How hard is it to learn how to ride a motorcycle?

Like titles says plz give detail.
I use ride my bicycle a lot. Until I moved recently so I had to get rid of it.

If you can't ride a bicycle, I'd start on one of those, at least to learn to balance and steer. So a motorcycle is a lot like a bicycle that you don't pedal. You have to learn how to clutch and use the shift. It's a little confusing at first, and it's actually harder to explain than to do it. Smoothness comes with a little practice. You have to ride around slowly until all the controls are 'automatic', so you don't have to take a second to think "Hmm, now which of these doodads is the brake?" So you ride around a quiet residential neighborhood, avoiding traffic. If you can drive a manual shift car, it's much easier, because you already understand how the clutch works, even though in a car you shift with your hand and clutch with your foot, and on a bike it's vice versa. It can't be that hard to learn to ride a motorcycle, because a lot of people are doing it who shouldn't. 8^P

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