How to start a e-ticketing website in mumbai?


Look i want to do survey. I want to ask people living in Mumbai and travelling through local train daily. For mumbai local train I am planning an e-ticketing website so that anyone can just get their ticket online instantly right from their mobile phones using e-ticketing in a matter of seconds.

So people living in mumbai and travelling through local train daily please answer this question that will this e-ticketing system prove worthy for you and your time.

ya man its a great idea just open it i am going to buy it from u becacuse there is a lot of problems in taking the tickets for local trains and it will be a great oppertunaties for every one

How to send a text message from india to USA?


I am in Maharashtra state right now. The international text messages can be sent from my phone. (I send it to Canada).
I have a mobile number of my friend from NJ, USA. I want to send text messages on that number.
What should I put before the phone number?

if there number is 0987654321 then dial 00 (or the + symbol) to signify international 1 to signify USA omit the first 0 then the number so the number would be 001987654321 or +1987654321

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