of inbox, sent and delete items folder. Now I have heard they went into my email after I quit and are going through old emails. Is there a way to recover deleted emails? Also can u log into Outlook from the web?

I'm sorry, but once you leave you forfeit all rights to access your email again. You can get on your email through the internet, but you have been disabled through your company and you can no longer access anything in the company. Your company disabled your account. I understand you may be mad that they are going through your e-mail, but using a company created e-mail gives them the right to see any all e-mails on your machine. As for recovering e-mails, yes there is a way. The only thing is, your e-mails are stored on your company's servers, so the only way to access them is if you have access to the servers which you do not. Sorry, but that's just how it is.

How to transfer files from a Macbook to an external hard drive?

I have the 11-inch Macbook Air, which has a very small hard drive (only 64 gigs). Needless to say, that small space filled up pretty quickly, so the other day I bought an external hard drive. Problem is, I'm pretty technologically challenged, so I have no idea how to take files off of my Mac and put them on the external (NOT back them up). If you could walk me through how to do that that'd be great!

In your finder, find the file you want. When the external drive is connected, it should appear in the left of the finder window. Click and drag the file to the drive icon to load it to the drive. cJ

How to tell computer to always boot from CD drive?

My computer has got the BSOD and I have encountered it with Puppy linux.
Puppy linux is known for only booting with cd or USB drive.. But everytime I start my computer, I don't want to constantly keep pressing f12 and tell it to boot it from cd/usb drive..

Is there anyway to do so?


You need to go into your system's BIOS and change the boot order. This varies between systems, but usually you have to press Del or F2 repeatedly during boot-up. Look around for the boot sequence and put the CD drive at the top. Save and reboot.

How to post gifs on tumblr from my computer?

I have a bunch of gifs saved on my computer and i want to post them on tumblr in a text box. Every time i try it, it doesn't work, and i tried posting them on tinypic, then posting the URL in the insert image option and it just stays as a grey panorama on my dashboard, and on my page. Please help.

Upload them to a site like Tinypic, then try copy and pasting the actual image from there, usually works!

How to change the foreign language to English in word document?

When I am downloading the sample paper for the FIIT JEE FTRE exam, it is displaying the document in different languages which is unreadable to me. Is there any way to make document in English?

See if it helps:

How to crack a game that I downloaded and tells me to insert disk 1?

1) I have searched all over the net for this game's crack file but to no avail.
2) Do I have to use Daemon tools and mount the game un to a disc or something?
3) The name of the game is 'Dragon Throne - Battle of the Red Cliffs' and it is a very old game. A decade old. Can't find the crack nor do i know how to crack a game.

i think you you are not proffessional enough to crak games by your self.the only way is to keep searching.and also try z thing you said about changing it to image file and then mount it.but i dont think it works.

How to unlock a hard drive without loosing the data?

I am using a Western Digital hard drive WX31C32D5080 (1 TB). Unfortunately, I am not getting the password right and it seems i have to erase all the files i have in it. Please help.

Download File Scavenger. Install it from a different computer. Place your hard drive there and use File Scavenger to recover all your file and then format it. You can also try using Disk Management if you want but I suggest using File Scavenger.

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