How to learn about classic cars?

I love, love, love classic cars. That is partly because I like vintage things and partly because they are sooooo beautiful. I've experienced some trouble because nobody around me knows anything about classic cars to answer all the questions I have, so I've decided to learn about it myself. If anyone knows of any websites or books I can check out so that I can learn more about my favorite cars I would appreciate it. Thanks for any help you can give.

A great website to visit is They have an extensive directory of all things classic car related. There are classifieds, a library full of information regarding individual makes and models, and event directory (in case you did want to visit some local car shows and pick the owners brain), and they also have a question and answers forum. There are a ton of great books out there, too many to list here. One thing you could try is visiting your local library and find a book there that interests you. Have fun and enjoy.

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