How to keep from gaining weight while on the antidepressant Remeron?

I am taking a pretty major concoction of medication for depression, anxiety, PTSD, Migraines, Pain and one of those is the antidepressant Remeron, one of the older antidepressants . Other then being a very safe medication one of the side effects is weight gain in women. I also take Topamax for migraines and one of the side effects is weight loss and appetite suppressant.

You didn't say how long you were on Remeron for but if it is new then it should go soon if not I will try and help you with how I stopped myself gaining weight whilst ill for 12 weeks. - Firstly I found out I had a gluten allergy which actually helped me a lot as it helped get rid of my migraines instead of getting them daily I only get one every 1 or 2 weeks but never sever, my mood also improved as I have depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD and recovering from EDs. So if you have any symptoms for allergies get that tested as they can lead to migraines and weight gain plus bloating. - I ate very small portions regularly and clean food that was high in protein. For breakfast I have either a small bowl of gluten free cereal with almond milk (200 calories) or a poached or boiled egg on gluten free bread with some parsley and mustard (250 calories) I would then have a banana an hour or two later as I find it very satisfying but any fruits do. Lunch would be a nice salad with chicken or salmon. Then another snack. Dinner I will have some gluten free pasta bake, Moroccan spiced chicken (all I do is dice chicken and lightly oil the pan and fry some chicken breast when it's ready I add pine nuts with Moroccan seasoning, paprika and a squeeze of lemon and serve with quinoa and salad. For dessert I will have a bit of dark chocolate with peppermint. - Light exercise I don't really know what you can do but as someone who has studied strength and conditioning (just need to pay to be certified) don't push yourself. Work what isn't injured for example if your arms aren't injured get some light dumbbells and lift those. If you can swim or even walk in water it is amazing exercise. - If you are overweight and trying to loose weight find a weight loss body who can help you threw this - When you are recovered and this is the pain I had going back to regular exercise can be hard, for me I hadn't really walked for 12 weeks so my joints hurt, find a S and C coach who can help you recover from doing not much. - Any time you want some advice you can email me I can try and help you to the best of my abilities. stay positive Cat

I need to know how to....?

I have to get up earlier than I used to, but I tend to sleep threw my alarm. I don't have a problem with the snooze button, I just sleep threw the alarm. How can I undo that and wake up in the mornings when I'm supposed to?

The only thing that wakes me up is my iPhone/iPod alarm. I will not wake up to an alarm clock. It seems stupid to use a 300-400$ device to wake you up but it's the only thing that can.

How to cut yourself without bleeding to death?

Call me what you want but I'm just a person. I don't want to kill myself I just want the pain. For me it's a punishment. I'm losing everything I love. My inspiration died yesterday and now I have nothing left to keep me strong. If you're going to tell me to stop or talk to someone then please don't bother. It won't change anything. Like I said I don't want to die, I just want the pain and blood. Please no rude answers either. Just ways to cut myself without dying or needing serious medical attention.

Well, don't go too deep, and.. if you don't want it noticeable do it on your legs, just stay safe, okay? I'm 13 years old and struggling to cope with self harm. Been to a mental hospital twice, attempted suicide two times. Just be careful, promise me? It's VERY addicting. One self harm cut can led to hundreds. I suggest , also. xx Stay safe for me please. EDIT; Oh, and when it does start bleeding put lots of pressure on it, and make sure they don't get infected. Use a wet rag, works better. After it stops bleeding, put neosporin something on it. Dress it. Kay. xxxx EDIT; Why do I have three thumbs down? They asked a question so I'm answering it. Not encouraging it. They specifically said " If you're going to tell me to stop or talk to someone then please don't bother. It won't change anything. " Hey don't shoot the answer, just answering the question.

How to become calmer, quieter and more rational and focused?

I really admire these kinds of people since I'm naturally arrogant/cocky and really self-absorbed (I talk about myself all the time). I also seem to make a joke out of everything. I am impulsive and make a lot of stupid and irrational decisions.

Oh brother, Veronica! It's called simple counting to 10 before you speak. It's called trying to pay attention to what the other person has to say without desperately thinking of what YOU are going to say while they are still talking. It's called listening and trying to write down points and learning how to pay attention when someone else speaks. It's called deep breathing and meditation when you are alone. Some simple techniques: 1. When someone else is talking, try to make YOUR reply to them include something they said right before. Example: John: I need to go to my mom's house and pick up some stuff. YOU: What do you need to pick up at your mom's house? John: Just some stuff. YOU: How much stuff? John: Not much stuff. YOU: Do I need pickup truck for your stuff? Or just a small box? The more you repeat what the other person says, the more details you get and more information from them. (P.S. it works on girls, too!) 2. When someone else is making a point that is opposite yours, focus on letting them have the last word. Even if it practically "kills you", let them have the last word. Then practice walking/running away and laugh to yourself. Give yourself some time and distance to look up their points to see if they were right or not. The next time you see them in a group, take the points they made that ARE True and concede that they were right, but do the research and find out why their wrong points were wrong before you throw them back at them. Then 3. If someone is being a bigger jerk than you and is picking on someone else, stand up for the victim and take the victim's side. They need you to be their friend, not the star of the show, 4. Deep breathing and meditation and practicing focus when you are alone by yourself, and coming up with answers and solutions before the problems arise. get in the habit of deep breathing and relaxing before you get into a social situation. And for goodness sake, don't depend on alcohol to help you! It will only make things worse! Instead, find someone standing by themself in the group and talk to them and ask them questions and draw them out and really focus on listening to their answers. especially focus on meeting the people you admire and listen to what they say and how they say it. You know, my quiet husband takes his time answering questions, but he really thinks about the right thing tos ay before he says it. DO you know he wishes he was more like you and could say something funny right off the bat? So try giving these quiet people a little more attention and stop worrying about what people think of you. In fact, in a group or at a party, try to meet 5 new people and remember 5 things about them including their name. You be surprised at what you learn when you take the time to listen.

