How to learn how to drive a motorcycle?

I've never driven one before, and I don't know anyone who drives one. Is there a moderately-priced place to learn in the Virginia Beach area?

Well first of all you don't -drive- a motorcycle, you -ride- it. You learn by doing. That's the only way. The MSF course doesn't teach you to ride, they teach you some very important safety habits to keep you safe while you learn on your own. Get a bike, get your learner's permit, and ride slowly around a quiet residential neighborhood or quiet country road until all the controls are 'automatic', until you don't have to waste a second thinking 'Hmm, now which of these doodads is the brake?' Go a little slower than you think you can because the slower you're going the longer you have to see things and react to them. Motorcycles are not that complicated, not that hard to drive. If you've never ridden a bicycle, then I'd suggest you learn on one of those first, at least how to balance and steer, because they go a lot slower and it's not as traumatic when you have a minor spill. But if you can ride a bicycle then a motorcycle is basically one of those, with a motor. I'd guess clutching and shifting is the hardest thing for most people, unless you can drive a manual-shift car. (And the MSF course will teach you that.) The controls are in different places--in a car you clutch with your foot and shift with your hand, and on a bike it's just vice versa, but once you understand how clutch and shift work it's not that hard to get used to it on a bike. I was taught to drive with a clutch, so when I bought my first motorcycle I just jumped aboard the beast and rode it home! These days that's not considered a good idea, but it shows you, it's nothing you have to go to school or or anything.

How to get the neutral light to work on a 1999 Kawasaki Voyager?

Yes it is in neutral but the light does not come on.
Where is the switch located so I can check the connection and how do I test or replace the bulb if it is bad.
Also bike will not start if in neutral unless the clutch is in if the kick stand is down.
Once started the bike shuts off even in neutral if I put the kickstand down.
I would like to let the bike idle to charge the battery without having to drive around.

I guess it could be the bulb, but the dying symptoms you describe makes me think it is in the neutral switch itself. The reason it dies when you put the stand down or will only start with the clutch in is because the safety interlock circuit thinks it's in gear. I don't have a 1200 Voyager, but I do have a KZ1000 and the 1300 Voyager. On both bikes the neutral switch is behind the engine cover that's located behind the shift lever. Remove the cover and you will see the switch located at the end of the shifting drum. There will be one or two wires coming from it. If the wires are still solidly connected, I'd first try squirting some carb cleaner or starting fluid into the switch to remove any gunk. If it still doesn't work, then it must be the switch itself.

How hard is it to learn how to drive a Motorcycle?

In a scale from 1-10 how hard is it to learn how to drive a motorcycle? (1 being not hard at all and 10 being extremely hard)

Also what would be a good sport motorcycle to buy under 6k?

Learning to operate a motorcycle isn't all that hard. If you take a safety class, such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, you can basically learn how to operate a motorcycle in a weekend (20 hours). Learning to ride a motorcycle on the streets takes considerably longer, just like when you learned to drive. Meaningful riding experience is the only thing that can help make you safer when it comes to riding. If you believe the statistics on it, I've read that about 6 months of actual riding experience is what it takes before your risks of an accident are reduces based on your riding skill. As far as motorcycles go, I'd have to either recommend the Kawasaki Ninja 250 or the Honda CBR 250, at least for that budget. You might be able to find something used with a bit more power, but still in the starter motorcycle class, but that would require you to research each bike you find. When it comes to new bikes, remember, your first one really should be the one that you're leaning on. I wouldn't buy your dream bike, or even a really good bike for your first. Just find something that you can put your feet solidly on the ground, is light enough that you can muscle it around if things get wobbly on starts and stops, and doesn't have so much power that you'll end up in trouble (you want to build that muscle memory on a small bike, so that you don't have to think about it during emergencies on a more powerful bike). I hope that helps, GL.

How to tell if the rear bearings are bad in a 2002 sportster 1200xl?

