How to get a company or business to sponsor me?

I'm a 16 year old girl and I am planning on going to America in 2015 to do a 4 year bachelor degree. It is going to cost more than 133grand just for the 4 year course alone. Plus probably more because I am planning on staying on campus. I also will need money to buy a car, to buy fuel and for basic living expenses and insurance.

Unless you were some exceptional genius or some contest winner I can't picture getting a company to care about your education. If your parents were unable to save up a college fund you are likely to gave to aim lower. Get a 2 year degree from some cheap community college, go to college part time and work full time this may take some years to get your degree... By the way there are a number of Australians working in Hollywood movies and TV who do a convincing American accent. There's not enough work to be Australian all the time. The sexy guy on the TV hit House lost hos accent and long hair when hew moved to the new series Chicago Fire. Many wer unaware that the star Hugh Laurie was brit.

How to get business for my production company?

I have recently started up my own production company and have plenty of professional crew and equipment to use but how do I go about generating business? Would an advertisement agency help, if so, how?

I agree with Doctor J. Regarding your Marketing strategy, you can try Video Email. This is new and really a hit in advertising and doing it yourself is a plus to help you in generating your business. Visit

How to make new clients for a wholesale distribution company?

We (me and friends) are planing to start a wholesale business next month. While we are still working on researches, we wonder how should we approach new clients? Is it enough, if we just mailed our rates and details or is there any good way of doing it? Thanks!

For a new wholesale distribution company, you need broadcast your products: such as distributing leaflets and put up posters, advertising on radio or TV.

How to get business to let you promote their stuff on instagram?

Like, there's people that get paid for taking a picture with something and making the caption "I love this blah blah"

Ebay, metacafe,

How to design an advertisement about cottage cheese for teenagers?

Any ideas? Slogans, Graphics, Brand names etc. The target audience is teens.

Hello there! Since you are designing it for teenagers, you must choose a theme that is also relatable to that age group. You can utilize fun colors such as yellow and orange. The slogan should also be related to the keywords of the products you are selling. You can ask a company to do the design for you as they will be able to analyze what your website needs. Regards, Jay

How to get specific email ids of people looking for Life insurance policies?

I want to start an online Insurance business and i want to know how can we reach target clients who are actually looking for policies. I am in India and want to start an Insurance agency. I want email id's and contact details of people in india who are actually looking for taking a policy or have already taken one. So just tell me how actually i can get that data base.

call me, i am in this business and can provide you my client email ids. so just email me

How to get companies to send to free stuff by starting your own blog?

I really want to get sent free stuff to review via a blog but I don't know how to start and drum up attention? Please could someone help me! Thank you!

First you need to be a really good writer and you need to have lots of traffic. you also have to have some kind of authority for companies to gain your trust and send you their product for testing or review.

How to conduct a business survey for an online start-up?


I am thinking about starting an online business but I want to do a little market research first. How would I go about finding a resource for doing survey for this sort of thing? Would I first talk to a marketing group?

As a side question does anyone know the cost for this type of service?

First you build your business questions those should not be too personal, And conduct a survey in your niche.

How to sell a product to hotels in Las Vegas?

Im goin to bring out a new product to the market and I want to sell it to Hotels in Las Vegas how can I do it.

A video presentation which can be emailed or posted to your website!

How to stop people calling me trying to sell me stuff?

I've just put the land line on and have the home phone up and running and for the past month. Since I've had it I've had two phone calls per day with people trying to sell me stuff. How do I get them to stop calling me? And how did they get my number? It's suppose to be a silent number.

First try nicely asking to be removed from their list, this works with major business like the phone company promoting bundle deals. The National Do Not Call Registry is supposed to have stopped telemarketers, still it's worth submitting your number so you can remind the telemarketers of the penalty of don't call list violations. They speak of fines of up to $16,000

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