How to permanently remove the car alarm from a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

Every time I open the door to my car, whether or not it's locked, the alarm goes off and there's no one way to turn it off. I really do mean that. It's a giant nuisance and I want to remove it. I don't want to fix it!!! I want it out! Is there any one way to accomplish this?

Disconnect power cables from the alarm , then it will be quite

How to wire a push button start on a 2000 eclipse ?

I bought an eBay push button start but I need to find out how to wire it to my 2000 eclipse to the ignition wires

You will have to find the wire on your ignition barrel which activates your starter motor( the third click one) and wire your push button into the starter side of that wire and then into a live feed(you will still need your keys turned into the second click and hold in the button before the car will start). Really if you are not sure then get an auto electrician to do it for you, not that hard a job and will only take an hour or so.

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