How to naturally increase milk in breast for baby feeding?

My breast are not producing enough milk as i have to feed my newly born baby with the breast milk how can i naturally enhance the milk in the breast?
My wife needs suggestion on how to increase milk in the breast for baby feeding.

for a newborn, the first thing is to make sure the baby is sucking on the breast at least every 2-4 hours. if it has been more than 4 hours, wake the baby up and get him to feed. the sucking stimulation of the breast sends messages to the brain and hormones are released to produce more milk. so baby needs to be on the breast between every 2 to 4 hours. otherwise, eat lots of good food, drink LOTS of water/liquids, about 2 liters per day. she should eating about 500 more calories per day than she did before she was pregnant. avoid caffeine, and try to decrease stress! good luck to you! congrats on the baby :D

How to introduce a breasted baby to cows milk? And when should I?

Hes 10.5 months I am in no hurry but he could probably use some extra calories he's breast feeding less And more active. He has no teeth and eats whatever I'll let him but refuses the puréed foods. How can I get some more calories and nutrients in him?

Breastmilk is the best for him at least until a year old, if not to 2 years old (there are recommendations to hold off weaning until 2 years.) Breastmilk helps a baby absorb iron better than cow's milk, it has far more nutrients, and has the calories he needs. There's nothing wrong with a baby not having teeth at 10 months, or even later, and he doesn't really need the extra food until he starts asking for it. Until a year old, food is more for practice until he lets you know otherwise. My son though, he did not like pureed foods. He wanted bananas, not even mashed up, just broken into small pieces. He loved the textures of food, and you may want to try that. When it's time to introduce him to cow's milk (in the US the recommendation is 12 months, in Canada it's 10 months, so it sort of depends on where you live) then have him get an iron test to make sure he's got a good amount of iron. Then start giving him a little bit at a time and see how he reacts to it. He should not have more than 16-24oz in a day (some doctors say no more than 16oz, others say 24oz) and you should be able to see he doesn't have any diarrhea or constipation from it (that's the indication he's getting too much, either at once or in a full day.) Giving it to him in a sippy cup will help him drink it slower so he hopefully won't drink too much in a sitting. After 6 months about, have the doctors do another iron test on him and make sure that he's not losing iron (trending towards anemia.) If he is, then he's having trouble digesting the cow's milk and you want to bring down the amount he gets, or replace with formula/breastmilk. Most babies are able to digest cow's milk at a year old, but there's a good number who aren't, and 9% of all toddlers in the US will become anemic before they're 3 (from a combination of poor diet and milk-caused anemia.) Some foods I'd try on him now though. Cheese, cheese sticks (broken into pieces), cereals he can pick up and feed himself and yogurt would all help get his calories up and most babies like them by that age. You can try muffins, oatmeal with berries in it, etc.

How to stop drool irritation around my son's teething mouth?

I try vaseline around his mouth during the day but he drools so much it doesn't last for long. And wiping his mouth seems to irritate it even more. So at night to ease some of the redness and inflamation I put desitin around his mouth.

Anyone have any other tips?
Thanks so much!

I use to use nipple cream cause that's completely safe for them to eat and I know you said it makes it worse to wipe but maybe you'll have to do that for it to get better. Just try patting it dry with a soft tissue instead of wiping. Hope this helps.

How to prevent baby legs getting stuck in crib slats?

My baby is about to be 9 months old this week and she is rolling and semi-crawling. When she is in her crib she often scoots and moves around and ends up getting her fat little leg stuck between the crib slats and starts crying until I help her out. How do I prevent this or will she learn to get her leg out on her own? Her leg is so chunky it literally gets wedged in! I had a crib bumper but threw it away because I read babies can suffocate in them.

They have breathable bumpers. You should get one so your baby does not break her leg or even get hurt.

How to make a baby sleep during the night and not the day?

My two week old as gotten into the awful habit of sleeping mostly during the day and not at all during the night! Any suggestions on how to switch this around?

