How to make money starting a website about an entreprenuer opportunity?

I want to make a website about teaching people how to do my business, but how can I make money on a website doing this with out making money from annoying ads?? Do I sell it all ideas appreciated Thanks!

Explain to me how are you going teach me how to make money with your business if you have no idea how to make money with your business yourself? I would explain to you how to do it, but you will have to buy my course to find out.

How to you get your lawyer to get on your disability claim?

I applied for my disability in 2010 got denied twice so i hired a lawyer got denied again and now it has got a letter i would receive a hearing date.That was a year ago.

What happened to the lawyer you hired? YOu should not have paid the lawyer up front, it's not legal for them to charge up front. And if you had one once, why don't you know how to get one? Look up legal specialities in the phone book, under social security or disability. Or google one online for your state, since they may not have one in your exact location. If you trying for SSI, few attorneys will take it. Some concern about getting paid, but I never had a problem. The attorney you hired should represent you at your hearing. You need to contact that lawyer. When I practiced, it was usually only 30 days from request for appeal to hearing date. Now I understand it can be 18 months.

How to get a medical marijuana card in California?

What are the steps? What do I need to do!? Also, once I get one where are some good places in California to buy weed?

Break you back. The doctors will do all the work. Peace.

How to get reccomendation for medical marijuana at age 17?

How would I be able to obtain a medical marijuana reccomendation if I am only 17, go to Kaiser for doctors and I live in California. Can a parent ask for me? Or do I need to take medical records to a cannabis doctor?

Just like any other medication, marijuana is available to those who qualify at any age, under 18 with parent's permission. I don't think any Kaiser doctors make such recommendations, but if your parents are on board, you should be able to find an agreeable doctor.

How to appeal a court case in north carolina?

I am trying help out a friend with this. I am not sure how to file an appeal for a conviction. It is for a misdemeanor dui charge on a moped. This is not the worst thing in the world. He maintains his innocence for a variety of reasons. He needs to know about time frames for appeals and general procedure and such. I haven't been able to find anything concrete.

An appeal is not a retrial, it has to be based on an error of law made by the trial level judge. The appeals court will not care one little bit about his claims of innocence, they will only determine if in fact an error was made by the Judge in a motion or objection ruling, and if so, that error likely affected the outcome of a trial. Appeals are very technical, there is no court appearance or arguments, the whole matter is almost always settled through the filing of legal briefs. If he is serious about appealing then he will need a lawyer. A layperson does not have the legal knowledge or skills to properly research and craft an appellate brief. As for the timeframe for an appeal, that is dealt with on a State to State basis. Usually a notice of appeal has to be filed within 30 to 60 days of the end of the trial phase.

How to file civil contempt of child support in Louisiana?

After establishing child support thru a hearing officer my ex still refuses to pay its been over 2 months and i still havent received a dime. What is the process to file contempt charges?

Is there a child support enforcement unit in your parish? Does daddy's employer have a copy of the order? If he has a regular job, you can give his employer a copy of the order so they can garnish it each paycheck. That's the easiest way to collect.

How to legally own nd use guns of any accepted type of gun in California?

I'm looking into how to be able to own and use guns of different types in california, like handguns, rifles, and what not; but nothing really cearly says how. So I'm looking for the step by step on how to do this all legally.
Oh and what about hunting would I need a permit?

To hunt you would need a permit. You can buy and own long guns in California without a license or permit. But you need a permit to purchase a hand gun or a so called "assault weapon".

How to take turns to drive fairly in carpool?

We have developed a spreadsheet to keep track of who is driving and riding every day. Each day we look at who has the higher riding ratio (rides/drive) and will have to drive next. The method simply divides the total number of rides by the total number of drives for each driver in the past. When all of us get the same riding ratio, we start the log again. We also found out that each member has to participate more than 50% or the riding ratio of the carpool will be lowered significantly.

Is there any better method to determine fair rotation driving?

If you're in the SF bay area, try checking out to help match you up with other carpoolers! It might save some frustration in trying to divide carpool duties equally

How to include definitions in a website without plagiarizing?

We have a website and we use some terms on it that could use a definition, so we decided to make the words clickable so you can get the definition of the word.

How do we offer someone the definition of the word without plagiarizing from a dictionary? Is there some way you can buy rights to use definitions from a dictionary, or can you just re-write them in your own words? What is the proper way to do it?


Just re-write them. The definition is not copyright, nor is any simple set of words, but why not play it safe and just rewrite it?

How to get possession charge dropped when driver is willing to take responsibility for all the marijuana?

I was a passenger in a car with marijuana inside of it. I got charged with constructive possession of marijuana. However, now my friend, the driver of the vehicle, is accepting responsibility for all of the marijuana.

How do I go about relaying this information to the police or the county prosecutor???

We were thinking of just sending in a letter to the police department saying this, but i dont know how to word it or if that would even work.
Rob what are you talking about?
It clearly will happen one way or another...

You were still charged so you have to go to your court date. Just have your friend tell the p.a. that it was not yours. They will ask your friend if he takes responsibility, if he agrees - they will dismiss your case.

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