How to increase current to shift solenoid?

I want my car to shift harder with the flick of a switch. How could I increase the current to the shift solenoid with a switch?

There's a delicate balancing act going on when one clutch pack releases pressure and another builds pressure. You can't change just one of them. And it's all controlled by pulses (not current) from the computer. Give it up. There's no simple way to do this without destroying your transmission.

How to know how many volts a fuse gives?

I'm installing lights at the feet of my wife's car so that she can see the pedals and that area in general. It stays to connect them them to a fuse that gives constant 12 volts. In the instructional video it's one of the yellow fuses with the number 20 on them but I don't want to assume that's the same in my vehicle and the instructional manual is in amps so I don't know which one gives me 12 volts.
It's a 2000 bettle.

you need to stay away from your wife's electrical system. you will cause more problems than there already are. grab a test light and ground it. start probing the test terminals of each fuse with the car completely off, until you find one that lights up. turn on the ignition and see if power is still present using the same test i just outlined. if the fuse lights a test light with the key on and off, it is a constant volt circuit. make sure you have a switched ground circuit, or the circuit being added WILL BE ACTIVE AT ALL TIMES, draining your battery in no time. again, please consult someone who has a firm grasp on electron theory and operation

How to unlock a truck door without keys?

It has automatic locks, so I obviously can't use a slim Jim. The only window I have open is the one to the suicide door. (It opens about an inch on the side) I've tried everything, but is there a trick to unlock it?

Well, there are a few ways: Call AAA (you DO have AAA, don' t you?!?!?) Use a slim jim (not the pepperoni stick, and NOT on a Volvo -- you will have to replace the locks) Get a rock and pitch it through the window (NOT recommended -- you'll have to replace the window) Use a coat-hanger to pull the lock button up, or a stick to hit the lock switch inside Good Luck...

How to change a check engine light bulb on a gmc jimmy?

I can't pass the emissions test because the light wont come on at all. All the other lights come on. The Guy who ran the test said he needs to see the light when you cut the car on. He said it could be a blown fuse, blown bulb or a bad connection somewhere. If the bulb is blown, how do u fix it? Is this a easy or hard job? How long will it take to fix?

Unfortunately, these are NOT 'bulbs' in the normal sense. Dashboard indicator lights are usually LEDs that are hard-wired into a larger printed circuit board, and it's not a simple matter to replace just one LED. Most mechanics will tell you they can't repair it and will replace the whole circuit board at a relatively high cost. I suggest you look around your town for a shop that specializes in auto electronics and see if they can repair your faulty circuit board.

How to remove writing off my car windshield film?

There is printed writing on the windshield film, and it is pretty annoying, any ideas on how to remove it without scratching the film?

Windshield film? You mean the sun strip at the top, or the dark area at the bottom with the part number and manufacturer? Or do you mean the film that protects it when it's brand new that you peel off before use? What on earth are you actually talking about (and maybe which car) might be handy!

How to set my Creda heating system with the creda programmer?

I have Creda Storage heaters in my flat with a Creda programmer on the wall, I have finally figured out how to program the heaters however there are a few points I am still a little unclear on.

What do I need to set the inputs and outputs at on the individual heaters if I have set a timer on the programmer?

I currently have the input at max and the output off. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance for your help.

All input no output nothing will happen both need to be ''open'' / 'on'' and it'll take 24 hours b e u know if it's working.

How to make a Corolla engine the loudest turbo engine sound possible?

I have a 1990 Corolla and I want to make it sound like a turbo engine
Please tell me what I need to do and buy and approx how much?

Any other tips and advice will be really appreciate
Please dont tell me about the Turbo Whistler, I want really turbo sound,
Which Muffler I should get and In take for my corolla?

buy a fake turbo on ebay it goes in your exhaust there gay doesnt sound real but that answers your q so

How to lock a bedroom door from the outside?

Hi guys! So I have a little sister constantly going in my room and taking my stuff and I want to put a lock on my door so I can have a little privacy! How do you lock the door from the outside, so only I can get in? I have a lock on the inside.


What you likely have at present is a bed/bath "privacy" lock set, meant to lock from the inside while the room is occupied. The "little hole" on the outside is to allow you to release the lock in case you accidentally lock it when closing the door from the outside. And a deadbolt would require boring another hole in the door, and is not needed. Simply replace your "privacy" lock with a keyed "entry" lockset, about $15 and fifteen minutes to install, often with just a Philips screwdriver. By rights, give your parents the extra key,

How to Ventelate a room to remove bad smell while it is a basement?

I am going to rent a basement floor and make it a Veterinary clinic, I have an issue with animal's smell any cheap suggestion to get rid of it? I have a Central ACU (Air Conditioning Unite) would that do the job?.

Not really, you would just be circulated the bad air. You would need to directly vent out the smell to the outside air. The cheapest way would be a window fan if there is a window nearby, or you would have to make a hole in an outside wall and vent that way with a simple bathroom fan, or you could run flexible duct to a window and use the bathroom fan or a squirrel cage fan.

How to deal with a hot tub cover holding water?

My hot tub cover continually tends to hold water when it rains. Its almost to the point where I can't even lift it off of the hot tub its so full of water. This water drains into my hot tub and colors in with the chemicals in the rain water. How do I stop my cover from holding the water?

Well. if your cover has a zipper to it. Then unzip the cover and place a few things in the center of it, and then zip it back up. problem solved

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