How to get green people in the wii speak channel?

I have read that green people are people that are not your friends in the wii speak channel but none show up on the main lobby. Is there anything I have to do to get them?

Sorry your channel does not exist NO help for you

How to connect wifi to a Wii console when you have to put in a username and password?

I am trying to connect the wifi on my Wii to an internet which requires a user name and password and I can't figure out how to let it let me do that. Thanks!

You need to connect it to your own wireless internet. In order to have wireless internet you need a wireless router. If you don't have one go to Walmart or Target or Best Buy and buy one. Once you set it up you should now have an SSID and a password. You look for your SSID on your Wii and connect. Put in your password and you're good to go.

How to download apps to the homebrew channel?

I looked it up on google and I watched many youtube videos on it. They all say download the thing you want, extract files, copy it onto SD card, then put the SD card into the wii, Then it should pop up.
I do that and everytime I open my homebrew app its only bubbles? Someone help please!

When you copy apps onto your Wii's SD card, they need to be in the proper location to be acknowledge. ALL APPS MUST GO TO SD:\apps\ (or USB:\apps\ if you're using a USB thumbdrive... assuming the Homebrew Channel is running IOS 58 & NOT 61) to be acknowledge by the Homebrew Channel. If the app files are anywhere else on the SD card, the Homebrew Channel will NOT find it. Most respected homebrew app developers (those who are typically listed at ) actually gear the homebrew apps with the infrastructure in place to give you the drag-n-drop ease. Hope this helps!

How to erase all data on Just Dance 3?

I want to erase all the data off of my just dance 3 game for the wii. Is there any way I can do that? I want it to be all cleared out so it's like new. Thanks!

On the bottom left-hand corner of the start screen, click the circular button to enter Wii Options. Click on Data Management and then Save Data. Here you will be able to access both your Wii saves and any Nintendo GameCube save files that are connected via the two memory slots on top of the Wii console. It's time to get rid of the file. Select the file and click on the right-hand "Erase" box, and when prompted to erase the save data, select "Yes" on the bottom of the screen. The Wii will immediately delete the saved game from your Wii internal memory and then take you back to the Save Data screen. Continue these steps for any files you want to delete.

How to play Gamecubes games on Wii without Wii controller?

Im desperate to play Ocarina Of Time on my wii, but my cousin's lost the controller. Is it possible to select the game without the Wii controller?

Use the gamecube controller, you can insert it in the Wii after opening this little door it has.

How to set up the Wii balance board to surf google earth?

I am having difficulty figuring out how to set up my Wii balance board to surf google earth on my computer. If someone can help that would be great.

Unless I've totally misunderstood your question... You're wanting to navigate around Google Earth, on a PC, using a Wii Balance Board? I've no idea how you'd configure the software but I'm pretty sure your starting point would be: 1. A Bluetooth Dongle for your PC 2. A copy of Glovepie I'd love to see this working, you might have just given me a project for the weekend :)

How to hack a Nintendo Wii without screwing the system up too much?

I've heard of the Homebrew channel but my best friend's Wii is now screwed up because of that. Is there any good ways to hack it? (I wanna hack Call of Duty World at War matchs on the internet.)

Installing the Homebrew Channel wont screw a Wii, your friend probably bricked it by installing broken IOS or WAD files trying to get pirated games working. Installing the Homebrew Channel is pretty straightforward: First you'll need an SD card for your Wii and your Wii needs to be up to date (System Menu 4.3) 1. Get your Wii's MAC address from the connection settings menu. 2. Got to enter your Wii's MAC address. 3. Extract the file you got from to your SD card. 4. Get the Hackmii installer (installs the Homebrew Channel and BootMii). 5. Extract the file to your SD card Now put the SD card in the Wii and browse back a couple of days in the message board until you see an envelope with a bomb on it. CLICK IT... The Hackmii installer will launch then follow the instructions. Once you have the Homebrew Channel up and running, download these Wii apps and drop them in the SD:\apps folder: - Accio Hacks (Ocarina cheat code downloader/manager) - GeckOS (launches games with Ocarina cheats) Alternatively, once you have the HBC installed, go the full USB Loader route as they all have built-in Ocarina cheat engines as well.

How to connect to internet on my nintendo wii using wifi?

I have wifi internet and have already accessed the internet on my wii once before but now it is not letting me get on. I have already configured the settings and tested the connection and the test results always say error and to configure my internet settings.
I have tried pretty much everything I can think of, does anyone have an answer? I would very much appreciate it!

It could be your Wii24 settings. They have to be on. If not then you can try formatting your system, backing all the important channels or saves into an SD card and then re updating it. But did you homebrew your Wii? that could be a problem. Ignore homebrew bit if you dont have the homebrew channel or never heard of it.

How to connect the Wii to Xfinity Comcast?

Not really knowledgeable about technical terms so please excuse my ignorance. I have three different RCA connectors but all three have a different cord color. Also, one of them has a black coating around the head of it. Don't know if that makes sense. I have a cable box and Comcast box, but i'm pretty sure I have to hook them up to the cable box. Only component 2 is connected. I can't get component 1 to connect. I got the "games" button on the cable box to light up but that's about it.

you can not connect the wii to cable box i know the the cable box has alot of connections but are for other things or provably the company do not activate that feature on your cable box you only can connect the wii directly to the tv

How to play games on my nintendo dsi from a sd card?

I've a nintendo dsi. I want to play games from a SD card. But when I copy it and load it in the nintendo, nothing appears. Please tell what I must do?

You have to get a modchip or softmod it

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