I've changed brakes and rear rotor,yet the rear is still making a whining sound like a break rubbing.Took it back to the mechanic,he said everything was fine and that sometimes that happens.I asked about the bearings they show no problems from the outside.Mechanic said it's perfectly able to ride,he rode it himself. The noise is just very annoying and I wondered if anyone else has experienced this problem?

take everything off including the brake and chain. spin the wheel and listen for a humming noise if you hear it your bearings are most likely to be shot.

How to convince my mom to let me get a motorcycle?

So I want to get a motorcycle, but I want my mom to feel a little better about it. She's completely against it cause she's never rode on two wheels and always hears the negative aspects of riding eg. Death. She doesn't understand that I'm going to be on a cbr250. And she is so ignorant saying that the armor I plan on gettin won't help at all. She's like if you crash, you'll die. No way around it. And I understand that but it's not always the case.

Q. How to convince my mom to let me get a motorcycle? 1. Refuse to start with a small Metro scooter or a Symba -- Start with a Sport Bike, a 250R (R for Race.) 2. Tell people would will be wearing armor for *when* I crash. (note: statistically death is associated with 'protection') 3. "Hey MA!! I will not be *killed* -- I will only be severely injured!" ---- None of the above will help convincing Mom. Do you want to *RIDE*, or will be whine because you cannot have a racing motorcycle? If you are not willing to ride a Pink Honda Metropolitan you are not serious about getting a motorcycle.

How to I get a motorcycle license in Michigan?

I am 17, almost 18 and I want to know how to get a motorcycle license. I've had my license for almost two years with no accidents and I've also rode a moped for a year and a half. Can someone please tell me what I need to do, or what I have to have to be able to obtain a motorcycle license? Thanks.

Take a MSF course, that will explain all and take care of the training to boot.

How to convince parents to let me buy a motorcycle?

- I'm 16.

- The bike is Piaggio Fly 100

- I'll work on summer vacation to buy it.

- I won't speed because I know I can get hurt. It's max speed is 80 kmh.

- I'll use it to go to school and come back to home.
I'm not over cautious. I live in Turkey, and here, there is extremely high taxes on motorcycles and cars,
so I can't afford a bigger motorcycle.

When you have the money or whatever you do not have to be a certain age to buy a motorcycle. If you have a motorcycle/scooter that is under 150cc you will not be required to have a motorcycle endorsement therefore you can just buy the motorcycle and your parents cannot do anything about it. Make an independent decision and they might not be happy about it at first but they will get over it and realize that you are growing up.

How to get max power out of 1982 Yamaha virago xv750?

I have one and I wanna make it sportier. Almost like a cafe racer style with a little custom work. Sport front and rear. I wanna set it up to take abuse and get as much power as possible with original engine wheelies,burnouts but still good to cruise as well. Any ideas ? Mostly wanna know any tricks to squeezing as much power out of the engine and maybe some info as far as suspension it has the mono shock right now.

Good luck on this one! There's little--if any--aftermarket support for Viragos other than "cruiser"-style accessories. The frame is too raked-out to turn it into a performance bike of any kind, and lacks front downtubes. The motor is not really hot-rod-able, either. You would be MUCH better off with something like a Yamaha XS650 as a starting point, rather than making an oddball frankenbike out of your Virago.

How to get a title on a frame with a lost title in tx?

I bought a bike frame with a vin and no title. I have a trashed bike with most of the parts and was just going to transfer the engine and all the parts to the frame. How would I get a title for the bike once I have everything running on the frame?

If you once had a Title you can get a replacement on request, and a small fee.

How to tell the difference between chain and shaft drive?


Look at the rear of the bike. If there is a chain there, it is chain drive. If there is an enclosed tube, it is shaft drive (with a few vintage exceptions for an enclosed chain drive), if there is a belt there, it is belt drive (Harley mostly). Chain drive picture: Shaft Drive picture:,r:15,s:42

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