How to deal with domineering people at work?

I'm an intern at a science centre.
There's a group of us and we're all friends.

Tell her point blank your car is full and she will need to find someone else to car pool with or drive herself. When it is time to go eat you all need to go with the majority vote. Tell her she was out-voted we are going here and it is not open for debate. You can stand your ground without stooping to her level. If you don't prepare for her behavior and attitude to get worse.

How to professionally say I am not willing to relocate on job application?

It says to include whether or not if you're willing to relocate. NO I AM NOT WILLING TO RELOCATE, but how can I incorporate this into my short essay? Thanks!

I am not willing to relocate. That's all you need say - anything more sounds over-emphatic or defensive.

How to break in to an event planning career?

I have a full time job that bores me. I make good money so I stuck with it but I'm ready to leave it behind and do something I love.I love organizing, planning and setting up for events. How do I break into this field while still working at my full time job? I need to gain some experience, save up some money and move to a big city. But I just don't know where to start!

Most big events are planned for the weekend so I suggest you contact a local event /wedding planner and see if you can get a part time job so you can actually learn the business.

How to update my LinkedIn profile to show I am doing freelance work but still looking for employment?

I graduated last August and I am still looking for a job. Right now I am doing small part-time/freelance work. It will not interfere with me holding down any type of part-time or full-time job.

What is the best way for me to update my LinkedIn profile so I can show I am doing freelance work currently, but still looking for full-time or part-time employment?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


How to answer behavioral questions in an interview with no prior work experience?

I have an upcoming interview and wanted to know what subjects I could relate these questions to if I have never had a boss or a difficult employee. I have completed multiple community service projects, which is what I plan to lead to for most questions. Should I say, "Well, if I was in that situation, I would do this..."?

You can say, "While I've never had to deal with a difficult employee, I did have to deal with X (difficult team member/similar situation). However, if I WERE to deal with a difficult employee, this is what I would do." :)

How to prepare for a job interview at Barnes and Noble?

I have a deep love for books, and Barnes and Noble happens to be one of my all time favorite places to go in my town,
I was lucky enough to get a call back on my application, and they called me in for an interview on the 3rd of October.
I really want this job. Like, really bad.
I'm planning on dressing very nicely, yet casual.
What should I expect from the interview?
Do you think they'll ask about books and authors that I like?
Or what?
Halp! Haha.

Below are interview experiences, tips and questions shared by people who applied at Barnes & Noble. Good Luck!!! Bookseller at Barnes & Noble Accepted Offer – Interviewed in Richmond, VA –Interview Details –Hiring tends to happen more organically during the Fall season, when the December holidays approach. The interview process is one-on-one with a store manager on the premises. Expect basic retail experience questions and situational role-playing questions, but the whole vibe is cheery and generally un-stressful. Interview Question –"How much do you expect to make here?" ( what the standard pay is for new hirers) What section of the store will you work best in ? Why Barnes N' Noble? • How have you reacted to an angry customer? Customer Service Representative at Barnes & Noble No Offer – Interviewed in Fairfax, VA Apr 2012– Interview Details –Handed my application to the store assistant manager and got called back the following day for an interview with the manager and assistant manager . I was called back two days later for a second interview which I had three weeks ago with the manager. Interview Questions • how do you deal with conflict? Remain calm, keep my composure, and try to stay positive. Conflict is something we all deal with on a daily basis. How we handle conflict changes everything. • How would you handle a difficult customer? Do not let them get to you, listen, and empathize. Do your best to please the customer Interview Questions • What do you know about our company? ( check website for how long in business, # of locations, community involvement, they are well known and respected etc, their discount card) • What is a good excuse for coming in late? (none) What is your favorite book? What do you know about kindle or Nook? Tell me about yourself?

How to answer previous salary questions on a job application?

I am filling out a job application online and it is required that I include my salary of my last job. My problem is that I worked on 40% commission only and did not get a salary. It will not allow me to put 40% or Commission, only number values. How can I get around this problem?

Do you have record of how much that worked out to be in an average week, month or year? If so, use that number. You should be able to find it on your tax returns.

How to learn to enjoy being a cashier?

I work as a cashier at a retail store. My shifts are usually between 5 and 7 hours long. I usually find myself just standing there with nothing to do and nobody to talk to. I wanted to know from other cashiers what they do to make the time go by a little faster. I usually come home with my feet and back hurting and i am relieved when i get to leave, but i want to learn how to enjoy my job until I leave in about a year for college. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Treat each new customer as if they were a new friend. If you find yourself with nothing to do, then walk around your area and look for ways to spiff it up. Straighten up the displays, pick up any trash on the floor, wipe any fingerprints off of shiny surfaces

How to deal with good coworkers leaving the company?

Its a retail store been only working there for 4 months. Some of the cool coworkers that I use to work with and talk to and get along with have gone to different jobs or starting their careers.

get their contact information if you want to stay in contact. If you don't then say good bye...

How to get a job without much work experience?

I have little to no work experience and all jobs of today post the following in their job ADs


So how am I suppose to get a job?

Experience is needed but there are vacancies for freshers in the market, if freshers will not get a chance then how they will got the experiences. Do contact to the consultancies who put the freshers to their first job. Do start your career with a small firm and grab the experience, then the companies who are not accepting you, will call you back.

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