How to get from north babylon to east northport by bus?

How to get from north babylon ny to east north port ny by bus?
I never understand the maps and such. Which bus/s do i take?

You could take the S29 bus (on Dee Park Avenue) to Jericho Turnpike and then take the H4 bus. Alternatively, if you could make your way over to the S27 bus (on Udall Road), you could take it to the S41 bus to East Northport. I hope this information was very helpful.

How to get from Grand Central Station to Prospect Park Bandshell?

Tomorrow night I'm going to the Celebrate Brooklyn concert in Prospect Park, and I was wondering if I could get clear directions for getting to the Prospect Park Bandshell from Grand Central and back.


Take the Times Square-bound (7) train one stop to 5th Avenue, and then transfer to the Brooklyn-bound (7) to 15th Street/Prospect Park. You can also take the Downtown (6) to Bleecker Street and transfer to the Brooklyn-bound (F). I hope this information was very helpful.

How to have a pleasant experience visiting New York City?

I'm wondering if visiting the big apple with my family can be made into a more pleasant experience by avoid some of the negatives I've read about. We've never been there, but have heard about the smell of urine in the streets, the abundance of strip clubs and stuff kids shouldn't see, and the horrendous traffic & crowds. Are there particular areas to avoid? Also, is pick-pocketing a serious issue? Thanks for any good tips.

There aren't all that many strip clubs and they certainly are not right out in the middle of all the touristy stuff. In the middle of summer on 'garbage day' there can be a pungent aroma but you will not (generally) smell urine and trash all the time. In all honesty, I've gotten an awful whiff of foulness on occasion but it is very localized to within a few square feet. There certainly are crowds and traffic. No denying or getting around that but any city will be that way. Pickpocketing is not all that big an issue provided you don't try to be pick pocketed. Take reasonable precautions and you will be fine. The best way to make your NYC trip most pleasant is to arrange transportation to and from your hotel ahead of time. Assuming your family has at least 1 child, taking buses or trains or combinations of them will tire you to say the least. Arranging for a car service to pick you up from the airport and bring you back when it's time to go home will save you more aggravation that the (admittedly not cheap) cost and will be will worth it.

How to convince your mom to let you go to new York?

I really want to go to my friends bar mitzvah in long island. It's really important to me because I haven't seen her in a really long time. But it's also the day after my sisters birthday and even though we will be with our dad that day ( my parents are separated) we would have to drive thar night, she might say no. So far she has said "well see". How to convince her for sure?

How about you take a train there and have someone pick you up? Your mom might be saying no because she doesn't want to make the drive. Maybe if you can get someone to pick you up in Long Island and spend the night at your friends house and leave the next day for the train station; than she will let you go. Make it as easy for her as possible.

How to make a reservation for shared shuttle to airport on phone?

I was in NY for several days in Jan. But I still want to realize how to make a reservation for shared shuttle to airport "on phone" correctly?
Why the company still want me to supply my credit card number when I had already told him that I will pay for cash?? Does it mean that when I call the shuttle or taxi company for a reservation in NY must need to use the credit card?

Don't do it by phone. They often provide discounts when you do it online. They want your credit info to "hold the spot" or they can give it away as a "first come, first served." The reservation makes sure you have a seat and is not on standby awaiting a shuttle. Also, if you back out, they have the chance to bill you for it if you do not cancel in time. If you want pay cash, just walk up to their shuttle provider kiosk in NYC and do it there but keep it mind that some providers do not want to have lots of cash on their person.

How to get from NYC to New Jersey with public transportation?

I know there's the bus that I can get at port authority, but it's 3.25(?) each way. Do they offer a cheaper monthly fee? I also heard there's a rail that goes to New Jersey. Where do I get that and how much is it? Could I use my monthly metro pass card to use it or do I have to pay separately like with the bus? I'm looking to go to Hoboken and the bus goes right there but 3.25 each way is kinda ridiculous for a 5 minute ride.

You can take PATH to Hoboken. The Hoboken stop is right by the Hoboken Ferry and a couple of blocks from Washington Street. The trip takes about 14 minutes The per trip cost is $2.00 but drops to $1.50 if you buy a "SmartLink Gray' Card for $15.00 (10 trips) from the Hudson newsstand at PATH station - 33rd Street & 6th Avenue/Broadway. The Hoboken train is on track 3 (sometimes on track 2 - the middle track). The SmartLink Gray card is valid for about 6 months. PATH Map: There are 5 stops in mid-town Manhattan - 33rd St/6th Av, 23rd St/6th Av, 14th St/6th Av, 9th St/6th Av, Christopher St (off Greenwich St). Then it goes directly to Hoboken. There also PATH line with a stop in lower Manhattan - World Trade Center at Vesey St & West Broadway. This line runs only on weekdays with 3 stops - WTC, Exchange place (NJ), Newport (NJ) and then Hoboken. If by "monthly Metro pass" you mean the 30 day MetroCard then no, it is not valid on NJ Transit buses or trains and it is not valid on PATH. The Pay-per-ride MetroCard will work on PATH - BUT - the turnstile will deduct $2.00 and effectively cancel out any discounts you may have gotten for the subway (because of the different fare structure). There are no free transfers between the NYC Subway & PATH.

How to find internships in new york city?

I live in new york and I'm currently a college student. I'm tired of my deadend job. How do I go about getting an internship to help me get started on my career I have no direction so I'm open to learning as many skills as possible. I need another answer other than asking my school for help, also I'm 22 is it too late?


How to get forex trade information to start forex business in New york?

I want to start forex trade business in New york. So, I want to have knowledge about forex trade, training and the benefits of forex trade.

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