How to write an application to an insurance company for seeking job?

Hello friends...
i am a law graduate. i got the information about the vacancy in an insurance company. but advertisement is not published yet. so i want to submit an application before that.
so please friend since my english is very poor send me a specimen of the application.

Ask this in you will get better answers there, or you can write something like this ----------------- Attention: Manager, HR Department. Dear Sir/Madam, Attached hereto, please find my Curriculum Vitae which I am tendering in support of --------- positions which may be presently available in your esteemed organization. I would appreciate you reviewing my C.V. and in the event that there are no positions presently available being suitable to my background, I would be pleased if you would hold my details on file for consideration should a position become available in the future.

How to uncancel a doctors appointment after you accidentally canceled it?

Ok I got this answer machine reminders from my doctor for my appointment so I accidentally pressed the cancel appointment button why do I do to uncancel my appointment????HELLLLLP

Only thing you can do is call them first thing in the morning before they put someone else in your spot. If they already have then you will just have to make another appointment.

How to become an insurance fraud investigator?

I've been trying to find information on what type of education is needed in MA to become an insurance fraud investigator but I can't find anything on it. Any information on this career path would be very helpful and appreciated!

Most of the fraud adjusters have a law enforcement background of some type. It's not a must but it's pretty common. Sometimes they start out as just a plain ol' adjuster. Then get into the SIU (fraud) department later. Some start out as law enforcement arson investigators and then get on with an insurance company working arson investigations. Many were police detectives or military CID and then get with an insurance company. A college degree is pretty much a must now if you want to work as an adjuster or SIU adjuster.

How to persuade people to buy insurance besides health and car insurance?

What can insurance companies do to persuade people to buy insurance besides health and car insurance?

Convince them they have a need. It's darned hard work.

How to get insurance check from mortgage when home owners did their own repairs?

Our home was flooded out in September. It completely flooded the basement and a few inches on the first floor of our ranch home. We had contractors replace the furnace and hot water heater and the electrical system. However, all the other repairs were made by our friends and families. We have all worked tirelessly for two months. The insurance company *finally* sent our check. The Mortagage company has the check and is telling us we need contractor estimates? We have completed all the work.

Call the lender and talk with them ! Explain the situation and ask what they need from you so you can get paid for the work performed. You may have to have another contractor(lenders choice) inspect the work and certify that it was done properly. Good Luck

How to write a lien letter to an insurance adjuster?

I am partnering with another person to become a funding company. I have an attorney involved, however unfortunately he does not return calls nor does he seem to be giving up the money that we have lend to his clients. This involves people who were in a car accident and filing personal injury claim. I need to know what a lien letter consists of so I can start sending the lien letter to the insurance adjusters directly showing that our funding company has a lien on the claim.

As a former auto adjuster for 10 years, I NEVER RECD A LIEN FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS LOANED MONEY TO ATTORNEY'S CLIENTS. The only liens received were from medical providers or from the insurance company for payments made on medical bills from an accident. You need to hire your own personal attorney to handle. I question if what this lawyer has done is truly professional or ethical by loaning money to his clients prior to settling a claim. In many cases, if the client cannot afford to pay the medical bills, the lawyer will make an agreement with the providers to hold off, pending settling the claim and they then become a "lien to any settlement". But in the 10 years of handling claims, I never wrote a check to a "funding company", but to insurance companies, medical providers/health insurance plus the lawyer and client only. Talk to a lawyer today that will be representing you and this other person only. good luck

How to Compare & Buy the Senior Citizens Health Insurance in India?

I am 40 years old. I want to take Health Insurance Policy for my parents. Age of my Father is 68 & my Mother is 62. Health condition of both of them is good. I have lack of knowledge about Senior Citizens health Plan. I want Comparative Analysis of Senior Citizens Health Insurance to buy.

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