How to ship 10,000 lt of ammonium nitrate from Sydney to Perth using the most cost effecting way ?

For educational purpose. Need to consider cost, distance, dangerous goods regulation etc. Like AN is highly explosive and it has to be transfered in a temp controlled container / tanker . I am expecting guidelines from experts or personel involved in the industry. Many thanks

I will make some assumptions as I do not have much information. My answers will provide you part of the answer (technical and regulatory). I think you meant 10,000 kg of Ammonium Nitrate (AN) not 10,000 litres. If it is litres, it means you want to transport AN in solution. Therefore the AN concentration should not be higher than 65 - 67 % by weight, otherwise the product will crystallise in the way to Perth. If it is 10,000 kg of AN, that means 10 tons (which could be 10 bulka bags of 1 ton each). That could be transported by truck (it could be done by boat, but I am not familiar with that area). The truck must be from a company that has a Security Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate license to transport. The larger transport companies in Australia should have that license. A question - do you have license to possess AN? I am not sure if NSW or WA regulator treat AN as explosive. However, seek advise from them before start dealing with AN. The truck would drive through SA - you will have to seek for advise in that jurisdiction as well, although the transport company could help you in that case. Do you have storage facilities at the starting and end point of the trip? License to store?license to possess? Depending on how the AN is transported (bulka bags Vs bulk in container) and the type of AN (low density or high density) you will need different conditions of transport. If it is high density AN (or fertiliser grade), it is easy to transport. The product will not cake. On the other hand, if it is low density AN, it may or may not cake. The transport should be done either quicker (couple of days) or in a temperature / humidity controlled container. There are too many things to consider. I am sorry I am unable to provide a more comprehensive answer to your question

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