How to the olympic trials for swimming work?

like, does it all happen in a day for does it take place over the span of a week or something? How is it chosen who's made the team, and when is it announced? how many swims/which ones do the swimmers have to partake in?

span of a week

How to get the body of a rhythmic gymnast?

What would I need to do to get on the path of obtaining the body of a rhythmic gymnast (I'm watching it right now on nbc lol)? I'm 25 years old live in Illinois (do they have adult recreational programs?) and have always been flexible but not as flexible or strong as a rhythmic gymnast would be which is what I want to achieve. What should I do to get started?

Well, firstly they train 5-6 a week but stretch everyday, they┬┤re usually on diets, many of them actually suffer with eating disorders... So, to break this down. Do some cardio (jogging, cycling, rope...) 4-5 times a week for about 40 min, Yoga and Pilate's after the cardio. To top it all of, strech each leg, your back, feet and arms for 5-10 min each. Walk with your back all straight, and your chin abit high, so the neck is long, like, just obtain a good posture generally. Drink lots of water so your skin is healthy after the training and stretching. AND EAT HEALTHY.

How to request an Olympic Sport to the IOC?

I really want Cross Country Running to be a discipline in Athletics again. It's been almost 100 years...

If the discipline came back, how could somebody request the discipline be brought back? What's the process? Do I need to contact the International Olympic Committee?

Please don't tell me about the 2018 winter olympics sport bid, I want Cross country to be a discipline under Athletics in the Summer Olympics.


Its not going to happen all of the best XC runners are already in the steeplechase, 5000m, 10000m and marathon. It is not going to be in the summer Olympics and a letter to the IOC is not going to change that.

How to start working to try out for 2016 Olympic badminton?

I consider myself pretty good, and I think it would be fun to try out in 2016. I thought it might be good to pose the question now, just in case it takes a long time. Btw I'll be 16 then. What do I need to do? I don't have a coach, is there like state tournaments to try in?

to be successful in badminton you have to increase your speed strength and stamina.if u think you have these qualities then train from a good coach and you will definately feature in next games...

How to get selected for the US Olympic team?

I was wondering how the basketball players got onto the OLympic team. I know they are all pro players, but do they go to competions or are they simply selected?

They're selected.

How to watch India at the olympics, bbc only transmits events involving British competitors?

I am looking to watch live TV online, where there is Indian participation, do we know if there are sites that relay, the Olympic events

If you're not in the UK and want to watch Olympics events on BBC online, uninterrupted by commercials and annoying commentary, and best of all, LIVE: 1. Download this free British proxy: 2. Press "connect" to start the proxy. when you want to stop, press "disconnect" 3. Check the easy to use schedule and pick which specific sporting event to watch. You can choose to watch events either live or in the past: You can even rewatch the full, uncut, and uninterrupted Olympic Ceremony in HD, here, on BBC iPlayer: Your welcome. Spread the word.

How to not feel overwhelmed when watching the Olympics?

Once I saw the schedule I knew I wasn't going to be able to catch most of the events, and AT&T U-Verse have this wonderful cable app where I can research and schedule recordings of events I want to watch. But still the different time zones certainly doesnt help, but I just feel like there is SO many different wonderful sports to watch and not enough time in the day to catch them all.

Opening ceremony. For all live sport. We're closed for business at the mo but will be back on in about 8 hours. Click on the dates and catch up on previous events.

How to get into good shape for gymnastics?

Well it depends on what specifically you do. Start out by going on a 1-2 mile jog/walk every morning Do about 3 sets of 20-40 push ups every day depending on how strong you are. Do 3 sets of 35-65 sit ups every day depending on how strong you are. Do 3 sets of 20-45 squats everyday depending on how strong you are. If you can try doing 3 sets of 2-10 pull ups everyday depending on how strong you are. Stretch for no less then 45 minutes per day. Swim sometime and try to use your legs and arms as much as possible. If you can lift weights, try doing the leg press. Don't do anymore then 3 sets of 30lbs. Due to the fact you want to tone muscles not build muscles in gymnastics normally. Eat no less then 4 healthy meals/snacks per day. Get lot's of rest at night. Do not miss out on your chance to sleep.

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