My baby doesnt necessarily stay awake all day, but here's what I have been doing - an hour or so before your babies (intended) bedtime, get him or ner naked (down to diaper only), and lay baby on floor and just "play" with him/her. I stretch Baby's legs, arms, etc. play with musical toys that keep baby interested, etc. If my baby is clothed, she is usually ready to pass out, so thats why we go down to diaper before bedtime. Then, every other night, we do bath time, which is followed by snuggles, and a book/story (They just love to hear your voice, it soothes them), and a "massage" when we do the baby lotion. that hour or so of activities usually wears my baby out, and she will sleep a good while after that. We started that routine at about 2 weeks, and she started sleeping for about 5 hours at that point. She is now 6 weeks and sleeps about 8 hours straight. Each baby is different, but just try to wear him/her out before bedtime. I know they say "never wake a sleepign baby" but I always wake her up (if she's asleep) to do these activities in the evening. It has worked for us. Good luck!!!

How come when someone asks how to switch to formula or what's the best formula, they get a bunch of BF rants?

Yeah you are a breastfeeding advocate we get it, but that's not what the person was asking!

I feel the same way. I get a lot of sh*t from mothers at my daughters daycare because I BF for only a week. Well, I had to go back to work after 4 weeks, and I accepted the fact that formula was MUCH easier. Breastfeeding moms do everything they can to make other moms feel like sh*t, just like stay-at-home moms trying to make working moms feel like sh*t.

How to store breast milk for baby sitter Going back to work in a month?

I go back to work in a month how can I assure to have enough breast milk for my baby at the sitter plus feed him now. Is is possible to make that much milk if so how? He is currently one month he will be two months tomorrow.

After each feeding pump, pump pump! store them in breast milk bags and label them with the date and freeze them!

How to train my breastfed baby to take bottle?

School is gonna start for me soon and my baby girl isn't taking bottle all of the sudden? She used to take the bottle fine before but now she just refuses it... Obviously I know she prefers my boob but if I'm not around to feed her because I'm at school, the bottle is her only option... Any tips? Tricks? Anything?

Sometimes it is just as simple as baby doesn't want to take the bottle from mom (I mean, why take a bottle if the real thing is right there? *lol*) Try inviting a friend over and having the friend try to give the bottle, when you aren't in the room. Failing that, there is no law that says a baby MUST use a bottle. Sometimes you can spoon feed, soft sippy, syringe. There are many other options besides bottles.

How to get myself to form different poop schedule?

I poop at 11 in the morning everyday. With school coming, I know that will get disrupted and I may end up constipated because I can't go at school and won't have time in the morning to relax to try to get myself to go. Tips?

Either modify your breakfast - become one of those people who has cereal or fruit or something as a snack late at night, instead of in the morning - or modify your fluid intake (but I don't recommend it, especially in the current sort of weather!) Or try to retrain your bowels by holding it in during the schoolday and then taking an enema or suppository when you get home. (Again, not the ideal solution, but...)

How to ensure baby is handled correctly in hospital?

Although we've heard it's very rare babies are swapped in the hospitals in this day and age, is there still a possibility this can happen due to hospital mistake?

What precautions do hospitals take to ensure this does not happen?

Also, is there anything the parents can do proactively to avoid this from happening?

Can u tell the hospital folks not to take the baby to nursery and do all test for the baby in the mothers room? That's the only time baby seems to be away from parents when they take the baby to nursery and return it later.

Our maternity ward has a lock on the elevators - only accessible to staff with appropriate ID cards, otherwise you have to "buzz in" and "buzz out" - meaning a volunteer opens the elevator doors for you when you want to leave and allows the elevator doors to open on that floor when you are arriving for a visit. All visitors must check in and sign out. Babies are given 2 bands: one on the arm and one on the ankle. Mom has a matching band (matching ID numbers) and Dad has a band. Other than the elevators, which is the main way in and out of the ward, there are stairs exiting the ward, but they are right beside the nurses station and are locked. The only way to access the stairs is to unlock the door (nurses have the key) or by pulling the fire alarm (very loud noise and calls in the fire dept and police automatically). At the hospital where I gave birth, babies nursed in my room and all tests were done in the room. The initial birth checklist was done in the birthing room, then the subsequent blood tests, pulse and heartbeat checks and weight checks were done in my room. The nurses wouldn't even take baby away when I begged for some sleep - they simply said "welcome to motherhood" and gave me tips on rocking, swaddling, and shushing baby to sleep, but they would NOT take her to the nursery. This is for a normal, healthy baby that does not require special, after birth care. Around here, before birth they usually schedule a hospital tour, so if you have any questions, write them down and ask at the hospital tour. Good luck!

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