How to get recognized for a drink recipe?

I have an idea for a non alcoholic drink mixture that I believe wil sell in bars. I want to be recognized for inventing and introducing it.

Submit on reddit, or go to your nearest bar

How to contact the makers of National Cup Tea?

I am a chemistry student who did an experiment where I extracted caffeine from the National Cup Orange Pekoe & Pekoe Cut Black Tea. I need to compare the data I got from the literature amount of caffeine that is supposed to be in the tea. However, as hard as I look, I still can not find any information, not even a website, for this type of tea. All I know is that Walmart carries it. If anyone knows anything that would be a great help.

All I could find were the distributors. Maybe contact them to find out who the makers are: National Cup Orange Pekoe & Pekoe Cut Black Tea is distributed by Southern Tea LLC, Marietta, GA 30066.

How to tell the difference between normal coke and diet coke?

During the sip, you might sense a weak or watered down flavor. After swallowing, you will definitely notice a lack of sweetness and natural flavor. It is almost a plastic, or shallow after taste. Since the day they came out, I still cannot understand how people drink this instead of water to avoid calories. If you have to avoid sugar, drink water, tea or poison. They will all taste better than diet coke, diet pepsi or lite beer. I will go thirsty if that is all that is available.

How to Make a really good cup of tea?

I love tea and I've been making it one way because that's how I was taught.
I usually use lots of sugar, lemon juice, water and of course the tea bag.

What are some other ways to make good hot lipton tea.

Tea changes in its taste complexity when simply using a bone china tea cup...

How to make the perfect milkshake or smoothie?

Since it's almost summer time I need ice beverages that taste good.
What are some good milkshakes you like to make? What can you add to make them better? Example cream, nuts etc.
What's your favourite milkshake or smoothie?

I like making banana milkshakes, just take a pealed banana and place it in the blender along with cold milk and sugar to taste...try not to add too much milk or it will dilute the banana flavor.

How to mix cappuccino powder into cold milk?

I've got some cappuccino based flavoured powder I wanna have with the cold milk but it doesn't dissolve unless I keep stirring it for like 5 minutes and even then not fully. Any ideas?

Pour a few drops of boiling water onto it (in a cup) - then add ice cold milk whilst stirring all the time

How to give up other drinks besides water?

What is the easiest way to avoid other drinks besides water?
Thanks, but I can't help what my mom buys.

Well, you can find alternatives to them, or spruce up your water! Water tastes great with a twist of lemon, or with an addition of a Crystal Light packet. You could also try other kinds of water like seltzer, flavored, etc. I like Sprite, a lot, but I'm not supposed to have soda because of the sugar and stuff. I find that sparkling water tastes great, especially flavored sparkling water. My local grocery store, ShopRite, has their own generic brand of sparkling water called Clear Delight, and my favorite flavor is Tropical. It tastes exactly like Sprite, except no calories, sugar, carbs, etc. Great alternative to soda. Hope this helps!

How to stop my daughter from drinking water from water bottle at home?

She always drinks water bottle when she is at home. She has filtered water but she is picky. Water bottles are only for traveling or emergencies. I tell her if she keeps drinking water bottle at home, she will have to pay for them. She is 16 and a little bit immature. She is also messy. Saying this, she has water bottles all over her room. Some still even has water in it!!!! Im just saying on how to get her to drink filtered water,,!

Stop buying bottled water. If she complains about no bottled water go into the kitchen and fill a reusable water bottle with tap water. Explain that this is what bottled water basically is, sometimes without filtration, and that bottled water companies are both geniuses and assholes for thinking this up before your daughter could.

How to make a carmel latte with coffee maker?

I drink the instant Maxwell vanilla caramel latte in the small plastic tubs. They are sweet with a nice creamy texture. However, they are expensive and I was wondering if I purchased a coffee maker and made my own caramel coffee, how I could add that creamy caramel latte taste at home? I do not have time to steam milk. I am a recent coffee drinker so I am unsure. Thank you!

Latte is an espresso drink -- think a couple tablespoons of water with the amount of coffee beans you'd use for 8 oz of regular coffee for espresso strength. If you are really short on time heat on the stove top or microwave a heaping teaspoon of instant coffee with 6 oz of low-fat milk or an ounce of water with 5 oz regular milk. If you are heating on the stove top, whisk until bubbles appear, then take of stove. Pour in a mug and stir in caramel flavoring to tasting like Torani brand that the coffee shops use or caramel syrup like Hershey's brand. Also, if you like foam on your latte, you don't need a steaming machine. All you need is a jar and a microwave. See the link below.

How to kick the habit of drinking way to much soda?

Im addicted to soda and i drink way to much on a daily basis i know it is linked to diabeties and i dont want that so i want to stop and switch to water but it is not as easy as i thought water does not have that satisfying taste to it like soda. Anyone know what i could do kick this bad habit of mine ?

If its the carbonation you like, drink fizzy water. If its the sweetness, try "Sparkling Ice" water, its 0 calories and tastes relatively good. You really need to just drink water eventually though, its the best for you.

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