How to stop being so easily affected by films and other people?

I'm not sensitive in that I don't take offence that easily and I think I have a great life but I find myself getting upset for other people a lot. It's more than just emaphising with a friend it's like I get really upset when people in films and stuff are in pain or bad stuff happens to them. And seeing as basically all movies involve someone getting hurt I really can't deal with being this sensitive. Any advice on how to forget about it would be welcome.

I always thought sensitivity made me weak and that is what society portrays us as. It really doesn't. It makes use some of the most compassionate people out there. I think most people get somewhat affected by movies, especially if they are very powerful. Sometimes for days after I am still feeling sad about what I saw. It kinda feels like when I am watching, I am one of the characters too and the actors make it seems so real too. If you feel its bothering too much, then I suggest looking for ways to help others with their pain in real life. You could become a counselor/therapist, work at a hospital/nursing home, become a firefighter/paramedic/doctor, etc. There are lots of ways to channel your sensitivity to work for your good.

How to appropriately help someone who is feeling down?

I have this friend that is feeling blue because he made a mistake by saying something rude to someone else. He's apologized 50-million times, and the person that he offended isn't forgiving him. He's ignoring him, and everything. My friend even said how bad he's feeling (and i know for a fact the person he offended saw what my friend wrote about feeling sad), and the guy still doesn't forgive him. Is there anything I can do to help? I've already tried encouraging him, but I'm running out of ideas. Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

I think all you can do for your friend is be there for them. Let them know you're there to listen if they want to talk about it. Also, if your friend already apologized and has attempted to fix the mistake they made, that is all they can do. They should probably back off now and let time heal the problem. If the offended person wants to forgive your friend, he will when he is ready. If he doesn't, well, that is a part of life and that person probably isn't worth your friends time.

How to stop moaning about my depression, anxiety and other psychological problems?

I'm tired of myself. I'm tired of ruminating about how bad I feel, that I am hopeless in life. I don't do anything else but lay stay at home all day and sort of enjoy my depression. I am not motivated at all. I am not good at anything. And I repeat that all day to myself. It seems I don't want to change. How to change, how to be interested in something? I can't focus on reading, everything annoys me.

You are de-pressed because you aren't IMpressed about anything, nothing is impressing you, you don't believe in anything. That's understandable, the world is full of similar people, but there is an answer, we have all found it. Listen to Steve Carr tell his story, Saturday night

How to feel happy and get away as a teenager?

I am 14 years old and extremely depressed. I don't want to run away (since it is illegal) but I still want to find a way to get away for a little bit. I want to sort everything out in my head and become happy. Any ideas?

Shoot up some heroin. That's always a good way to escape.... In all seriousness, probably should consult your doctor and get a prescription for an anti-depressant. Other than that I would suggest doing things that make you feel happy, and perhaps seeing a therapist to talk things over with.

How to cope with my panic attacks and pressure?

I panic when some one at my running training beats me, and when i feel tired and pressured, when i panic, im usually lack of breath and sometimes even crying! So what im asking is
How to cope with pressure that i put on myself by myself?
How to control my panicking?

xanax, klonopin, ativan

How to stay awake all night without getting distracted?

Yes, I know this is unhealthy and bad but I have two big assignments I must get done and polished! I only plan on doing this once since yr 12 is nearly over I need to get good marks. So how can I stay focused all night without getting tired?

There is a certain point you reach around the 20th hour without sleep where you feel as if you aren't tired and can work for hours without even noticing you're working, but will fall asleep within minutes if you let yourself lay down (specific time awake varies from person to person but 20 is an average). Whenever I had to stay up til dawn working on a project I would sit in a desk chair with a hardback book on my lap to support my papers while I right so laying my head on a desk wasn't an option, I stayed away from energy drinks because they can take 30 minutes to kick in and will knock you out once you crash from them, keep your room well lit but not to bright, your eyes feel more sensitive when your exhausted and too much light will give you an excuse to close them. When you're loopy from sleep deprivation, everything sounds funner than what you have to really do, resist the urge to go on a cleaning spree or read those lame old lady romance novels on the book shelf. When you're writing or typing and you're exhausted, you kinda go into auto pilot and write without even really thinking, you'll stop for a second and suddenly realize your wrists hurt from writing and your back hurts from slouching or whatever else bothers you, so try to keep a steady pace and don't take any unnecessary breaks or pauses.

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