How to make an earphones cover to protect the wire?

I want to make a cover to protect the wire of the earphones.

you can wind the cord to the wire. It's cool if you use different colors.

How to transfer unpurchased song from Ipod touch to computer?

I had an Ipod touch, but I recently got a new phone. It's a galaxy s3, so it's not apple product. I've found a way to transfer my purchased songs to the computer so I could put it on my phone, but I can't figure out how to get the unperchased ones. When I got them I immediately put them onto the Ipod through itunes, so I don't have them saved anywhere.

You can try to trasnsfer unpurchased songs from iPod touch to computer first with a third-party software program, and then transfer them to your phone. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to transfer: I hope it would help you get rid of the trouble.

How to buy songs with an iTunes gift card on an iPod?

I have $45 in gift cards and I dont know how to use them. My computer is down so I gotta by em with my ipod, so can someone help me with the steps? I havent done it before! Also any suggestions on songs? I like the usual stuff on the radio but I also love country :) thanks!

>Open iTunes >Go to music >Scroll all the way down >Tap redeem >Put in code >Get your credit >Start purchasing music >In the bottom where it says your Apple I.D you can see how much credit you have left Hope i helped! Why dont you try Taylor Swifts new album Red? The songs are pretty sweet and ofcourse country!

How to retrieve pictures from a lost ipod?

My iPod was stolen, is there any way for me to retrieve my photos?

If you had iCloud activated they should be on your computer. Cause there isn't a way unless you backed them up online or something.

How to put the battery percentage on a iPod touch ?

I can't put the battery percentage on my iPod touch .I've got it on my iPhone but the option isn't there on my iPod. Is there any other way of putting the battery percentage on my iPod ? ?

Depends on what model iPod touch you have. Settings > General > Usage > Battery Percentage If its not there then its simply not an option.

How to explain what an Ipod Touch is, to a 'tecnologically deprived' person?

I want to buy an Ipod Touch, and my dad asked me what it is. How do I explain it to him, without using techie words or stuff an 'old dude' :P would understand. Like what are it's main features that would also appeal to him, because he doesn't really like all these computers and stuff teens have nowadays. Also just some of the main features that might not nesisarilly appeal to him, but are simple to understand.

Tell him this: An ipod touch is basically a music player. But it can also multitask. How? Well, you can use it to get on the internet, check your email, and play games! You can also make phone calls! An ipod touch is a very valuable item that is an amazing peice of technology that can connect you with the rest of the world!(;

How to transfer music from old ipod to new ipod?

So I have all of the songs/albums and artists that I had on my previous ipod on my Library. My question is, what steps do I need to take in order to get all of my music from my library to my new ipod?
By the way, I have a windows 7.

Well first of all you need to download the newest version of iTunes. Then plug in your old iPod and sync the music. If you have some music not in your itunes but in your iPod, a message will say that you have songs not listed on iTunes, do you want to transfer songs or delete them. Click transfer and it will transfer your songs on your iPod that you don't have on your iTunes library to your iTunes library. Then you can sync your new iPod and get all your songs. Or if that doesn't work and you need to really transfer your iPod songs to your itunes check these sites:

How to get a playlist from windows media player onto iTunes so i can sync it to itouch?

I'm starting to get frustrated because everything is so complicated!

1) Open iTunes 2) Click "File" > "Library" > "Import Playlist", then choose the file and click "open", you can add songs one by one in this way. 3) Or you can click "File" > "Add Folder to Library" , choose the input folder, this method enables you to import Playlist with 1-click.

How to make a basic recording studio at home?

Things you need to know about me: I come up with lyrics and melodies. I sing. I cannot play instruments. I am content with using loops or whatever and not using professional musicians so that can take the simplest and most affordable approach to making songs. I basically want to get my original songs heard and maybe get someone to pick me up as an artist or to pick up my songs.

Software is all about preference, If you are recording vocals and using loops to accompany them I would recommend Logic (Mac only). If you're not asking about software I would recommend creating a vocal iso booth. If you have a spare closet, strip it and line it with some kind of acoustic foam (there are cheap homemade alternatives such as egg cartons.) This will help eliminate background noise and room noise, giving you a cleaner take. You should buy at least one microphone, and if you do only buy 1 go for a multi-pattern LDC microphone like the at-4050 (or something similar but cheaper depending on your price range). You will need a stand and an XLR cable. Then grab a decent audio interface to convert the microphone to a digital signal for recording on a laptop. I would recommend something like the m-audio fasttrack or the mbox 2. Total cost of a decent vocal recording studio setup would be at least 300$ (for interface and microphone, not including software or acoustic treatment), or else you're just wasting money.

How to convert a song from youtube to iphone?

I have a mac also if this helps. I used a youtube converter and converted the songs but now they will not download onto my iphone when I sync it

All you have to do is copy the youtube link and paste it when you get to the website: My school uses it for our award winning video class at KP High, so I know the site is legit. Then just click convert, and it will ask you where you want to save the file. There you go :) and thanks for answering my question btw

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