How to change a mailing address for a magazine?

I am now in college and would like to change my magazine's mailing address to the one that I now attain in college. I do stay on campus and have a weird mailing address now that is too long to fit into the space provided to change the mailing address online. I have emailed the magazine telling them my situation but no reply. What do you suggest I do?

Thank you

Talk to someone who understands addresses, such as a postal worker. They can explain how to shorten the address. My Name My Magnificent school The Mail Sorting Department Wonder Building Room 414 Box 85 123 Main Street My Town, State, 12345 Could be: My Name WB 414, Box 85 123 Main Street My Town, State, 12345 A postal worker will help you.

How to get Seventeen magazine to stop sending me issues despite subscription being over?

I had a two-year subscription to Seventeen magazine and it had supposed to have ended with the November 2011 issue but I have received the December/January and February issues as well and I didn't re-subscribe to them. How do I get them to stop?

Look at the address label of the last issue you received. Right above your first name, you'll see a letter and number. If it says "N 11", that means that your subscription expired with the November 2011 issue. If it says "F 12", that means your last issue will be the February 2012 issue. If your subscription did expire with the November 2011 issue, go to Seventeen's customer service page: Login using the information that's printed on the label of the last issue you received. At the bottom of the left hand column under "Quick Help", click on "Frequently Asked Questions". At the bottom of the left hand column under "Contact Us", click on "Customer Service". Under "Contact Customer Service", click "Email Us", and complete the form, letting them know that they're sending you issues to which you haven't subscribed.

How to describe dark and deep eyes that make you nervous?

The same way you would write it in a book.
The person's eyes are dark yet beautiful and handsome.
Can someone help?

Staring at his dark,mysterious eyes always leaves me very intrigued of his true identity and it makes me want to know him even better.

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