How to accelerate more smoothly when driving?

I just got my permit and my mom took my out driving in a parking lot. I'm pretty good at not jerking when breaking so far, but when I go to hit the gas I either jerk real quick or not move at all.
How can I accelerate more smoothly?

transferring from deceleration to acceleration is the hardest in first gear, i am assuming this is what you are trying to do? if so the answer is just be reall slow and progressive with the accelerator. an aggressive jab etc... will cause this jerking action. the simple answer is if you are back at tick over speed, then partially disengage the clutch whilst you re apply the accelerator and then bring the clutch back out. I dont mean rev the car and slip the clutch, it will just remove that jerking until you get the hang of that specific vehicle.

How to get a greyhound bus ticket back home?

I have called united way, a place here in town called godtel, catholic churches and salvation army and travel aid. Can anyone please help me out i came here to texas for work, i got laid off and haven't been able to find work since. I lost my apartment and am currently homeless. I am trying to get back to my fiance and 2 yr old daughter in missouri. Thank you my name is alex

Call your finance or other family member to wire you the money.

How to show my pass when getting on the bus?

The may sound stupid, but I'm nervous about going on the bus for the first time. I have a student ID card with a community college that doubles as a bus pass. Do I just flash it at the bus driver, hand it to them, or what?

There are two types of buses and bus passes that I've seen. Most likely you'll want to just hold up the bus pass as you walk into the bus, and then go to your seat. the other kind is the type that you can scan, but most likely if it is for a college, just hold it up for the driver to see and walk to your seat. I hope this isn't too late, and believe me, I was kinda freaked out the first time I took the bus too :P

How to register a self built car in india?

I am designing a car at home. Plz tell me how to register my car in india so that i can get insurance and number plate.
Please help me.

No one here exactly knows, Contact RTO(Regional Transport Office) at ur place. U can surely get license for it.

How to destroy an engine via the gas tank?

To make a long story short, my neighborhoods boat dock has a gas can thief. I want to leave an old gas can at the dock for the crook to take! What fluids can I fill it with to destroy the bastards engine?
Haha, thanks for the help!

Put sugar i it. Wipe the can of all fingerprints. Do NOT tell anybody you did it either. I had neighbors kids stealing my lawnmower gas until it did the same thing. Was really funny to see them push it up & down the street for 3 hours trying to start their go cart. LOL

How long does it take from learning how to drive to actually drive?

I mean include everything, take class, acquire licences, buy a car and sticker, how long does it usually take?

Depends where you are from, in Ontario Canada, if you take drivers ed you can be driving on your own in 8 months.

How to submit my website to several social bookmark website at one time?

Can there be any secret to submit my content articles in my web site to numerous social bookmark websites at one time? rather than submit them 1 by 1, it is extremely time-consuming.Thank you.

I suggest using social bookmark submission service to submit your website or blog to hundreds bookmark sites. It cost only a couple cent per bookmark at

How to get through a twelve hour car ride?

Tomorrow at 7pm im leaving for a twelve hour car ride with a possible 3 hour sleep brake for the driver (15 hrs total) anywho i need tips on either A. being able to fall asleep or B. things to do in a dark car when i cant sleep. Thankyou very much!
Im 15 and my sister is 9 who is gonna drive instead of my mom?

No matter what, it WILL be boring. No matter what you take, you'll still be bored. Bored because there will be constant interruptions with the driver and other passengers while you try to read.... . Cheap texting to friends about nothing is a bore. Put ear plugs in and read a novel or look out the window is all I can say.

How to transfer a boat trailer from Maryland to Pennsylvania?

We live in Pennsylvania and about 2 years ago we purchased a boat trailer in Maryland. The gentleman signed the back of the title for the trailer and we brought it home. We never transferred it to PA. Now we are selling our boat and trailer. The boat is titled/regeistered in PA but the title for the trailer is still out of Maryland. How hard is it going to be to sell it in PA when we never transferred it?
The only paperwork we have for the trailer is the title that was signed by the previous owner.

Go to the DMV office. They have the forms you need. Take all the papers you have with you.

How to get my drivers license before school?

I'm 17 and I dont have my learners permit yet but my mom said there was a way I could get my permit and then get my license before school starts (August 20th-26th). I live in the state of Texas. Is there anyway this is possible.

No, mom is wrong. You need your learner's permit for 6 months before you can take your road test and get your driver's license. I have two teens, live in Texas and know ALL and everything there is to know about this because this is what I have lived for the last two years trust me, lol If your mom is thinking of a hardship, it still doesn't matter, the very same rules still apply. Hardships can be given out as young as 15 but you have to qualify. You need to be signed up for driver's ed, without driver's ed you will have to wait until you are 25 to get your license. you can do online, parent taught or private school driver's ed, which I think is the best. So after you begin drivers ed you will take the written test at the dmv. You have the learner's permit for 6 months, THEN after you complete all the requitements like drive times and such, you go take the road test.

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