How to hide a date in a secret code or cipher?

So I have been searching all over the interwebs for info on how to transcribe a date into a code or cipher. The date is very important to me and I wanted to get a tattoo of it on my chest. However, I also don't want people to know what the date represents, so I want to codify it so only I will know the importance of it.

You can simply move every letter or number by one place, so 2.2.2003. is 3.3.3114. Or you can use my favourite cipher: Put numbers in that 3x3 square and you can write dates.

How to temporarily transfer body heat to right hand?

I'm trying to be able to use fire powers. I feel the best way to do that would be to transfer all my body heat to one part of my body. So I ask, is there away to do that?

Energy manipulation takes practice and time. Also how much energy your body intakes plays a key role, because if you are low it will be harder. thats why chackra meditation is very beneficial, their is unlimited energy in the universe but you just have to tap into it.

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