How to get better at dodging?

I practice Krav Maga fairly often, and it seems that I can not for the life of me dodge attacks well. If I know which hand is throwing the attack and what attack is being thrown, then I can dodge it but I just cannot read the opponent. I usually resort to parries (for inside attacks) while stepping off center, and outside blocks (360 defense) for outside attacks. So how do you guys get better at dodging attacks? Is it just a matter of training?

its all repetitions... just ask someone to throw jabs and a cross and just dodge it start off with just jabs lik slip it do it lik 100 times then move to the cross then do back an forth and keep doing that but the key to it is not to think about what arm they r ganna throw just look at the guys chest and dodge simple as that dont think just do and by doing that over and over again u will get better naturally it is ganna b like second nature make everything muscle memory

How to kill or scare someone and cover it up reeaalllyyy well?

its a girl...i mean shed be easy to get but i just wanna know how to cover it up lol should i just woop her ass or do it execution style?

You do realize this question is your alibi, don't you?

How to develop extremely strong muscles, including abs?

I do martial arts, that is very rough and I wish to take part in UFC. So, I need to develop extremely strong and flexible muscles that can endure and keep going pretty much anything thrown at it (punches, kicks, etc). So, apart from my martial arts course, I try to build and strengthen my muscles. My interest in abs is due to its high exposure. However, other parts also need care. Could any one suggest some ideas?

So you are looking at bodybuilding (your abs) for show, conditioning to take blows, strength and flexibility. Bottom line you want it all. Big bulky muscles like in bodybuilding are not flexible so you will have to choose there. Conditioning comes with training. You can have a partner hit you as you learn to absorb the blows. Make sure your teacher supervises that and teaches you and your partner how, where and how much otherwise this can easily result in injury and then you can kiss your dream 'good bye'. Strength can be earned through lifting weights but more than strength is needed to be a good fighter. Make sure you don't neglect techniques. Again the more you train strength the less flexible. Stretch at the same ratio as you lift weights if you want to have some flexibility and lift smaller weights with more reps.

How to punch someone above your shoulder height?

I always see people talking about punching at shoulder level & don't over extend. But what if your opponent is taller & your shoulder level is at his chest.
Basically how would I jab or cross a person in the face area without screwing up my shoulders?

Fighting a taller person requires appropriate tactics. Your advantage is a lower center of gravity, and you may be quicker. Bring him down to you level with solid punch under the ribs. Then, when he bends forward in reaction to the first impact, you can use his off balance position to bring him down.

How to get my parents to get me fencing lessons?

I really want to do fencing, but I know the lessons are expensive. My parents are a little bit cheap, and I dont think theyll pay for them. Can someone please give me an estimate for lessons? And anyway I can get my parents to pay for them? Im 13 and cant get a job, so dont say that. Help!

You can mow lawns, walk dogs, babysit and other odd jobs for people in your neighborhood. Tell your parents that you're willing to contribute financially. If you want it that badly you'll find a way.

How to not get scared and punk out before a fight?

Is punching apart of a fight or is it anything you need to do to protect yourself, yunno knees to the groin, kicking, grappling. I am refering to street fights

Well a fight is really to do anything possible to win/defend yourself ie. kick in groin, eye poke, bite etc. BUT, society and the "rules" of the street tend to forbid such things. for example, most school fight or bar fight is between 2 guys with a bunch of his buddies around him watching. when you attempt to turn that "interaction" between yourself and your opponent from simple "boxing" to a real fight, his buddies will step in and then yours will and then someone's fucked. So most of the time fighting is really just boxing in society standards. However, if its in an ally and no one's around. by all means, kick him, bite him, etc. do what you need to protect yourself.

How to get over the fear of doing parkour roll?

I really like parkour and id like to start doing it. I've been practicing running and such but I can't get over the fear of flips and even the basic roll that is simple. I was flipped on a trampoline and fell on my back knocking the wind outa me. But how do I get over the fear of hurting my neck or falling flat on my back? I'm active and have a pretty good pain tolerance.

First, learn how to roll correctly if you haven't already, then practice many, many times over in a safe way until you're confident enough to step it up and try it on a harder surface. Keep up-scaling until you're ready to try it out where you're wanting it.

How to teach when others are staring at you?

I'm a blue belt at taekwondo and the black belt teachers constantly criticise me (in a helpful way). And i teach little kids so I feel like if I try to teach my way (which is similar to their ways too), the teachers will laugh at me cuz i am nervous. So i can't teach without being extremely nervous!

They're the ones who trained you and even awarded you the rank you're at. They wouldn't of given you that rank if they didn't think of you as worthy of it. If you're not teaching the kids exactly the way they want you to, then they would talk to you and explain how they want you to teach them. Seeing as they have, then you must be doing it right. Teaching is an opportunity to learn. They're watching your progress through how you teach. Don't be afraid to explore different teaching methods. Finding your way is a large part of the martial arts. That might sound cliche, but it's true. No one is ever going to laugh at you. If you're a little nervous about teaching, then it would be a good idea to go over all the basics you're teaching and understand it even better than you already do. Having self-confidence is about having knowledge, experience, expertise, wisdom and foresight. You have to be assertive, and to be assertive you can't have doubt, so train and practice what you've learned before and not just the new. Having self-confidence is how you're going to get over your nervousness.

How to make a good taekwondo instructor?

I have to teach little kids and i lead the stretches and warm them up by making them run and exercise. Its a new job and I wanna be competent and make my master want me to be one of the lead teachers. How do I do that?

just keep doing what your doing

How to make your created player's overall good in ufc undisputed 3?

I'm playing career mode right now and I have done about 20 fights but i can't get my overall over 71.
Any Suggestions?

dont play video games.. try going in the vid game section they should have your answer bro.

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