How to change the message tone in Karbonn A5 and what I should do to connect the phone to my PC?

I bought the Kabonn A5 mobile phone yesterday. I spent all day checking its options one by one. But I'm yet to figure out how to change the SMS ringtone in this mobile. The phone is not getting recognized when it is connected to Windows XP. Please help.

First, I don't have Karbonn A5, but, normally you can set message tone by clicking message--menu--settings--message ringtones. or by clicking settings--sound settings--message ringtones. Second. you need to enable usb debugging and unknown sources before connection(refer to the link i posted ). But most importantly, you have to download some software on your PC, such as Moborobo, which is free and easy to handle. Hope it helps.

How to give root access to avast from my sony xperia miro smartphone?

So I recently bought my very first smartphone, sony xperia miro and as much as I love it , I still am no expert in it
I installed avast free mobile security , for you know security reasons
It asks me to enable root access to enable firewall and anti theft?
What exactly is root access and how to enable it?
Is it necessary ? Is it risky?


Access to the root

How to get rid of Nokia greetings sound?

I've got my father used Nokia 6500c phone and decided to use it as a backup phone. However I've never had Nokia and could not find how to get rid of annoying and noisy greetings and goodbye sounds when switching it on and off. Any help would be appreciated.

oops.. sorry i am a samsung user.. :D but one thing you can do, keep your phone in silent mode..

How to save google pictures to my samsung galaxy S2?

I want to save pics from google images to my samsung galaxy s2. Just cant figure out how to do it.
Thanking you it works!

Put your finger on the picture for a couple of seconds, the select Save to SD Card. mfg p

How to put everything from old phone to iPhone with the same sim card?

I recently bought an iPhone and have swapped sim cards (which was cut down to fit the iPhone) from my old phone, Samsung Galaxy Mini.
I was wondering if anybody knew if it'd be possible to import everything from my old phone to new iphone, the sim card has been cut unfortuntely, therefore it won't fit in the Samsung. I've already done the contacts, just have the photos, text messages, etc remaining to do.

All the data you want is on the phone not the SIM. The SIM only contains the carrier info & your phone number. As far as getting the data from one to the next, it depends on how it was stored. I assume you have a Google account on the Galaxy Mini. You could just sign into that same account on the iPhone & import your contact, mail & calendar data that way.

How to forward calls from home phone to mobile?

I have an iPhone 4 , is there a way to forward calls from the home phone to my mobile ?

yes, but it has nothing to do with what mobile you have... It is is a feature of your home phone service. It will have a divert feature - but it will cost to setup (per month) and per call forwarded (cost of a mobile call to your mobile) Talk to or look at the web pages for your home phone company.

How to increase the volume on a mobile?

I have downloaded Skype to my LG E400 but the volume is too low when on video calls. How can the volume be increased?

by clicking the volume rocker button manually or go to settings and increase the sounds for applications.

How to make internet call on my nokia 2700 classic?

I have internet on my sim. I want to use it. Now tell me websites that can i use to make a call. Can i really make a call on 2700 c really.

Hi... Your Nokia 2700 Device supporting Nimbuzz Application so kindly try with that But you will not get voice clarity in that Because for making Voice call you need 3G or Wifi Network, but your Device not Supporting both two. So Nimbuzz is supporting then you can use, Also use the SIM which have good internet connectivity. Bye...

How to transfer contacts from a blackberry to Sony xperia S?

I have recently bought a Sony xperia S.I would like to transfer my contacts from my old blackberry bold 4 to Sony Xperia.Please tell me the procedure.

Move your contacts to Sim Card and then put it in the new cellphone.

How to fix a broken iphone after trying to jailbreak it?

So, I tried to jailbreak my iphone, which was obviously an epic fail but now it won't turn on. Is there any way to fix it without going to the phone company?

well all i can say is restore your phone with your back ups

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