How to patent inventions or ideas in Israel without being idea stolen?

How it works, how much it cost, how to speed up things, and for what should one be prepared? they accept the projects in English or other languages? Any help on that from people with previous experience would be appreciated.

Here is a full report for you on the issue;

How to get current employer to reimburse my notice period amount that I have paid to previous employer?

My current employer promised me that they would reimburse the amount if I paid to my previous employer in lieu of an early release (from the previous employer). But now they (current employer) are refusing to reimburse the amount. What should I do? Where should I complain? Suggest names and sections of related laws and acts. And names of forums or courts that I should approach.
I do not want to pay them. Rather I want to get my spent money from my current employer B.

You may please get in touch with any one of the recognized local advocates of your area, where you are currently employed. They would be able to guide you accordingly. Though you need to pay initially for the advocate, later it may be reimbursed subject to the verdict pronounced by the honorable judges. Kindly note a judgement in favor of you is possible if and only if the promise as mentioned by you is in written form; if it is an oral assurance, you may have to face the consequences along with the costs to your account. In any case before deciding on legal action, initially make a representation to your current employer in an obliged form, hoping for a mutual settlement. Depends of which you may consider on the further actions. Further, you may think on any action either soft of hard, if and only if you are in irreparable monetary loss + your age.

How to restore Afghanistan and give security to the people of Afghanistan?

How can we bring peace to Afghanistan?
So that there is a new and vibrant Afghanistan, no crime no corruption no inequality and transparent democracy

Never had it . Ain't gonna happen. We need to let these people continue to let others dictate their lives to them until they themselves realize that things can change if the people of Afghanistan decide to do that.

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