How to ask 3rd party auto insurance company send me the check directly instead of the auto body shop?

Someone hit my car on the highway, and it is his fault. His insurance company ask me to take my car to the body shop and estimate the cost to fix the damage. I wonder if it is possible to ask that insurance company to send me the check directly? If so, how? Note: I have not pay off my car yet. And I'm from Virginia.
PS: The damage is very minor, only some paint lose and scratches. No dents or what so ever.

If there's a lien on the car I don't think they'll do it, you are obligated to fix it under the terms of your loan agreement. If you owned the car you can do this, but you don't.

How to switch from one state ID to another state drivers license?

I need to know what information is required to swap a Louisiana state identification card to a Mississippi drivers license. What paper work would be required. Help please?

As long as your LA license (not State I.D.) is still valid all you should have to do is take proof of your new address to any local tag agent and pay the fee. If however you really do have just a State I.D. then obviously you will have to take the test. Good luck.

How to protect yourself when resolving a car accident outside of insurance?

I had a traffic accident, totally my fault, and the guy I bumped into, had to pay the excess on his insurance to get his car repaired. He is now claiming that money back from my insurance. We have agreed to drop the insurance claim if I pay him the excess. How can I protect myself from being double charged by him and the insurance company?

This does not make sense. If insurance is already involved, you can't do anything. If you have not involved the insurance you would have to pay all his costs, not just the excess. In any case you are supposed to inform your insurance, and it would seem they have found out anyway- so your costs will go up and you have now had a claim.

How to Make sure a drivers Ed online course is dmv approved in California?

hi im15 and a half years old, im trying to get my permit, but before i sign up for an online course, i want to make sure the website is legit. how can i make sure? thank you. i live in california by the way.

I'm 17 right now and I got my drivers ed certificate from its unbelievably easy and is the cheapest one out there! :) I even got my permit the first time i took the test because the website tells you everything you need to know. once you're done the certificate comes in the mail super quick and you're done. and use the discount code X2E-33M-D35 for $3 off your purchase :) good luck!

How to transfer a FL car title from resident to out of state relative?

My relative is sick and cannot drive anymore. I have FL state power of attorney for this relative, and have been taking care of her needs. I need to transfer her FL car title to me. I live in New York City, and have a NYS drivers license. How can this be done? What's involved? Thank you.

A drivers license is not required and the florida title with you in NY has nothing to do with this. All you need is the title to the car. When you get it, fill out the necessary parts, take it to your NY DMV, get a title in your name, pay the fees and the car will be yours

How to identify the exact location when calling Roadside Recovery?

Hi friends, if my car breaks down on Motorway or anyplace in UK how to identify the exact location when I call Roadside Recovery? Because we may not know where exactly we are...Can they trace us by our phone call?

They won't be able to tell where you are by your phone. What you have to do is look for a mile post (are they kilometer posts in the UK?) and tell them which one you are near.

How to get points off your license in Virginia?

I recently got a ticket for failure to yield to right of way, it is four points and this is my first ticket. I am 18 now and was wondering if there is anyway to drop the points? Thanks!

Don't break the law.

How to transfer a car title without meeting?

Looking to buy a cheap car ($3K) from another private party out of state and have it shipped. I have no idea how to have the title transferred to me with out physically being there to sign it however. I'm in NJ cars in TX.
Thanks in advance, points await a direct answer.

You can transfer a car title. They also specialize in local and nationwide car shipping. Among the top California cities are Sacramento, Chico, Redding, Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Our trucks run these routes on a weekly basis. Our crash-free track record includes corporate moves, dealerships, rental, auction and private moves.

How to find out if a car accident occurred on a certain street intersection?

Hi there,

Is there a way to check (IE call my local station to see if an accident actually happened?)


Yes, but you had to be involved to be sure to get the info. Depending where you live you can look it up online on your police's website.

How to insure an irish car to bring to the uk?

My girlfriend has her car in Ireland, we want to fly over and drive the car back. Have been intouch with the dvla and understand everything to do with registering it here. But how do we go about insuring it to drive over there and to drive home whilst still on Irish plates?

Is it currently insured in Ireland? If so then you can come to UK (like Irish people do when on hols) and re-register and use the Irish insurance whilst doing so, then take out UK insurance. If Not insured at present then you have a choice - insure in Ireland but accept that you will have to take out a year policy and maybe get some of it back on cancellation or talk to a UK insurance company/broker and get it on UK insurance on the Irish number or the car VIN number with a view to re-registering it. No use using comparison sites for this, you have to invest a little time actually talking to people.

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