How to provide a phonemic transcription for a phonetically transcribed form?

an example is this word:


How would you go about doing that? What exactly does it mean to give a phonemic transcription?

Phonetic transcription (in brackets--[]) represents the exact sound that is heard. Phonemic transcription (in slashes--[]) represents the approximation of those sounds within a language. An example comes from English: The phonetic transcription of "port" would be [p'ort], note the brackets, and that I have used [p'], and aspirated "p", since "p" is aspirated in the word "port". However, the phonemic transcription would be /port/. Note the use of slashes, and that I have ignored the aspiration of "p" since in English *phonemes* the aspirated "p" and unaspirated "p" are allophones (which is why there is only one symbol for the two sounds). Hope that helps. Also, use these:[1] [2]

How to write how to pronounce a work in essay proper mla format?

I'm writing an essay in MLA Format and I have a word from a different language, but I want to show the reader the English pronunciation. So can I put that pronunciation in Parenthesis?


I'm not very sure but I think if u want it to be implicit then put in parenthesis, if not maybe you can do something like E.g. Almond, pronounced ah-mond, is blablabla

How to...?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Hey guys I need to do a "how to" speech in my broadcasting class but i don't know what to teach the class how to do, I also need to bring in props and physically do it and show them. Thanks for any ideas

How to make 11 cheese sandwiches [or however many people are in the class, plus the teacher] Lay out the bread slices in two rows on unrolled paper toweling. Spread mayo on each slice in the top row, mustard on each slice in the bottom row. Lay a square slice of cheese on each mayo slice. Top with the mustard slice. Distribute sandwiches.

How to rewrite if a paragraph has to many of these?

Say your writing about something to tell inform someone.
And your using a lot of you's and your's

Such as," My wish is that you learn what you intended on learning and share what you know so others can do better too.

That sentence has a lot of you's in it. What would be the best way to still direct the sentence to inform someone but not use the word "you" so much.

"My wish is that you learn what's your intention to learn and share the knowledge with others, so they can do better too."

How to sign off a letter to a very close friend in french?

I am writing a letter to a friend from northern France and I do not know how to sign off. We are very close but in a non romantic way as we are both men. I know "votre ami dévoué" and "je t'embrasse" but one seems too formal and the other too common. How would you sign off to someone you consider your closest friend?

au revoir

How long would it take for a person to learn how to speak good or fluent English?

How could I help my boyfriend learn English when he moves to the US?
His native language is Farsi/Persian and I speak it aswell.

It will take time but definitely speak as much English as possible and listen to it to make his brain used to processing the language. Also make sure to have lots of patience and let him know not to be timid when he speaks, the best way to learn often is by trial and error. But it may take some time or he may pick it up quickly, it varies with everyone. Good luck.

How to write out age when writing a paragraph?

Would it be correct to write

It is a surprise that a woman of twenty-five years of age married a man fifteen years older..
It is a surprise that a woman twenty-five years old married a forty year old man...

I believe there are other ways to write that sentence out, but is what I wrote correct?

I thinl the first way sounds better

How to count from 1 to 100 in Ancient Greek?

If there is somebody who knows Ancient Greek, could you help me out and write Ancient Greek numbers one through one hundred in Greek letters with their transcription in English? I mean the actual words for numbers, of course. And I don't ask you to write out all one hundred words. When there's an obvious pattern, just make it obvious that it is a pattern and go on. I will figure out the gaps.

Much obliged.

Hi Mikhail, this website is very interesting, just scroll down for ancient Greek. Unfortunately, it does not give a transcription. Here are the basics, maybe you can work out the rest? udeis eis duo treis tettares pente ex epte okto ennea deka endeka, dodeka... triakonta, tettarakonta, pentekonta...

How to describe a person who looks thin from worries and depressed in English?

Just like the person whose face look thin because of worries and depressed, is it gaunt? haggard? or what else?

Gaunt is good. Peaked is a word I use-- peaked, peak·ed /ˈpēˌkid/ Adjective: Gaunt and pale from illness or fatigue.

How to stay focused while learning a new language?

I really want to learn Japanese, but for a day or two I'll be serious about learning it, but then I go and put it off for a week or two and then I have to re-learn everything I already learned. How do I stay focused on it and stop putting it off? Please help!


Hello Lauren, The key is to stay motivated. The best way to achieve that is to mix up what you are learning and the way you learn it. Set some goals for motivation and try to achieve your goals. These could be a test at the end of the year or simply to learn 10 new kanji every week.

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