How to trick my little brother into thinking he has super powers?

My little brother keeps on asking me how he can get super powers! And its pretty annoying! So what can i say and do to my bro to make him think hes going to have powers?! Thanks

Put some large empty suit cases in front o'f him and ask him to pick them up.

How to get back at my friend, what prank can I pull on him?

Ok so one of my friends went into my locker and drew on a page in my art book that needs to be marked, now it won't erase and I have to redo it. Are there any really good pranks I can pull on him at school to get back at him?


HELPi need to know how to!?

I don't know how to ask a question please help!

Are you serious?

How to make my friend with physical defect to laugh off his/her uneasiness?

In real life, some acquaintances or friends don't feel comfortable due to physical defect.Say, one female friend is fat. As a friend,I always attempt to comfort her. But most of time it didn't work. I deem if I am humorous, I can tell her a joke related to her physical defect and she will laugh off her uneasiness. How can I do it?
How to let my friend with physical defect laugh off his/her uneasiness?

The answer is to get rid of the fat, not to laugh about it. However, if you insist that laughter is the best policy, why don't you try the old classic, 'You don't sweat much for a fat lass'.

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