How to shut off power to a city?

I'm just wondering. For example, during the war in Falluja, it was the NAVY Seabees that shut off the power to the city before the Marines moved in. How did they manage doing it? And how did they do it? Is a Power Plant the only source of providing electricity? I heard there was no explosives involved in shutting off the power. Is the flip of a switch the only thing involved?
I'm interested why this type of strategy is sometimes implemented. What are the reasons? If they are shutting off power, the civilian population suffers more than the enemy.

various means. graphite bombs. or you simply seize the only powerplant in the region.

How to describe a soldier going off to war?

I am writing a story and I need help writing one scene. A father is going off to war (possibly Afghanistan) and i am going to do a chapter (or a few paragraphs) in the point of view of the soldier, his wife, and his little three year old girl. I have an idea about the little girl already, but it is hard for me to picture the thoughts of the soldier and the wife. Thank you for your answers in advice.
P.S. I know that some of you will say to write it myself, and I tried that already. It did not come out that good. So please, do not say anything like that. Thanks.

Scared shitless. Every time.

How to send hand written letters to soldiers for the holidays?

Hello! I'm planning on sending 5 letters to U.S troops this year for the holidays.
I've noticed some services that say you can't include emails but some say you can!

Can somebody please give me information (such as address & website) on a service that allows being able to send emails? Thanks :)

Call your local USO.

How to prove that war is a failure of diplomacy rather than a form of diplomacy itself?

How to prove that war is a failure of diplomacy rather than a form of diplomacy itself?

War is one tool of the political process and national power..along with diplomacy, economic power and informational power (intelligence and media) One isn't necessarily the failure of the other

How to go about getting my military benefits?

My military spouse refuse from sending me the DD1172 form and he don't want to take me on base to get it.How do i go about getting it.

He is technically not required to send you one. As long as he has enrolled you into DEERS, he has technically done everything the regulations require of him. They are not YOUR military benefits. They are HIS benefits, which are extended to you. He is in no way required to enroll you in TriCare or any other military program.

What to expect or how to deal with someone who wants to join the army?

I'm the girlfriend and I've kind of fully accepted (I believe that I have) that he's going but I don't know how to deal with it or what to expect. please help! thanks.

You have to be very mature. Independent, not clingy. Calm in a crisis. Organized. Independent. When the tire blows you can't call the boyfriend/husband. You have your car insurance number and AAA input into your phone and your insurance account number. You handle getting the car towed in case of an accident and the repairs made. You have the repair man's number on speed dial. You should be very proud of his efforts and very supportive and never let anyone talk trash about what he does or where he's deployed. You should believe in his abilities as a military man to protect himself and come home to you. You should be as patriotic as he is.

How to go about being a military doctor?

I'm in my last years of secondary school at the moment, and I am interested in a medical career.
If I was to become a doctor in the military, how would I go about getting there? Medical school and then what?
Also, what qualities would an army doctor need?
Thank you for any help!

The first thing to do is obtain a Medical Degree

How to hide my facebook from the military?

I'm planning on enlisting in the Guard in 6 months and overall I'm a good person in good character like they want but there's just some things I wouldn't want the leader of my unit to see. I know how to hide the specific stuff on it but can I make my entire facebook disappear to the public? Just the fact that I exist on there to everyone except my friends. I'm posting this in military because I thought other soldiers might have some knowledge.

I used to work at the US Army Deserter Point. I tracked hundreds of AWOL/Deserters through Facebook. If the military wants your info, they'll get it. It's pretty simple in these days, if you don't want anyone to know something, stay away from the internet.

How to properly write a letter to boyfriend in boot camp?

I know this may seem like a strange question but are there any "guidelines" to writing some one whose at Basic Training. Is there a certain type of paper or is regular lose leaf paper okay? I plan on sending photos & I know I can't send any crazy pictures or anything vulgar. I just want to make sure everything gets sent down there intact and legible.

No there is no set paper or envelope or color of the pen you write with. Write it on blank paper, looseleaf, notepaper or anything else you like as long as it is readable.

How to lie about age to join special forces?

A couple of years over recruitment. Still as fit as a hick.

Can do all the stuff younger men can do. Early thirties.

Do I really have to a day of the jackal to find someone who died early to become them, just so I can avoid being lined up as a shop assistant and join special forces instead,

Worked most of my life as a computer engineer. I am too old to stack shelves sorry.

I was gonna say, "Grow Up" Thinking you were underage... but now i see your just being a silly grown up. Did you ever think about a retirement age? Say you knock off 3 years now... when it comes to retire, you will kick yourself. Trust me, i seen people do it.

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