How to........?????!!!?

How do I have the best orgasm using an electric toothbrush

Cleveland 08/02/12 You would want to do better,.?! brush your teeth,.Not GI ing the walls,.?! There be several outfits,.Girl shop outlets that offers a wide variety of stuffs,.! Some looks just the real thing,.you could find vibraters(sp),.the darn gadgets acts out being the boy,.research locations that deals in Girl toys,.?! You're certain to find that you want,. Eliasis Yahwehei ( The Main Man )

How to go back to the classic version of yahoo?

I need to change to the classic version of yahoo. How to do it. PLEASE

From Yahoo! Help At this time, we're strongly encouraging all users to upgrade to the latest version of Yahoo! Mail, which is our fastest version of Mail yet, with an easy-to-use design and improved anti-spam technology. Read our complete overview at the link below of new features for an introduction to the capabilities available only in the latest Yahoo! Mail. However, if you do not want to upgrade, you can click at the link below to switch your account back to Yahoo! Mail Classic. Please note that Yahoo! Mail Classic is the only alternative version we are able to offer, as we are completely phasing out the version of mail previously called "The All-New Yahoo! Mail. [Note: What was initially the "Beta" version no longer exists. It replaced the "All New Version" and is now just called "Yahoo! Mail". Classic mail indicates "Yahoo! Mail Classic" at the top.] ℬ ℋ

How to vote someone best answer if your the owner of the question?

But this is my first question, and I have no idea on how to vote someones question as best answer, so you can also leave an answer for that please!! Thanks

Click the 'vote as best answer' button. Good luck and happy computing!

How to be cool to others and be yourself ?

I want my friends to think I'm cool but I want to be myself ... This is my choice .. I'm 11 in 6th grade I'm 5'2 / 5'3 and I weight 92 pounds and I cheer ! I'm a flyer ! Thankss !

The best way to be "cool" with everyone is by minding your own business, staying away from loud, profane people, being a great friend and by not prejudging anyone by the way they look, the color of their skin or the clothes they wear. Stay away from people who tease and bully others and try to have something nice to say about everybody. There's no real formula to being cool, I don't think. It's more about the things you don't do than the things that you do. Respect your school and everyone in it from the principal to the janitor and especially your classmates and teachers. ~m~

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