Canada to Australia, how to?

Hello, my name is Cory. I am a Canadian citizen living in southern Ontario. I wish to move and live in Australia; Melbourne, Victoria to be more precise (love the climate). I visited Melbourne a couple times and decided its where i want to live. Southern Ontario is boring and the climate sucks, sweltering summers and frigid winters; not good for my skin. Now some facts about me: I am a 21 year old male, I have worked mostly in warehouses all my life and I absolutely adore puppies. What I want to know is what i need to do for this venture.

Well, I think I would start on this website: You are probably going to find that Australia doesn't admit just anyone. Like Canada, it has a lot of people who would like to live there, and like Canada, it can afford to be choosy about who it admits. You'll have to look through the categories and see if you fit into any of them. Or could in the next couple of years. Canada has a long waiting list; it can take people years to compete the immigration process. Don't be surprised if Australia is similar that way.

How to get a canadian working holiday visa and when?

I want to work in Canada for a year starting in january 2013, as i understand i can get a year long working holiday visa...but they only give out something like 5000 a year. When and how can i get one? Is it on july the 1st i have to apply? Im from scotland if that makes any difference. Thanks for any help!

This is where you apply the dates will be announced later for next year. Read up and have your paperwork ready . There is a limited number and they are awarded based on your date of APPLICATION so apply correctly and apply early. You can get the application for this year it may change for next year but it will guide you to what things you need to complete the form. Look here to for other things similar.

i was wondering how to become a Canadian citizen?

so when im done with highschool or collage im going move to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

You will have to have a visa. Look at the Canadian immigration site before you choose your college study if you are still interested by then.

How to get to Algonquin National Park without a car?

I can't see any obvious sites offering Tour Buses or the like offering people a chance to see Algonquin. I want to camp there for at least a couple of nights in the first week of October, what are my options?

I have taken a bus up to Algonquin park before. You would have to take a Greyhound bus to Huntsville and then switch to a Hammond Transportation Bus which will take you to different stops within the park.

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