Can someone please tell me how to get to the Japan Alps from Shibuya Tokyo?


Is it possible to get there by train?
Am looking to go the the central part of the alps?

Japan Alps consists of 3 mountains, Hida, Kiso and Akaishi. And those 3 are not so close. So "the central part of Japan Alps" is just another place, not on any of those mountains. I think Matsumoto city is the center of those 3 mountains. Is that a place you want to go? Then, go to Shinjuku station and take limited express Azusa train to Matsumoto.

How to say these expressions in Japanese?


1. "his stomach got upset"
2. "it's the way his family has always done it" (in the context of a tradition or something)
3. "he doesn't think you should get worried"

Please, no Google Translate.

1: 彼は胃をこわした。 Kare wa i wo kowashita 2: 彼の家のいつものやり方です。 Kara no ie no itsumo no yarikata desu. 3: あなたが心配することはないと、彼は思ってる。 anata ga sinnpai suru koto wa nai to, kare wa omotte iru

How to ship the posters from USA to Japan with the lowest cost possible?


I want to send 20 posters to my friend in Japan, but the poster size is too big for the small package at US Post Office. So, please tell me how to ship these 20 posters(less than 20Lb) to Japan with the lowest price possible.


You're probably going to need a tube to ship them in. Then find out how much they weigh and check the rates for the weight of your package at the post office, Fed Ex, UPS, or whatever other shipping company you would be willing to consider. Make sure you check the shipping rates for as many shipping methods (e.g. first class, overnight) as possible -- I once had the odd situation of finding out that a poster I wanted to send from Japan to the USA would actually cost MORE to ship via SAL than EMS despite the fact that SAL is usually the cheaper method. So make sure you check all of your options.

How to go about booking a holiday to Japan?


Next year I would love to go to Japan.. it's been something I have wanted to do for years now, and I've finally decided to start saving for it.

Now, I'd like to go to Tokyo.. but I'm unsure of where to start. Does anyone have any tips or experience with travelling to Japan? What airline to use? Where to stay? What city or prefecture to visit (as I am flexible if Tokyo is too expensive)?

I like in the UK and have a part time job.

Thanks for the advice in advance!

Hello, probably london-tokyo-osaka-toyko, and back to uk. The international flight details below are your early reference: London (LHR) to Tokyo (NRT) - Mon, May 21 London (LHR) to Moscow (SVO) - Mon, May 21 Aeroflot 2571Dep: 11:50AMArr: 6:30PM3h 40mAirbus A319 Economy (L) Layover in SVO 1h 30m Moscow (SVO) to Tokyo (NRT) - Mon, May 21 Aeroflot 260Dep: 8:00PMArr: 10:20AM9h 20mAirbus A330 Economy (L) Tue, May 22 Tokyo (NRT) to London (LHR) - Wed, Jun 6 Tokyo (NRT) to Moscow (SVO) - Wed, Jun 6 Aeroflot 261Dep: 12:00PMArr: 5:10PM10h 10mAirbus A330 Economy (L) Layover in SVO 3h 35m Moscow (SVO) to London (LHR) - Wed, Jun 6 Aeroflot 2582Dep: 8:45PMArr: 9:45PM4h 0mAirbus A321 Economy (L) The total cost per passenger (including taxes & fees)is £534.26, good luck and may your dream come true.

How to distinguish the differences between が and を Japanese particles?


I somehow always mix these two particles up.
Is there any reason why you use one over the other in a sentence to help me to think in my head what particle for this specific verb I would need?


Japanese grammar (books) might say "が is a topic marker, and を as an object marker" in general. But If you're talking about が and を as an object marker, yea they're tricky. I think when describing preferance such as 好き、嫌い、we use が E.g. I like her. 彼女が好き。 彼女を好き NG (doesn't sound natural) 母は猫が嫌い(But we say 母は猫を嫌っている ><;)  ⇔ 僕は彼女(or 彼女のこと) を愛している(僕は彼女が愛している NG) if you know Spanish, it's sort of "me gusta" "te amo" things.... -

Anyone know how to apply for the free trip to Japan for 10,000 people?


Due to loss of tourist revenue Japan is offering 10,000 free airline tickets to Japan with the condition that these people blog and post about their trips on different media sights. I've looked around but I can't find it. Anyone have any suggestions of where I should look/does anyone know anything about it? I've wanted to go to Japan for the longest time. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

No such thing as a free ride to Japan.

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