How to make an interracial and intercultural marriage work?

My boyfriend is Japanese and I am English. I love him so much and want to spend the rest of my life with him. We are thinking about marriage and how can we plan and analyze everything so that our marriage will work for a lifetime

Get to know eachothers culture more, maybe then you could both understand eachother and what you are both used to. I know people say don't see race, see love! But when it's a different culture, I'm afraid it's not that easy to just overlook that, and focus on love. Understand eachother, talk to eachother, communicate, don't keep things to yourself. Good luck!

How to sneak around with a married man and not get caught?

Well I'm dating this married man and his wife doesn't know. She would be pissed if she found out. I see him every Tuesday and Friday. But I think she's catching on. How can I keep seeing him without her finding out?

Don't stay with a predictable routine. Meet in different locations and vary your times to meet. Avoid perfumes on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you are using your car to meet switch up with taxis or a borrowed car.

How to get husband to stop texting and driving?

I have a huge fear of driving but am slowly learning. For the time being, my husband is the primary driver but he texts and makes calls and won't stop! We've had countless arguments about this but he won't stop. Any advice on how to get him to stop?

If I'm driving with anyone I know is going to make a call, I'll make them wait until we find a place to pull over & talk. IF the phone rings, I'm not driving, I ans. the call & tell them we'll call back first chance we get. I would absolutely REFUSE to be with someone who is texting & driving. Would take the phone out of their hands. Would also remind them of ALL the horrific accidents caused by cell phones. Keep them in your pocketbook & turn them OFF while you're driving. Far better safe than sorry...:)

How to touch a woman's thigh to lead her to the maximum excitement?

I am 19 years old male and I am living in an annex belongs to a 29 years old divorced lady..We are very friendly and I had several dates with her...She has very beautiful nice legs...She always wears skirts 3 inches above from her knee.So she looks so hot and I have a desire to touch her thighs without her permission and see the excitement on her face.How could i step into that?

Just touch it see her reaction an say sorryy

How to get a divorce finalized if husband who filed now refusing to sign?

Last august my husband filed for divorce online and turned in the paper work to the court. He needs to get his part notarized as the next step. Now I have moved on and have a new boyfriend and he is refusing to sign his papers because he states he wants me to suffer. What can I do to get this finalized without having top pay the 400 court fees. We have a 1 year old daughter together but he gave up full rights as long as I don't seek child support

You decide whether its worth the $400 to be free, or not. You have the choice to pay and then that takes away his power, or not. So it depends on which is worth more to you - the $400 or your ultimate freedom.

How to bring up the subject of an open marriage?

I want to ask my husband weather he would consider an open marriage. But how on earth do you bring something like that up? If he says no I don't know where we would go from there. It's not something I would end my marriage over. But what if he thinks I'm cheating? (I'm not.)
An open marriage is where you are free to sleep with other people.

do not do it .it well destroy your marriage .even if he says he is cool with it he well not trust you ever again .

How to find a girl to get marry with physically challenged guy?

Dear Friends,
I am a physically challenged person and moving with wheelchair. Currently I am working with one MNC concern in Bangalore. My parents are trying to get a life partner for me but it’s very difficult to find a girl. Please suggest me, how to find the girl, who will like to marry a physically challenged person?
I know, this is the very dificult stage in my life. Yes i can marry an other physically challenged but i feel its very dificult to manage in all the way our life. I am from India, Bangalore.

I don't think that there is anything wrong with being physically challenged and the right girl won't either. Just hang in there and the perfect person will come along.

How to get husband to quit talking to ex?

I hope Im not over reacting. She's stationed in Korea right now so I know he isn't seeing her. They did skype once that I know of and shes always IMing him. He says they are just friends but Idk. I don't like it. She's commenting on his Facebook status saying she's gonna send him gifts from Korea. What can I do to make him stop talking to her?

Give him a dose of his own medicine. Get in touch with one of your exes & do the exact same thing he is doing. Then when he realizes how bad it feels you can tell him you did this to get his attention & to let him see how it feels.

How to stop fantasizing about a married woman I flirt with at work?

I've been working with this women for 3 years now and we've been flirting back and forth with each other more often in the past 6 months. She is 30 and I am 22.

She is such a nice person and has a great personality. I used to be attracted to her just for her looks but now I'm attracted to her as a person and can't stop fantasizing about her!

Maybe you need to transfer to another department or find another job.

How to overcome the depressing thought of my ex early in the morning?

My ex boyfriend dumped me 1 month back! He was a flirt and cheated me very badly. I try to gain control over my thoughts all day long but early in the morning (immediately getting up from sleep) i feel an aweful pain inside my heart. I miss him a lot and end up crying. Though graduallly i try to get control over it but early in the morning his thought hurts me a lot! How to overcome it? Help!

You FORCE yourself to think of other things. That's how you get past it. I know you THINK you miss him a lot, but really what's there to miss about a guy who cheated on you very badly? That is NOT a likable, missable guy. You are smart and I know this hurts. But you have GOT to remind yourself that there are BILLIONS of men in the world. Yup, Billions with a B... Dont get hung up on ONE guy and the ONE guy that totally cheated on you. There are guys waiting in line to meet you... so just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, get with your best girlfriends, put on your favorite top, your fave lipgloss, and your best smile... and let some of those GREAT guys of this world get the chance to chat you up... they have been waiting. Meditate on THIS thought, rather than that pain you feel in the morning. It WORKS. Now go out there and live your life and find your happiness... Good luck!

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