How to use twitter to predict the stock market?

I just read online that you can use twitter to predict the stock market. I was wondering if I can do the same and how to do it.
I don't need explanations on how the researchers did what they did but I want to know how I can use twitter to do this.

If anyone could predict the stock market in the next 5 minutes, that person could become a trillionaire within 30 trading days. There is only one thing I could predict in my life, that is, some years later, you and I will die.

How to buy online stocks from the turkish exchange market?

Well i live in germany and want to buy stocks(shares) from turkish companies,how can i do it online?
can someone give me some (options) where i will start?

Try to open account with a Turkish online brokerage house. Another option, if you are not looking for any particular stock, but rather for exposure to Turkey, is that you search for an Exchange Traded Fund which is tracking Turkish stocks and is trading on Xetra/Frankfurt or NYSE Arca.

How to find out transaction costs when purchasing equities?

Specifically I'm interested in buying into an ETF. How do I find out how much the transaction costs will be? If I use ETrade, will that make a difference than other brokers?

Just ask the brokerage firm, by law they have to tell you exactly what the cost will be.

How to know what dividend payments I will receive at current stock price?

I want to put some of my money into healthy & lower risk stocks & shares to receive dividends. How can I calculate the dividends I will receive quarterly?

simply look at the news releases of the companies that you own...they announce the dividend for the next period....failing that look at the fundamental data for the company you own and it will state at least the %yield which is the amount of money you will earn for a year if you multiply it by the current price....this is only approximate though as dividend rates can change within the year. lots of ways...

How to find new small companies that have become public ?

I am seeking for new companies. In these were I could invest. I don't know where to look for these companies. Is there a directory for newly listed public companies? I would appreciate the help.

Without all the blah blah, the best way to invest into small companies is to go with a mutual fund that invests in small cap or micro cap stocks. this fund is one of my favorites. TR Price new horizon PRNHX.

How to trade American shares and options from Brazil?

I am from Brazil and I would like to know how does the option market works in the american stock exchange?

I know what the options market (puts and calls) is, I would like to know how it works operationally.

Also, how could I have an account to trade in the american market through BDR's? Remembering I am from Brazil.

search on this site Procura bovespa no google...

How to invest and trade stock myself without a broker?

I am very keen on investing.I can invest 3000 a month. Can someone guide me on the same. Please tell me websites or blogs on stock trading. Also with icici direct can i trade myself??? Can someone guide.

A Discount Broker really is Trading electronically without the help of a Broker..Except that you get to use their extensive research.On your own.. But,..You better have some kind of strategy that's some kind of successful...Don't make the mistake you can jump-in, not knowing of Luck;)

How to analyze stocks and trade them at profit?

I am talking about the Indian Stock Market. I want to trade in stocks by analyzing them to rake in profits. I have seen people trading in currencies by analyzing graphs so please share your tips for trading by analyzing.
If you have some useful tips regarding this topic please do share it.

the "professionals", the people whose job it is to do this cannot do this reliable. 90% doesn't even beat the index. Buy low fee index fund.

How to find out if a forex broker is regulated?

I just read the reviews on a forex broker site. They say they are regulated by some regulations. But I want to know if my broker is regulated, how to find it out?

Regulated brokers are, to put it simply, regulated by regulatory agencies and/or organizations. Regulatory agencies and organizations serve to protect the general public from fraud, manipulation and abusive trade practices. Regulated Forex brokers are required to keep in touch with the regulatory authorities that they are associated with. It is highly recommended that you do not go to a broker that is not regulated. Regulatory authorities have their own sets of rules and regulations the Forex brokers that they regulate, are required to follow. In cases of disputes between brokers and individuals, regulatory authorities are obliged to resolve these disputes. Individuals are also able to contact regulatory authorities themselves, in cases of: - Poor performance - Trading platform problems - Bankruptcy. Individuals are able to file complaints and appeals to regulatory authorities too, whenever they wish to do so. Many traders and investors in the currency market, know that their Forex broker is unregulated. Some don’t know, some don’t care and some don’t even know what a regulated Forex broker is. It is advised that you educate yourself and be one of the few that are aware of regulatory authorities and the purpose they serve. When you choose a broker, you'd better find a trusted forex broker, you can find a lot of them at:

How to invest in shares in a different country?

I want to invest in NCSoft, the creator of the game called Guild Wars and the upcoming Guild Wars 2. They have a korean stock, how would I go about investing stocks in different countries such as the UK and others like Korea?

Hi there. If you want to invest in shares, in a different country, you will have to find a broker from that country and buy the stocks through them. This website is very helpful for buying shares in different countries.

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