How to dress like a stereotypical soccer mom?

I am trying to dress as a stereotypical soccer mom for halloween. Any suggestions?

gain 20lbs...wear a jersey, and borrow your friends minivan and put a bunch of soccer balls and stuff there you go, plus you got to look like a MILF

How to make blue and purple hair look classy?

My hair is dark brown and I'm getting a bit of dark blue and dark purple in my fringe. I've seen some girls look really rough with coloured hair. Any tips on keeping it classy?
No sarcastic/nasty answers please!

you could go sleek, but it depends on the length.. like 20s finger curls, they'd look cool.. or just a sleek bob cut, that'd look great too.. it really depends on the length, and hair type, rather than the colour..

How to make my nails grow into the acorn shape?

I don't have any trouble growing my nails out but I want to grow them so they look like the long "acorn" shaped nails but I don't know how and I want a simple description on how to do it. I've wanted to achieve this for quite some time so all advice is appreciated :) thanks!

Have a squirrel do them?

How to look good in your school uniform?

I've got a choice of green or black t-shirt and i've got khaki and black capri pants. I try hard to look nice but i always end up looking like a zombie. Please help!

black tee with khaki pants

How to break the habit of biting my nails?

I bit my nails a lot and I tried putting hand sanitation and nail polish and it never works. Help me?

Attention control. You catch yourself biting, you stop. Five minutes later, you catch yourself biting again. You stop again. Repeat ad infinitum, or ad nauseam, whichever comes first. You notice that you are biting your nails. You immediately focus your attention on what you are doing, and you stop doing it. No rage, no blaming yourself, no negative emotions. You just stop, and you focus all the attention you can on the act of stopping. You move your arm down, focusing your attention on the act of movement, on the feeling of your arm going down, away from your mouth. That’s it. You can go back to whatever you were doing. Five minutes later, you notice yourself biting your nails again. You calmly repeat the procedure again. By doing this, you are training yourself to perform a new behavior – the “stop and put the hand down” behavior – which is itself triggered by the nail-biting behavior. As you go along, you will get better and better at noticing that you have started to bite your nails. You will also get better and better at stopping and putting your hand down. After a while, this will become semi-automatic; you’ll notice that your hand went to your mouth, a nail touched your tooth, and the hand went back down before you could do anything. Don’t stop training: focus your attention on the “stop and drop” part of the action. After a while, the nail-biting simply goes away. Of course, the more complex and more ingrained a habit is, the more effort and time will be needed to break it.

How to get rid of pimple without using something sharp or painful?

I have a pimple and it's been annoying me.
Don't say to use cream things for my face.
Don't say wait till your 18 or an adult.
Is there anything that can make the pimple go away?
Can you give me directions.
Like first you put this on then next.

You are NOT suppose to pop your pimples... My dad told me that I should let it go, but Psh. My friend Bryan told me to put extremely salty water on it, then put tooth paste on it. Or put honey on it, and put a bandaid on it... (When You Go To Sleep) I also have this problem. I have one right above my lip... My lip currently has honey on it. ^0^ My dad asked me what I was gonna name it, and I said Salty. c: I hope this helped.

How to make yourself look taller in pictures? want some tips on how to appear taller in snaps?

i m 5 ft girl. pls suggest some dressing tips, poses or certain angles which will make me appear a bit taller.

152 cm is not that small. I am like 4 ft 2. Not much of a deal. You can stand up on a chair.

How to grow your fingernails in TWO weeks ?

I am going to have a acoustic fingerstyle guitar performance after 2 weeks , and my fingernails are still too short for the show , and advice on how to grow my fingernail fast ?

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth treatment. Its amazing!

Tips on how to start dressing more maturely?

I'm 16 turning 17 in November. Next year over the summer, I want to start dressing more maturely to ease my transition into adult hood and into college. What I wear everyday is boot cut jeans, a t-shirt with no cleavage showing, a hoodie jacket, and converse. I want to start wearing some dresses and skirts and to look nicer in general. I'm 5'2" also. Do any of you have any tips you can give me?
Pleas no smart-ass answers.
Pleas no smart-ass answers.

I'd wear skinny jeans. I just like em better. And lace tops are really pretty. Don't get uggs, theyre kind of annoying. But dont just wear converse either. Get some sandals and flats. Just ditch the hoodies. And that's what you wear EVERY DAY? Get lots of stuff. 5 pairs of non boot cut jeans in different washes, and like 10 shirts. Also, I absolutely love cardigans. They're so cute and easy to wear, and they look better than just a jacket. They also let you not just limit certain pieces of clothing to one outfit. I like denim jackets, too. And button down shirts. So cute!

How to deal with people at school after shaving your head?

So I Got my hair buzzed today and I know I'm going to never hear the end of it at school. How do I play it off or whatever.


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