How to retrieve texts from other peoples phones?

Its a good cause, I need to find out what my moms up to. Her and my dad split she saids she's done but then she turns around and she saids she's going "shopping" on weekends and taking things over on Monday's. She never shaves her box but I catch her shaving it on weekends. How to intercept texts from her phone onto mine- I have a IPhone. Any help would be nice, no rude comments. Thx!

I don't think you can. You'll have to go onto her phone and read them. Try telling her you forgot your phone at home and need to use it to text your friend about homework you forgot to write down or something.

How to turn my droid phone off with just a power button press?

There is a good reason I need to do this, but how can I set my phone to shut down with just a power button press, rather than holding it down?

Thanks folks, Ross

I don't know a way around that...It is a safety measure on most all phones, so you don't accidently shut down your phone by just quickly pressing it....

How to send a voice message to multiple voice mails?

I want to send a single voice message to multiple people and I want the message to be dumped straight into their mailbox. I don't want to talk to them and I would prefer to just upload a spreadsheet of phone numbers. I'm thinking along the lines of slydial, but for a larger number of calls (200+) and don't want to have to dial each number! Anyone know of a program that can do this? Preferably free, but I'd pay for it if I had to. Thanks!

How do you propose to get these people opted in? A search engine is your friend, it's not going to stay free, but you can try one

How to save on home phone, Internet and cable?

Can anyone reccomend ways to save on home phone and Internet bill? My family uses Time Warner and its getting expensive, it costs us $200 a month. My family only uses internet and we can love without cable. We dont use our home phone either but I think we are required to have one. With all this said can anyone give me any suggestions on any companies that I can switch to save money on my Internet and home phone?

First, you aren't required to have a home phone. Most of my friends who have moved into new homes and apartments decide to NOT get a land-line (normal house phone) telephone hooked up, and instead to just use their cell phones. Another option is using a company like Vonage which gives you a house phone number through your cable internet. This is what I use in my home, and it is MUCH cheaper than our old Verizon phone. You should Google "internet deals in [your area]" and I'm sure you will find lots of promotional deals, and perhaps all you will get is an internet deal and no TV. I have lived the past 4 years of my life without TV and I have had no problem, most things you can see online now anyway, but it's true you won't see it as soon as you will on cable. You will save lots of time since you won't be able to channel surf, though! And you'll save lots of money! See what's out there, I'm sure you'll find a nice cable internet + phone package in your area for much cheaper. Good luck, let us know what you find.

How to permanently Straighten a curly headset cord?

I can't stand being so restricted to my desk at work with my headset cord. Does anyone know a way to help straighten it out for more slack?

There no way that I know of. Go cordless or get a headset with a longer cord.

How to get a recorded message on my land line phone transferred out and saved elsewhere?

Not too long ago my father passed away. Since then I have saved his last recorded message to me on my land line phone. Is it possible to get that message out of there and save it somewhere else? I don't want to lose it. Thanks.

I assume by on your phone you mean either voice mail or a built in answering machine. If your phone has a headset jack you might be able to connect it to the input of a voice recorder. Otherwise you may have to just place the microphone against the telephone receiver and crank up the record level.

How to change a jack from a line runs through a modem to go back to running through an analog service?

I currently have have Cox Communcation digital phone service in my home. Meaning I have a modem and all of the phone jacks run to a modem. I need to have one phone jack that will through the old regular analog service. The phone tech I had on the phone has lead me to believe this is easy to do but he could advise me how to do it. Anyone have an idea?

It might be easy and might not. The only thing you can do is figure out how the wiring to the jacks runs. The cable almost always have at least two pairs of wires, but normally only uses one. The easiest way would be to hook the old analog service to that second pair, probably the black and yellow wires. Then the wires at the jacks will have one service on one pair of wires and the other service on the other pair. That will let you hook up each jack to whichever service you want. You can also put a double outlet jack in and have both services at that location. It could take some work, because lazy installers might not have spliced all four wires together where they go from one jack to the next. The wires might also be spliced together at a central point.

How to keep your phone number when moving internationally?

We are moving from the US to London. We are hoping to use google voice to keep our original phone numbers so people can call us on our original number and get routed to our new UK number. Has anyone had experience with this? Also, can someone advise us on the best phone plan that would allow us to accept and make call to and from the US?

you could port your number to google voice, the only problem with this is that you would not be able to forward your google voice number to a UK phone number.. a way around this would be to buy yourself an obi110 which is the only telephone adapter that works with google voice... the other thing you can do is look into getting a different VoIP provider... while i would not usually recommend for a main line - the magic jack might be something for you to look into for calls to and from the US when you move to the UK...

How to Buy Disconnected Land Line numbers and redirect to Cell?

I need someone to tell me how to buy a disconnected land line number and redirect it to my cell. I already have one land line number (thus an account with ATT). I need someone to simplify this in a step-by-step format. All calls will begin and end in the United States.

Have not heard of this being done.. I would suggest just working with your provider, (AT&T) for a good number.. You can port an existing landline number, but to 'buy' a disconnected number is not possible as far as I know....

Can anyone tell me how to transfer a land phone answering machine message over to a laptop?

Or, if when a land line answering machine is unplugged and stored, will it save it's old messages?

A machine that uses tape will "save" its messages, but be careful even in that: I have a couple of units that won't play the messages, even though they are on the tape, if the machine loses power -- this has to do with the way the things count messages. I found a way around it, but (figuratively) it was an intense unpleasant sensation where I sit. A digital machine will immediately lose all messages unless it has a good backup battery in it, and that will protect the messages from being lost for only a few minutes. Copy the messages to a standard medium such as an audio cassette or even VHS (or Beta?!) HiFi audio (if you have a working HiFi VCR) before transferring them to a konfuzer. Reason: If the hard drive crashes, you will still have the messages in a playable form. If the answering machine has an output jack (very few ever did, though), connect it to a line-level input on the recording device to make the transfer. If there is no output jack, use a good cardioid (unidirectional) microphone aimed at and placed as close as practicable (3 to 5 inches or so) to the machine's speaker. [Some recorders don't have mic inputs, so a mic preamp may be needed.] Use a stand or holder to prevent handling noises. Set the answering machine's volume so that the sound is moderately loud and as clean (free of distortion) as possible. Establish the quietest possible environment in which to work: Close windows, remove any pets and/or children, and shut off all fans, TV's, radios, and anything else that makes any noise whatsoever. Stop any clocks that audibly tick and/or chime/strike. Don't miss things like aquarium filters and air pumps - they make a lot more noise than most people realize. Refrigerators are some of the worst offenders. Sounds from other rooms can also be troublesome. Be careful of making noises yourself. You'll have no idea how noisy you are until you try to be quiet for a microphone recording. Want to know how bad it can be? Record for a few minutes without playing the phone messages, and play it back. If the recorder has an input level control, set it for the highest signal level that will produce a clean recording. If there is a control but no indicator, make a few short experimental recordings at different levels and play them to find the best level before you make the final copy. Don't erase the messages from the answering machine until you are certain that you have made a good, clean, complete copy of them. Protect the copy from being erased by whatever means is available (for example, if it is on a standard cassette, break out the recording tab on the housing that corresponds to the side you recorded on). Label the tape (or whatever you have made the copy on) with the date and the equipment used, including brands, models, and serial numbers. Once you have a permanent "hard copy", you can use any of several methods to transfer it to any other medium (such as a laptop's hard drive) as needed. Most konfuzers have an input that can be used to directly transfer audio (and some can accept video). Appropriate software must be installed; you must somehow determine whether or not you have that. For more info, consult the documentation that came with the thing, or ask someone local to help with this part of the process.

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