How to get an art creative job in disney studio?

Who can i talk to and what are the steps to get working for disney art studio?

college degree comes first and will SERIOUSLY help you. when in college disney has an internship program you can do for a semester and POSSIBLY will lead to a job at disney, but NO guarantees on that. they provide housing for student interns. if you already been through college they still have professional internships that you can do, but you have to pay and find a place to live on your own. google Disney Internships and you'll find the link to more info

How to upload jpg to jcink from flickr?

I am trying to apply a banner to jcink. However every time I try to put in the url, html code, it just applies a mini thumbnail with a question mark. The banner size is 435 x 80. Does anyone have any ideas, tips, etc for this? Thank you in advance.


How to train for a week-long teen police academy summer camp?

I get heat exhaustion easily and this summer is supposed to be really hot and it's already hot in the summer where I live. Training tips? What to expect?

1. Contact the people who are responsible for the camp; let them know you have a "medical issue." Ask if you should supply them a signed note from your doctor or school nurse, for their file. 2. You already know HE is serious, and so while you're getting the note, ask him or her what steps you should take (hydration schedule, salt tablets, etc.). 3. Find out what accommodations to meet your health concerns will be accorded you.

How to get Peacock Feathers to stick onto the face?

So for Halloween (Yes, it is early. But I love to plan things! Plus, it will be out of the way!) I want to be a peacock. I want to know if anyone knows a way I can get peacock feathers to stick onto my face temporarily? Its going to be up closer to my eye, so would eyelash glue work? I know I shouldn't use Elmer's Glue or anything, as that would be irritating (to me and my skin!). So, any suggestions? Thanks so much!

You'd have to try an actual costume shop for like theatre, but there's this stuff called "Spirit Gum" and you can use it to attach stuff to your face. In theatre, we use it to attach fake facial hair, feathers for crazy make up designs, and putty for gross scars. If you use it correctly it should stay the whole night. just brush some on, wait for it to become "tack-y" and then stick the feathers on. Just a warning though, as useful as spirit gum is, actors hate it because it's pretty annoying and can be itchy, but it is made for skin, so it's better than Elmer's Glue at the least. If not, there's also this doiuble sided tape (you can also get that at a legitimate costume store) that does the same thing, but basically, no matter what, if you want to stick something to your face, it'll be irritating for a while, just cause you're skin's not used to it. But those two are probably your best bet for the feathers staying all night and for your skin to stay healthy. :)

How to go about contacting modelling agencies?

I've recently built up a portfolio both of professional shots and shots that I've taken myself. I would love to send these photos off to some modelling agencies but I don't know where to start? Does anyone know any good agencies that are easy to get in contact with and accept models that are just starting out? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Don't get in to modelling. why should you seel yourself for pervy people to oogle at? besides its cliched and really over rated. oh and if you do go along with it don't be taken in by scams. there are plenty of people that'll just want your money out there.

How to tell a difference between a real or fake Disney pin?

So I've been looking at Disney pins on eBay. How can you tell the difference between a real or a fake pin? Thanks=D

Mines say Disney behind it and it's suppost to be the color gold or silver

I would like to know how to create a long picture. Is it a program for this?

I would like to know how to create a long picture. Is it a program for this? I google it, but I couldn't find anything.

you need a panoramic camera

How to approach a question on urbanisation and global cities?

I have a question and really don't know how to approach it. Any ideas? This is the question.

“The way cities expand and organize themselves, both in developed and developing countries will be critical for humanity.”(The State of World Population 2007 Report, U.N. Population Fund, United Nations: New York).

Discuss this statement

Addressing either the social, economic, environmental or cultural aspects of cities and urbanization. Illustrate your discussion with examples. In your conclusions, draw out some of the implications of your discussion for urban planning and management.

Say about how urbanisation affects natural land as the city grows, there will be a lot more jobs, more pollution and crime etc

How to deal with cat scratches on couch?

We have a $600 leather couch that our cat has gotten to. She has only scratched under the arm of the couch in the corner area. We were thinking of putting some type of wood on the front and side, but don't really know how. Any suggestions? We would like it to look like the couch was supposed to be that way.

How would we get the wood pieces to stay on the couch without screws? I don't want them to be showing.

Thanks !

it's almost impossible to get a cat to stop scratching an area once they've decided that they like it. Cover it for right now to make it difficult to get to - and give the cat something else to scratch on. It may take a while before your cat finds something it wants to use. Try catnip as well. And you might re-post this question in Pets > Cats for more answers.

How to tell the difference between emo and an emo poser?

He I was just wondering the difference between an emo poser and an actuall emo please help I want to know

you cant actually " be emo" because emo is short for the genre called emotive hardcore. as for scene, that's the fashion aspect of it, and in my opinion anyone who genuinely is being their true self by wearing that kind of clothing and/or listening to emotive hardcore does not make them a poser. posers are people who arent being themselves and only following that style to fit in with other people of that style. you can't really tell who a real scene is since its all about whether theyre truly being who they are, and not just looking at them and deciding theyre a poser. but the for sure way to know if they're a poser is if they call themselves emo or scene.

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